PLDT Sun Call All Offer Details

I don’t know if I am already behind when comes to news, but I think this feature already exist with Globe for months already. Good thing still that PLDT and Sun come up with their own version of the unli call to phone and landline plan – the PLDT Sun Call All.

The largest telecommunication company in the Philippines and the leader in unli calls and texts Sun Cellular had teamed up to bring this offering to current and future subscribers.

This offer allows every sun owners to have unli calls to PLDT landline and unli calls and texts to sun. Similar with Globe, sun owners can call landlines of the same home zone for free.

Let’s say you are sun owner residing in Manila and want to call PLDT landline in Makati, the calls you made is free of charge since both connections were in the same home zone.

PLDT Sun call all can keep you connected with your loved ones at home and keep in touch with your sun friends while on the go. Apart from this privilege, it comes with a free Alcatel Dual Sim android phone.

Existing PLDT subscribers can avail of this service for an additional charge of P600 on top of your monthly bill. For inquiries please visit their official website or call their hotline.

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