POEA (DMW) Job Fair 2024: Schedule and Venue, Checklist, Dress code, Benefits

Job Fair refers to a recruiting event where job seekers apply for jobs offered by recruitment agencies, and employers. Here are the newest Job Fair schedules and venues in the Philippines for 2024 based on the official website of the Department of Migrant Workers (POEA) at www.dmw.gov.ph.

According to the details on the POEA (DMW) website, numerous scheduled job hiring activities will be held in different cities and provinces in the Philippines.

This includes locations in Roxas City, Bulacan, Zambales, Batangas City, Bataan, Pangasinan, Dagupan City, Davao City, Cavite, and Metro Manila in 2024 as of the writing.

The list will be updated once there is an update from the official website of POEA (DMW) at https://www.dmw.gov.ph/job-opportunities/upcoming-job-fair. Please check the dates as the schedule is arranged in chronological order. poea dmw job hiring schedule 2023

Here are POEA (DMW) Job Fair Schedule and Venue List for 2024

Job Fair Schedule and Venues for May 2024

Schedule: May 1, 2024 to May 2, 2024
Venue: Robinsons Roxas, Activity Area, Pueblo De Panay, Brgy. Lawaan, Roxas city

Schedule: May 1, 2024

  • Mall Atrium, SM San Jose Del Monte, Brgy Tungkong Mangga, CSJDM, Bulacan
  • CSI The City Mall Atrium, Lucao District, Dagupan City
  • Gaisano Grand Mall of Digos, Daval Del Sur

Job Fair Schedule and Venues for April 2024

Schedule: April 19, 2024 to April 20, 2024
Venues: Robinsons Roxas, Activity Area, Pueblo De Panay, Brgy. Lawaan, Roxas City

Schedule: April 17, 2024

  • Town Plaza Sta Crus Zambales
  • SM City Lipa, Lipa Batangas

Schedule: April 13, 2024
Venue: Evacuation Center Sta Rosa Del Sur PASACAO, Camarines Sur

Schedule: April 10, 2024

  • Pandan Seashore Park Del Norte Pandan Catanduanes
  • Municipal Covered Court, Municipal Compouind, Pilar, Bataan

Schedule: April 5, 2024
Venue: Balon Bayambang Events Center, Bayambang, Pangasinan

Schedule: April 2, 2024
Venue: Lingayen Civic Center, Poblacion, Lingayen, Pangasinan

Job Fair Schedules and Venues for March 2024

Schedule: March 26, 2024

  • NAIC Stadium Shopping Strip, NAIC, Cavite
  • Barangay Hall Gymnasium, Buhangin Proper, Davao City, Daval Del Sur

Schedule: March 23, 2024
Venue: CSI The City Mall Atrium, Lucao District, Dagupan City

Schedule: March 22, 2024

  • Veranza Activity General Santos City
  • Tacloban City Convention Center (Astrodome)
  • SM Valenzuela Event Center, McArthur Hi-way, Karuhatan, Valenzuela City
  • SM City Tuguegarao, Bagay Road, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
  • Risen Garden, Quezon City Hall Compound, Quezon City
  • Candon Civil Center, Candon City, Ilocos Sur
  • 3rd Floor Event Center, CB Mall Urdaneta City, Pangasinan
  • Dacoville Phase II Covered Court, Barangay Dumoy, Talomo District, Davao City
  • SM Mall, Puerto Princesa City Palawan

Here is the reference:
poea dmw job fair schedule 2024

Interested job seekers must go to the respective venues listed above to participate in the job fair. If you do not know the location where the job fair will be held, you should visit the venue ahead of time.

This is for you to have an idea about what route, and mode of transportation to take, and just to familiarize yourself with the place. During the job fairs, you should arrive early at the venue, maybe 30 minutes before the fair commences.

Also, you should wear appropriate clothing, to properly present yourself to the hiring personnel and your future boss. Bring extra clothing, enough drinking water, and snacks.

Checklist: 7 Things to Bring to the POEA (DMW) Job Fair

These are the things that you have to carry with you when participating in a job fair. These documents are essential to be prepared for whatever your future employers will ask you when attending these types of events.

  • Updated Resume or Curriculum Vitae (bring extra copies if you plan to apply to different companies)
  • 2 x 2 colored ID pictures
  • Multiple copies of Diploma
  • Certificate of employment if you are previously employed
  • Transcript of records
  • PSA copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copies of Training certificates (if available)

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What is the Dress code when attending a Job Fair

The clothes that you are going to wear during the job fair can either make you stand out or become unnoticeable in the eyes of numerous employers you will be facing at the event. In the venue, you will be competing with other job applicants in terms of your work experience, resume details, and the way you carry yourself with the way you dress.

Your objective when attending the job fair is to leave a lasting impression on your prospective employers that will compel them to hire you. One way to do so is to dress appropriately for the job fair.

Here is the suggested attire for males attending the job fair

  • Have a clean and neat haircut
  • Shave
  • Wear a shirt with a collar
  • Use minimal accessories, for example, a wristwatch, and avoid bling bling
  • Wear properly pressed smart casual pants
  • Wear closed-toe shoes, and avoid rubber shoes such as running shoes or basketball shoes

Here is the suggested attire for females attending the job fair

  • Style your hair in a way that it will not cover your face, use a styling gel if you have to, or you can also tie it up like a ponytail
  • Wear a collard blouse or shirt with a collar
  • Use minimal accessories and apply minimal makeup
  • Wear a below-the-knee skirt or dress pants
  • Wear closed-toe shoes, heeled shoes are fine but make sure you are comfortable with it

Benefits of attending the POEA (DMW) Job Fairs

Attending job fairs from POEA (DMW) events has more advantages than disadvantages for both employers and job applicants. Companies can screen lots of applicants in one day, they can do the hiring on the spot if they deem the applicant to be deserving of the job offer. The same works with applicants, they can be hired on the same day if they are impressed enough with the hiring personnel.

Usually, job fairs are attended by numerous companies and licensed manpower agencies whose intention is to acquire talent. They also spend time and money setting up attractive stalls in the venue to get attention from participants. This means that applicants can submit their resumes in just one day and meet with more than 20 hiring personnel. On a regular day, it is impossible to visit that number of HR personnel from different companies because of different constraints. This saves a lot of time and transportation costs on the side of applicants.

There is a saying that goes like this, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” During the job fair, applicants will meet HR managers, employers, and fellow job seekers who are probably employed in their present company. If the applicants manage to leave a good impression on these people, he/she can get recommendations from them once there are vacancies in their respective companies.

Free workshops are also available during the job fair. Applicants can take advantage of it to learn and gather the information that they can utilize to find the jobs that they dreamed of in the future.

If DMW/POEA organizes job fairs for overseas employment ( abroad ), DOLE or the Department of Labor and Employment, on the other hand, organizes Job fairs for local work. I suggest you visit the official website of DOLE (www.ble.dole.gov.ph) for their updated job fair schedules and venues nationwide.

How to Determine the Upcoming Job Fairs Near You on the POEA (DMW) Website?

To Determine the Upcoming Job Fairs near you on the POEA (DMW) website, go to the homepage of the DMW website, scroll to the middle part of the webpage, and tap the “Upcoming Job Fair” link. Below is the 3-step procedure.

Step 1: Go to the homepage of the DMW website

The official website of the Department of Migrant Workers is dmw.gov.ph.

Step 2: Scroll down to the middle part of the DMW page until you see the “Upcoming Job Fair”

It is a blue box that says “Upcoming Job Fair as of (current date). It will redirect you to the DMW’s job fair page.

poea dmw job fair v2

Step 3: View the list of Upcoming Job Fair
upcoming job fair according to poea venue and scheduleBrowse the list of job fairs for the current month. Check which of them will be held in your city or nearby provinces. Afterward, prepare your documents and proceed to the venue as stated on the given schedule.

*There you have it guys. I hope this helps.

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