Here are 3 Ways to Check if a Recruitment Agency is Legit in POEA

Here are the 3 easy ways to verify if the POEA accredited agency is legit through online in less than 5 minutes in the comfort of your home. Legit Recruitment Agency means the agency has proper documentation and complies with the rules and regulations of POEA.

When there is no government-to-government agreement between the Philippines and certain countries when comes to hiring Filipino workers. The fastest way for a Filipino OFW to find work abroad is through a POEA-accredited agency.

Now, there are recruitment agencies that are POEA accredited whose main objective is to find work abroad for their clients. Unfortunately, there are also a handful of fake manpower agencies whose aim is to take the money of their unsuspecting applicants. After that, the employees of the fake agencies will no longer communicate with the poor applicant. The sad truth is, these incidents happen every day.

There are ways to avoid it from happening to you, your friends, and family members. This is by verifying first the status of the manpower agency through the POEA website. You should do it before you start the application process.

If you are currently looking for jobs abroad bound for Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and other countries offered by certain “POEA accredited agencies.” It would be safer to verify first if the agency is legit and legally allowed to operate in the Philippines. legit agency with poea license To verify if a Recruitment Agency is legit in POEA, search the Recruitment Agency’s name on the POEA website, check the Recruitment Agency’s available job orders, or talk to POEA’s customer service representative to check the legitimacy of the Recruitment Agency.

1. Verify by Status of Licensed Agency by Searching it on POEA website

poea license of accredited agenciesWhat you need to do is go to the POEA website. On the upper right side of the page, there is a search box. Type in the names of the agencies that you want to verify. The result will be opened in a new window. From there you can determine if that specific manpower agency is accredited/licensed by POEA to operate in the Philippines.

The new window will show details of the agency in this format:

Status of Recruitment Agencies as of (current date and time)

Search Result: 1 Agency/ies found with names having the word “name of the agency”

  • Full name of the agency (type of agency)
  • Full address of the agency
  • Telephone numbers /  mobile contact details
  • Email address (if available)
  • Website address (if there is any)
  • Name of the official representative
  • Status of license (Valid or expired license)
  • License validity (from month / day / year to month / day / year)

status of recruitment agencies of POEAIn the picture screen-grabbed from poea website at You can see that the manpower agency – Philippine Transmarine Carriers Inc is a manning agency. Its office is located at San Antonio Village in Makati. The telephone numbers and trunkline are also shown. There is an available email address but the website is not available. The official representative of PTC is Mr. Gerardo A. Borromeo. According to the status, the agency has valid license with license validity from April 11, 2011 to October 16, 2023.

The question next is, is PTC a POEA accredited agency? Based on the details from POEA website. It seems that Philippine Transmarine Carriers Incorporated (PTC) is a licensed agency that is allowed to operate in the Philippines. They have a valid license from April 11, 2011 until October 16, 2023. Based on this, the latter is legal/legit/safe to aspiring Filipino skilled workers applicant who wants to work overseas.

2. Verify by Searching the Available POEA Job Orders by Agency

The second alternative for checking the legitimacy of a poea agency is by going to the bottom middle portion of POEA website. It is under the Online Services Section that says “Verification of Agency’s Job Orders.poea verification of accredited agencies by job orders

It will point you to a new window. From there, you will have three options to verify the agency’s status. This is by Search Available Job Orders by Position; Search Available Job Orders by Country; Search Available Job Orders by Agency.

Choose the third one “Search Available Job Orders by Agency.” Again it will be opened in a new window.


You can point your cursor on the drop-down menu or you may type in the name of the agency. If the name of the agency appears, then there is a big chance that it is a POEA accredited agency. After that, choose submit.


The new window will reflect the list of job orders by the agency in this format:

– Approved Job Orders by Agency as of (current date and time)
– Full name of the agency
– Country / Position / Date Approved / JO  or job order balance


Based on the picture, the first line shows that the particular manpower agency has job openings in Saudi Arabia (country). The agency needs 2 (JO Balance) Doctor General (position) and the job order (date approved) was approved sometime in December 2015. Since the agency has job openings with an approved job order. You can conclude that the manpower agency is legally allowed to operate in the Philippines.

Note: POEA advised the aspiring applicants to verify if the list of job orders is still active or not. Because they cannot guarantee if the job orders are still active as the agency might have filled the position.

3. Talk to POEA Customer Service Representative

You can do this by calling poea helpdesk. The contact numbers are 722.11.44 / 722.11.55 or send email poea eservices at to verify the names of the agencies.
mattscradle-poea-office-in-mandaluyong-2016You can also go to POEA main branch located in Mandaluyong City. Their complete office address is Blas F. Ople Building, Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA Mandaluyong City. Probably, you can go directly to the customer service representative inside the building and inquire about the status of the agency. This option of visiting the place however, can cost you some money for transportation and food, you will be stuck in traffic, waste some time, so better choose option 1 and 2.

The video below shows the actual verification procedure.

How to Know if the Recruitment Agency is Not Legit in POEA?

To know if the recruitment agency is not legit in POEA, verify the recruitment agency’s POEA license status, verify the recruitment agency’s job orders, and call the POEA hotline number.

The recruitment agency is not legit in POEA if it has no valid license, no valid job orders, and no records in POEA. This means that the recruitment agency is not allowed to operate in the Philippines.

How to determine if the Manpower Agency has No Placement Fee?

To determine if the manpower agency has no placement fee, check their website, check their Facebook page, and call their office. If the agency declares that they do not charge placement fees on its website, on its Facebook page, and said by its employees, then the agency doesn’t charge such fees.

*Photos credits to Philippine Overseas Employment Agency

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