PRC CPD Units Accredited Providers and Programs Lists

Here are the steps to find the list of PRC-accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Providers in the Philippines and the number of CPD units that professionals need to get every 3 years.

CPD or Continuing Professional Development credit units are one of the requirements if you want to renew your PRC ID card (PIC). This rule affects all the licensed and registered professionals that PRC regulates.

The Republic Act Number 10912 or Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016 is behind the implementation of CPD. RA No. 10912 was enacted into law on July 21, 2016, took effect on August 16, 2016, and was implemented on March 15, 2017.

Professionals can accumulate CPD credit units through formal and informal learning, self-directed learning, online learning, and professional work experience.

Fortunately, PRC also has a compilation of accredited CPD programs and providers for the 50-plus professions that it regulates. In this post, you will find out how to determine the CPD providers and their respective programs for your profession.

How to know the Accredited PRC CPD Providers and Programs

Step 1: Visit the website

There are two ways to get to cpdas page. The first option is to visit the official website of PRC At the homepage, hover your mouse on the CPD tab link in the navigation bar to see the dropdown menu. step 1 go to cpd in prc navigation bar

In the choices, go to Accredited CPD Programs and Providers page. There is a link there that will lead to the page. The second option is to go directly to the page. CPDAS stands for Continuing Professional Development Accreditation System.

Step 2: Search your Profession Name under Board

Hit the down arrow key to see the list of PRC-regulated professions. Afterward, scroll up or down to search for your profession. step 2 search for profession nameOnce you see the name of your profession, hit the search button to view the list of accredited cpd programs. In this example, I select “Professional Teachers” as the profession.

Step 3: Select the Program that you want to Attend

On the right-hand side of the cpdas page, you can view the list of available programs that you can attend to earn your CPD points.
step 3 select the cpd programSince I chose Professional Teacher as the profession in step 2. In turn, the cpdas page shows the list of accredited CPD programs available for Teachers.

Some programs are conducted face-to-face while some are conducted online. There are also programs that have a registration fee and there are some that are free of charge.

Step 4: Get the CPD Provider’s Contact Information

When you select the program, you have the option to view the provider’s contact information. To do so, go to the “View Full Profile” link at the bottom of the about page.

step 4 determine cpd provider contact information

You will see there the address, telephone number, email address, contact person, and website of the cpd provider. Inquire with them about the schedule and how you can join the program. If there is a registration fee, inquire with the provider about how you can pay for the latter.

Step 5: Attend the Program to Earn your CPD Units

Go to the venue at the designated time and day of the CPD program. Or attend the online webinar if the program is held online. How the program will be conducted depends on the accredited CPD provider.

Attend as many programs as you need to get the number of CPD credit units for you to renew your Professional Identification card.

How many  CPD Units are Required per Profession?

PRC requires a professional to get a minimum of 15 units of CPD per renewal cycle. However, in general, the number of CPD units that registered professionals need to acquire depends on their profession. There are professions that require lower CPD units if the professional is a senior citizen, or is a Person With Disability (PWD). Meanwhile, PRC requires some professionals to get 15 units only regardless of their age or physical impairment.

To give you an idea, Professional Teachers need to get 15 units of CPD per 3 years. Nurses also need to acquire 15 units of CPD. But if the nurse is a senior citizen or PWD, he/she only needs to acquire 10 CPD units to comply with the requirement. Physical Therapy professionals need to get 15 CPD units regardless of age or physical impairment.

Moreover, PRC may only require some senior citizen/PWD professionals to submit a brief narration of their work experience to be able to comply with the required CPD credit units.

For your reference below are the profession names and the respective CPD units requirements (during the transition period):

  • Accountancy – 15 units of CPD
  • Aeronautical Engineering – 15
  • Agriculture – 15
  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering – 15 / if Senior or PWD – 10
  • Architecture – 15 / if Senior or PWD – 10
  • Chemical Engineering – 15
  • Chemists – 15 / if Senior or PWD – may opt to submit a brief narration of professional work experience
  • Chemical Technician – 10 / if Senior or PWD – may opt to submit a brief narration of professional work experience
  • Civil Engineering – 15 / if Senior or PWD – 10
  • Criminology – 15 CPD units
  • Customs Brokers – 15 CPD units
  • Dentists – 15 / if Senior or PWD – 10
  • Dental Technologists – 9 / if Senior of PWD – 6
  • Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE) – 15
  • Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) – 15
  • Registered Master Electrician (RME) – 10
  • Professional Electronics Engineer (PECE) – 15
  • Registered Electronics Engineer (ECE) – 15
  • Electronics Technician (ECT) – 10 CPD units
  • Environmental Planning  – 15 / if 60 and above Senior citizen – 15 / if 65 years old and above – 10
  • Fishery Technology – inquire to PRC
  • Forestry – 15 / if Senior citizen or PWD – 10
  • Geodetic Engineering – 15 / if Senior or PWD – 9
  • Geology – 15 / if 60 and above Senior – 10 / if 70 and above senior – 5 cpd units
  • Guidance and Counseling – 15 / if Senior citizen or PWD – 10
  • Interior Design – inquire to PRC
  • Landscape Architecture – inquire to PRC
  • Librarians – 15 CPD units / if Senior Citizen or PWD – 10
  • Master Plumbers – inquire to PRC
  • Professional Mechanical Engineer (PME) – 15 units of CPD
  • Registered Mechanical Engineer (RME) – 15 units
  • Certified Plant Mechanic (CPM) – 10 units
  • Registered Medical Technologists (RMTs) – 15 / if Senior or PWD – 12 units
  • Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) – 10 / if Senior or PWD – 8
  • Medicine – 15 / if Senior or PWD – 10
  • Metallurgical Engineering – 15 units / if Senior or PWD – 10
  • Midwifery – inquire to PRC
  • Mining Engineering – 15 CPD units
  • Naval Architecture – 15
  • Nursing – 15 / if Senior or PWD – 10 units of CPD
  • Nutrition-Dietetics – 15 units
  • Occupational Therapy – 15 units
  • Optometry – 15 / if Senior or PWD – 10
  • Pharmacy – 15 / if Senior or PWD – 5
  • Physical Therapy – 15 CPD units
  • Professional Teachers – 15 CPD units
  • Psychology – 15 units
  • Radiologic Technology – inquire to PRC about the CPD units
  • Real Estate Service – 15 units per license / if Senior or PWD – 5 units per license
  • Accredited Real Estate (RE) Salesperson – 5
  • Respiratory Therapy – 15 CPD units
  • Sanitary Engineering – 15 CPD units
  • Social Workers – 45 CPD units
  • Veterinary Medicine – 15 CPD units

The required number of CPD credit units per profession may change without me noticing it so to stay updated always visit the official PRC website.

What are the Requirements for the Renewal of PRC License?

The requirements for the renewal of PRC License are a properly filled out application form, passport-sized ID picture, CPD Units earned, certificate of good standing, and cash payment.

Who are exempted from obtaining PRC CPD units?

The professionals who are exempted from obtaining PRC CPD units are the newly licensed professionals (on first renewal cycle), Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), and senior citizens who are not engaged in the practice of their profession.

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