PRC ID Old and New Design Comparison with Sample Photo

Comparing the differences between the old and new Designs of PRC ID

If you will acquire a new PRC ID you will notice that its design and layout have changed when you compare it to your old one. You will see that the front side of your new ID seems streamlined and neat. The back side also looks simpler because PRC removes some of the information.

According to PRC, the reason behind the change is to align with the government’s policy of promoting ease of doing business. The latter covers the simplification of processes and forms such as the PIC. Also, to comply with the government’s data privacy act of 2012. This change takes effect in September 2019. This means that if you apply for a professional identification card from this month onwards, PRC will issue to you the new design.

In this post, I will share with you some of the noticeable differences between the new PRC ID to the old one. I include the sample photo of the old ID as well as the sample photo of the new version.

PRC ID Front Layout Design Comparison

What’s easily noticeable is the location of the professional’s photo. In the old version it is located on the right-hand side of the license while in the new version, it is on the left side. The personal details of the professional, while still in line with the id picture, are now shifted to the center of the card.

The arrangement of the information is still the same though. You can still see your surname, name, middle name, registration number, registration date, and validity in the same order as in the old ID.

Another thing that you can distinguish is the name of the profession and the bar code. In the new identification card, these two occupy the entire bottom portion of the ID. PRC also removed the small hologram-like photo, date of birth, and the last registration date. The wavy lines as well as the faint PRC logo at the center were changed to just a plain white background.

prc id new vs old sample photo

Moreover, in the new ID, the phrase “Professional Identification Card” was transferred directly below the name of the commission. It replaces the word “Manila” which pertains to the location of the PRC’s main office. PRC also change the font and color of its name from red to blue.

PRC ID Back Layout Comparison

Let’s compare now the back side of the old and new PIC. You can see that in the new ID, PRC has removed some information such as the main office address and the hotline number. They just keep the commission’s official website URL.
The three (3) background PRC logo has now had a lighter shade of blue. In addition, in the new ID, the name of the chairperson now has a plain white background.

In terms of the layout, it seems that PRC has kept the old one because the location of the professional’s signature and the chairperson’s name are still the same.

There you have it guys! I would say that I like the new design of the professional identification card. The main reason is it looks neat. Sometimes, those wavy lines in the old ID can make it difficult to identify the person in the photo.

Is PRC ID a valid ID when applying for Jobs Abroad?

Yes, PRC ID is a valid ID when applying for jobs abroad. Hiring Recruitment Agencies require PRC ID from Applicants applying for job positions that is regulated by the Professional Regulation Commission.

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