How to Retrieve PRC LERIS Online Password, If Forgotten!

You are not able to log in on your PRC LERIS online account because you forgot your password? Here are the steps on how to reset or recover your PRC password.

Just like you, I also occasionally forgot the password for my PRC online account. The reason is after I was able to renew my PRC ID, I tend to misplace the piece of paper that I wrote the password on.

Sometimes, I do not write it down because I believe I have a long-term memory. However, when the renewal time comes, I could not log in with my PRC online account hahaha. Simply because I cannot remember my login details.

The PRC ID is valid for 3 years so, it is really easy to forget our password. Assuming you do not process any of PRC’s online services such as change status due to marriage, acquiring an original board exam rating and passing certification, or for whatever purpose. The time that you will need to access your PRC LERIS account online is after 3 years when your license is about to expire again.

In order for you to update your PRC password, you should know the login details of your email account. I am referring to the email address that you use when you create an online account in the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) website. If you meet this one requirement, then let’s proceed with the password recovery process.

How to Reset Password in PRC LERIS Online Account Steps

Step 1: Visit the or LERIS to Reset your Password

You can visit PRC’s main website which is and go to the quick links window. Alternatively, you can head directly to the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System (LERIS) website at

Proceed to the “Sign In” window located at the upper right side of the webpage. prc online password reset 1If you really can’t remember your password, then hit the green button which is for the “Forgot Password?” It is located just below the Sign in / blue button.

Step 2: Type in your Email Address in the Given Space

Key in the email address that you use when you registered with your online account. Verify that you are not a robot by answering the captcha. The latter occasionally shows up. When it does, just select the necessary photo needed to verify that you are not a robot. Hit the submit / blue button.

how to reset prc password

PRC LERIS website suggests that you check your email account’s spam folder as sometimes it lands there. Also, the instruction from PRC may take up to 24 hours to reach your email. This depends on the number of persons resetting their password.

Step 3: Check Your Email for PRC Password Reset Instruction

If your email is in the Professional regulations commission’s database, they will email you the instruction on how you will retrieve your password. Otherwise, you will receive an immediate notification that your email is not found. prc password email accountThere is also a reason that your email is not in PRC’s database. It can be because of your capitalization and spaces when you type your email. So double-check it first before hitting that submit button. Do not reply to the email as it is a computer-generated by their system. It cannot respond to you. Go to the link that PRC sent to your email.

Step 4: Reset your PRC Password

PRC’s link will redirect you to a page where you can enter your new password. Type your preferred password on the given spaces.

Create a strong password that has at least six characters with a combination of letters, special characters, and numbers. The arrangement depends on your preference. As long as you can remember it easily. prc new password requirement Afterward, verify that you are not a robot by answering the captcha. Submit the form and answer “YES” in the confirmation popup window.

Once you are done. A notification will inform you that you have changed your password successfully.

Step 5: Log in with your New Password in PRC LERIS website

This part is optional. But I suggest that you login in LERIS website with your new password. Just to confirm that everything is all good on your part. prc leris login online new passwordYou can now process the renewal of your PRC license, apply for PRC board examination, initial registration for new board passers, and other online transactions.

In case you previously created an online account with PRC but you cannot access the email account that you previously use. The best way is to visit a PRC branch near your location. Or you can send an email request for resetting your password to prc.helpdesk2

Always remember that you should not share with anyone your login details particularly your password. For security reasons, change it regularly. Do not allow others to create an account or even reset your password on your behalf.

You can write your password on a piece of paper and keep it together with your valuables in a safe place at your home.

The official website of the Professional Regulations Commission is and the official Facebook page is

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    A pleasant day! I just want to ask , how can I access my account in PRC website? I want to renew my PRC ID. But when I try to enter my email its says that my email is not found. But when I try to create a new account it says that i have already registered but i have no access on it. Please help me.

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