Here is How to Renew Your PRC License Online 2023

PRC Renewal is a process of renewing your expired PRC-issued ID card via Online at the Professional Regulations Commission’s website in 2023.

PRC implements this Online Renewal System on September 1, 2018, in all PRC regional branches and satellite offices including the One-Stop Service Centers for OFWs (OSSCO). This new system allows online application, online appointment, and online payment for the renewal of license ID cards.

As a professional registered under PRC, your ID has a validity of 3 years. You have to renew your license before it expires to continuously practice your profession.

You can access the PRC renewal facility twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week whether you are in the Philippines, or residing overseas as an OFW. You just need a laptop or desktop that has an internet connection and an installed web browser recommended by the commission. Depending on your chosen payment options, you might need an existing bank account that can transfer payment to any of the PRC-accredited payment facilities.

Aside from license renewal, PRC online services also allow aspiring professionals to process exam applications, initial registration of new board passers / successful examinees, verification of rating of exam passers, replacement of lost PRC ID cards, and license verification of registered professionals.

8 Easy Steps to Renew Your PRC License Online Quickly

Step 1: Create your new online user account on PRC website

In this step you need to prepare the following requirements:

  • valid email address (you can create a free email address at or
  • your valid mobile phone number
  • personal data which includes your date of graduation, spouse’s name, mother’s name, father’s name, and citizenship of both parents.
  • Photo ID in JPEG format (soft copy), saved in your personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. Photo ID should be colored, 2 x 2 inches in size, white background, taken no more than 6 months prior to your PRC ID renewal application. The applicant in the photo must wear decent attire with a collar
  • Valid ID card (government IDs and/or company ID) for verification of your identity

Visit the official website of the Professional Regulation Commission ( Go to the middle left part of the homepage. You will see “Registration eServices.”

Choose the “ID Renewal.” On the drop-down list go to the link to be redirected to a Web portal called LERIS.

Read and understand the “terms of services” then click “I Agree”

prc license renewal online step one

Step 2: Proceed with PRC Online Registration, Supply your Personal Information

This includes your full name, contact details like your permanent mailing address. Family backgrounds such as the name of your parents and their citizenship.

Educational background such as the name of your school, school address, your degree/course taken. Employment details. Any disability.

Supply also in the designated space your email address and your chosen online password. Take note that you should fill out all fields marked with an asterisk. Hit Save the information afterward.

prc license id renewal step two

Step 3: Upload your Photo ID to your online account

Make sure that the photo which you will upload in this step complies with the photo requirement set by PRC. There is no dress code but you should wear decent attire with a collar in the photo. It should be colored and in jpeg format. The size should be 2 x 2 inches/passport size, in white background. The photo should be recent not more than 6 months prior to your PRC license renewal online application.prc license renewal online photo requirements

Take note that the same photo will be reflected on your newly issued PRC ID which will be valid for 3 years. So, make sure that the photo you submitted shows how good looking you are.

There is a chance that your application will not be processed if the photo in your application does not resemble you. Your submitted photo has a different background other than the required plain white and has shadows. You are wearing eyeglasses and your ears are covered.

Step 4: Choose Renewal in the Selection of Transaction

In this part, you have to select the kind of transaction that you want to process. There are five choices which are Examination, Initial Registration, Renewal, Duplicate, and Certification.
Since you want to process the renewal of your PRC ID License, then you need to choose the “RENEWAL” tab. It is the one in the middle.
prc id renewal online

Choose your Profession, and input your PRC License Number. Double-check the details to minimize mistakes and then “PROCEED.”

Step 5: Schedule an Appointment and Choose a PRC Office

In this part, you will need to select the PRC regional office/satellite offices where you will submit your printed/photocopied documents. Also, your chosen branch office is where you will collect your newly issued PRC License ID card.

Usually, the scheduled date and time are automatically assigned to you by the computer. However, you will be given a one-time chance to reschedule your appointment. If you choose to “RESCHEDULE” then select a new date and state a valid reason.

Appointment slots are free of charge so stay away from “fixers” that offer services to transact with Professional Regulation Commission on your behalf.
prc appointment free slots

Step 6: Pay the PRC Renewal Fee

After selecting the PRC Regional Office, the itemized fee will be reflected. There are four (4) payment options available for you. These are:

  • Over-the-Counter at PRC-Cashier (at your chosen regional office/service center)
  • Landbank ePayment / Bancnet / GCash (needs an existing account)
  • United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) Connect, UCPB App (needs an existing account), or through Over-the-Counter in UCPB branches (no need for an existing bank account). Payment validation is within 2 to 3 working days.
  • PayMaya, starting June 28, 2019, PRC online services accept payments via PayMaya using your debit and credit cards under JCB, Visa, Mastercard, and also through PayMaya account.
prc landbank ucpb over the counterprc-paymaya-2019

Choose which among the 4 options is the most convenient for you to pay PRC license renewal processing fee.

In my case, I opt for the UCPB Over-the-Counter payment as it is more convenient on my part since there is a branch near my location. Also, because I do not have an existing bank account with Landbank and UCPB. Though, UCPB charges a Php30 service fee.

My Actual UCPB Over-the-Counter Payment slip:
prc ucpb over the counter

Step 7: Print your Documents

The document that you have to print is the “APPLICATION FOR PROFESSIONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD (PIC) form.” Bring and submit the form together with other required documents to the PRC regional office of your choice.

prc documents for printing

To print the said form sign in again to your LERIS account ( then go to the “Existing Transaction” tab located just below your Profile tab. You may check my actual form below:
prc renewal form 2020

My Printed Payment Details below:
prc payment details printed version

Step 8: Proceed to the PRC Office based on your choice at Step 5

Bring the following requirements:

  • Hard copy of your “Application for Professional Identification Card” form
  • hard copy of your PRC license renewal payment receipt
  • Extra photo ID (this is optional just in case the PRC staff need another copy)

Go to the PRC regional office or service center to submit all the requirements. And also, to collect your renewed PRC License ID card.

Watch the 7-minute walkthrough video from start to finish:

How to Renew PRC ID via Shipping Delivery Service

Registered professionals can now renew their PRC ID online and have the ID card delivered to their home address via shipping service. This option is available to NCR residents. There are no delivery options yet outside Metro Manila. Also, the shipping transactions are not valid for cashier payments or UCPB.

Step 1: Select Renewal as Your Transaction

When you login with your online account and have chosen the renewal transaction. You will be asked if you want to avail of the shipping service. To do so, you need to tick the “Yes” option. prc renewal shipping service step 1Afterward, you have to fill in your shipping details. This includes your home address, contact person, contact number, zip code, and city. fill up the shipping delivery details step 2

Step 2: Choose the Payment Channel

For shipping service, the available payment options as of the moment are Credit / Debit card (PayMaya, VISA, JCB, Mastercard), Pay by PayMaya, LandBank, and BancNet.

All payment options charge a convenience fee. There is an additional 1.25% of the total transaction amount for card payment, 8 pesos for paymaya payment, 10 pesos for landbank, and 20 pesos for Bancnet. select payment options step 3

Step 3: Submit the Transaction

Make sure that all of your details are accurate before submitting your application. Review your particulars for issues such as misspellings, capitalization, wrong mailing address, and other details. submit transaction step 4Read also the information under the “Declaration and Attestation” as well as in the “Undertaking” part. Afterward, affix your signature by ticking the checkbox beside your name then submit your application.

Step 4: Pay the Shipping Fee

Upon payment of your PRC transaction, you need to pay the shipping fee within 7 days. Check the shipping fee on the PRC official website.

Step 5: Wait for the Delivery of your PRC ID

PRC will deliver your ID based on your given shipping details. According to the PRC website, the delivery time of the PRC ID card is 10 to 14 working days after confirmation of the payment.

How to Renew PRC ID Due to Change of Status by Walk-in

This is for registered female professionals who recently got married and want to use the surname of their husband/spouse.

Female professionals can change their surname immediately after marriage, as long as they have the marriage contract/certificate of marriage issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and other requirements.

Step 1: Fill up the Petition for Change of Registered Name Due to Marriage Form

In the designated space in the form, supply all the needed information as accurately as possible. Write your full name, date and place of birth, month and year you passed your board exam, husband’s name, place and date of marriage.

Step 2: Notarize your Petition Form

Go to the Second floor of PRC’s main building, at the legal division have your petition notarized.

Step 3: Verification of Registered Names and Assessment of Fees

Head straight to the ground floor of the main building and proceed to the Registration Division to verify your registered name and assessment of your fees.

Step 4: Verification of Your Examination Records

Forward your documents to the Records Section to verify your examination records. Its office is located on the ground floor of the Annex Building.

Step 5: Payment of Fees

Proceed to the cashier to pay the required amount.

Step 6: Get the Metered Documentary Stamp

You can get it at the Customer Service located on the PRC ground floor.

Step 7: For Teachers, Verification and Payment of Fees Steps

Go to the third (3rd) floor of Annex Building. (Registration: Window-21 or Window-22 and Records: Window-9)

Step 8: Go to the PRC Office to Submit your Petition Form

Submit the petition form together with the required documents such as Marriage Certificate issued by PSA / NSO. Get your Claim Stub and Official Receipt

Step 9: Collect your PRC ID Card After 60 Days (Max)

You can claim your PRC licensed card at your chosen PRC office after 60 days (maximum).

How many Professions are Under PRC?

There are 64 Professions that are under PRC. These professions can renew their PRC license via online. The complete list of Professions can be found below.

  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineer
  • Agriculturist
  • Architect
  • Certified Mine Foreman
  • Certified Plant Mechanic
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Certified Quarry Foreman
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Chemical Technician
  • Chemist
  • Civil Engineer
  • Criminologist
  • Customs Broker
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Technologist
  • Dentist
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Electronics Technician
  • Environmental Planner
  • Fisheries Technologist
  • Foreign Medical Professional
  • Forester
  • Geodetic Engineer
  • Geologic Aide
  • Geologist
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Interior Designer
  • Landscape Architect
  • Librarian
  • Master Plumber
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Medical Technologist (MedTech)
  • Metallurgical Engineer
  • Metallurgical Plant Foreman
  • Midwife and Midwife (RA 2382)
  • Mining Engineer
  • Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
  • Nurse
  • Nutritionist Dietitian
  • Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapist Technician
  • Ocular Pharmacologist
  • Optometrist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physician (Medical Doctor)
  • Professional Electrical Engineer
  • Professional Electronics Engineer
  • Professional Mechanical Engineer
  • Professional Teacher
  • Psychologist
  • Psychometrician
  • Radiologic Technologist
  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Real Estate Consultant
  • Registered Electrical Engineer
  • Registered Master Electrician
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Sanitary Engineer
  • Social Worker
  • Veterinarian
  • X-Ray Technologist

What are the Requirements for PRC ID Renewal in 2023

  • Completely filled-out Application for Professional Identification Card (PIC)
  • One passport-sized picture with white background and full name tag
  • CPD units earned (for information inquire to / first-timers are exempted on their first renewal cycle
  • Certificate of good standing for certain boards/professions (additional requirements / this can be acquired at your professional regulatory board/association)
  • Special power of attorney and valid ID for an authorized representative of the applicant
  • Renewal fee amount or payment receipt

What are the Requirements to Renew PRC License thru an Authorized Representative

The requirements are an authorization letter, photocopy of PRC ID, special power of attorney, and a valid identification card. Here are the documents that you need to prepare for the two (2) options.

  • Option 1: If your representative is also a PRC-registered professional that person needs to present an authorization letter plus his / her own PRC ID to be able to transact with PRC on your own behalf.
  • Option 2: If your representative is NOT a PRC-registered professional that person needs to present a special power of attorney, his / her valid identification card, plus your own valid identification card to be able to transact with PRC on your behalf.

How to Print the PRC Renewal Form in 3 Steps

You can print your renewal form before or after you are done with the payment. Printing your PRC renewal form only requires 3 steps.

Step 1: Log in with your PRC Online Account

Go to Type in the email address you use to register with PRC, and password on the space provided. Tick the “I am not a robot” ReCaptcha, then sign in.

how to print prc renewal form

Step 2: Go to Existing Transaction to Print your Renewal Form

On the left side of the web page, you will see the ‘profile,’ ‘existing transaction,’ and ‘contact us’ tabs. Go to the ‘existing transaction’ tab.

At the upper middle part of the page, you will see the ‘Print Document’ link.

prc print form online

Step 3: Print your PRC Renewal Form

Once you go to the link, a new window will popup. It will show your renewal form in PDF format.

At the upper left side of the window, you will see the printer icon. Go to that icon print the form.

print prc form

Verify all the details in the form to prevent mistakes. Afterward, affix your signature in the space provided.

How much is the PRC ID Renewal Fee

The PRC ID renewal fee ranges from 140 pesos to 150 pesos per year. The details about the cost of renewing your PRC ID license online can be found below.

  • Professions requiring baccalaureate degree renewal fee: 150.00 pesos per year or a total of 450.00 pesos for 3 years
  • Professions requiring a non-baccalaureate degree renewal fee: 140.00 pesos per year or a total of 420.00 pesos for 3 years
  • Surcharge applies for those who will renew their license 20 days after their birth month.
  • Baccalaureate degree surcharge fee: 30.00 pesos
  • Surcharge for non-baccalaureate degree fee: 28.00 pesos

Can I Walk in to Renew my PRC License instead of online?

No, you cannot Walk In. PRC implements no same-day appointment policy. If you will make transactions to renew your PRC license, you need to set your appointment date in advance.

prc renewal online walk in


What are the requirements for renewal to change status due to marriage

  • Photocopy of your PRC License
  • Filled up and notarized Petition form for change of registered name due to marriage
  • Original Marriage Certificate contract issued by PSA
  • Metered documentary stamps (available at PRC office at a cost of 25pesos)
  • Passport-sized ID picture 2 pieces with full name tag in white background (available at PRC for 90 pesos for 4 photos)
  • Renewal fee amount depending on your profession plus 225.00 pesos for a statutory fee

Can I renew my PRC License without CPD Units?

Yes, you can renew your PRC license without CPD units. According to the latest announcement on the PRC website, you can renew your PRC license without CPD units until December 31, 2023.

Who are the allowed Persons in Express Lane, and Courtesy Lane during PRC License Renewal

They are the Balik Manggagawa Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), pregnant women, older people above 60 years old, nursing mothers, and Persons with disabilities (PWD).

Based on the PRC Memorandum Order No. 09, series of 2018 dated February 12, 2018. PRC offices all over the country will provide a priority / express lane for Balik Manggagawa Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). There will also be a courtesy lane for pregnant women, senior citizens, nursing mothers, and Persons with disabilities (PWD) professionals who will be renewing their professional licenses.

There will be a designated staff that will handle the PRC license renewal of these persons.

Here is the reference:

prc express lane

How long is the Validity of the PRC License?

The validity of your PRC License is three (3) years. If you receive your license in the year 2023, it will be valid up to the date of your birthday in the year 2026. Afterward, you need to process the renewal of your PRC license again online.

How to update the Wrong Spelling of my name in PRC?

The only way to change or update your misspelled name is to send an email to Professional Regulations Commission at For an immediate response, you can visit the PRC office near your place.

Do I need a photo with a nametag for PRC ID Renewal?

No, you do not need a nametag on your photo. Your photo should be 2 x 2 inches in size on white background. It should be recent and not more than 6 months prior to uploading it. You also wear smart casual in the photo.

Can I still renew my expired PRC License?

Yes, you can still renew your PRC license even though it is past its expiration date. You have to pay an additional surcharge of 30.00 pesos or 20 percent of your annual renewal fee if you will renew your license 20 days after your birth month.

How to change my Permanent Mailing Address in PRC

To change your mailing address in PRC, send an email to and attach a valid government-issued ID showing your name and your new mailing address.

Can I renew my PRC license without my old license?

Yes, you can renew your license even without the old ID card as long as you know your registration number. PRC does not collect your old license hence you can keep it for yourself.

Can I renew my PRC License in Malls?

Yes, as long as there is a PRC branch in SM Mall or Robinsons Mall where you want to renew your license. To know if PRC has an office in your preferred mall, go to and browse the list of satellite offices in malls. Select the mall that has a branch office nearest to your place.

What is the Maximum Processing time for PRC ID Renewal Due to Marriage?

The maximum processing time for a change of name due to marriage is two (2) months or 60 days after receiving the complete documents.

* There you go guys, I hope this post will be able to somehow help you whenever you are going to renew your PRC License Online

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  • Cyril James Bual

    Thanks for this one. I followed your guide to the letter. I have a question though, did they ask for your current PRC ID upon claiming the new one? I have an unexpired PRC ID which will expire in less than a year, but see, I lost it abroad a few months ago.

    • Matt

      If I remember it correctly, they did not ask for my old PRC when I get the new one.

    • lyn

      I just want to find out if anybody here have an idea of renewing a PRC id that was expired for 5 months, what would be the process?

      Thank you

      • michal

        you can still renew it even if its expired.. In my case, i lost my license here in canada which was expired 2017, good thing i still have my old one. So i asked my relative to go to PRC in manila to ask if there is a different process for my case. PRC said that its ok as long as she still have the registration number.

        • Matt

          Thanks Michal for sharing!

          • Morena

            Hello good day.
            May i ask if i can send via email my printed renewal application form and ucpb receipt of payment to process my application. Thank you very much.

          • Matt

            Hi Morena, I have no idea because I haven’t tried that yet. Let’s wait for other commenters, maybe then can give you an idea.

        • Clare

          Hi my PRC license was expired since 2016, can I still renew it?.

          • Matt

            Hi Clare, Yes, it is still possible.

        • Kenji

          Hi.. Thank you for making this guide for PRC online transactions. Easy to follow.
          I chose the shipping option, because the only earliest schedule is on Jan 2021.
          So I just want to ask, how long does it usually arrive? And where can I follow up if ever.
          thank you again and God bless.

          • Mary Jane

            Good Morning. Been trying to set an appointment to pass my requirements for the upcoming board exam but only provincial branches show available slots. There is none in Manila or anywhere near manila. Is there a problem with the website?

          • Timeless Traveller

            Hi Sir Kenji. May I know what is the status now of your PRC license? Did you receive it already? In my case, I renewed and paid the shipping cost last November 18, 2020, unfortunately, I haven’t received it yet. I already sent several emails to PRC but I didn’t get any response from them. Kindly advise your situation.

          • Karrie

            hi Kenji

            My friend renewed her license and chose to have it shipped. She received it within 2 weeks only. NCR area.

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      • Aira

        Mine was expired for 12 years. Hassle-free renewal online. Just had my renewal last aug 28. Waiting for it to be shipped na lang =)

        • Matt

          Hi Aira, thanks for sharing your experience. It will be a big help to other professionals who want to renew their PRC license online.

        • Chat Tolentino- glb

          Hi! I am due for PRC renewal of card but I can’t access in my old prc registration since I got a new Cp number… the old cp got lost. Problem is I cant register on line…. how will I be able to renew my license…. can I go walk in to Sta. rosa Galleria in Sta. Rosa, Laguna? Thanks very much!!!

        • Joanne

          Hi Aira! mine was expired for 10 years. May I ask what your profession is? How did you pay for penalty (I read that it has an annual charge of 150 php for baccalaureate degree) online? Thanks and God Bless.

      • Reina Cania⁹

        Same process only just pay the penalty, so easy.

        • Terrence

          If you are going/returning abroad as an OFW, you can go to PRC as a walk in applicant, OFW’s are exempted for online registration.

          Who are the allowed Persons in Express Lane, and Courtesy Lane during PRC License Renewal

          Based on the PRC Memorandum Order No. 09, series of 2018 dated February 12, 2018. PRC offices all over the country will provide a priority / express lane for Balik Manggagawa Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

          There will also be a courtesy lane for pregnant women, senior citizens, nursing mothers, and Person with Disability (PWD) professionals who will be renewing their professional license.

          There will be a designated staff that will handle the PRC license renewal of these persons.

    • rhodora corpuz

      hello.. first time renewal here. i made an appointment for march 21,2020 .. can i go there already even if it is not my appointment date? .. coz i ve read that before i made a payment transaction that i can already process my id renewal . is anyone here have experienced that ?

      • Jaiseray

        yes, i already ask PRC about the date of renewal is due , you can renew your PRC i.d any date because you already have a renewal form

  • Larryfied

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    • Matt

      Hi Larry,

      Yes, though I think this depend on the profession. It would be better to inquire directly to PRC if you need cpd units and also how many units you need to acquire prior to your license renewal.

      • Jane

        Its my first renewal of prc id and have already got an appointment unfortunately, i lost my old id. Will there any conflict?

        • Matt

          Hi Jane,

          You do not need to present the old ID. PRC will not collect it.

      • Marjorie

        Hi, can someone advise me, i have to renew my license since it was expired last oct. 2021 but i lost it last dec. 15, 2021, what should i do? Should i renew it without requesting a duplicate one? Since i have my other old expired license?

        • Matt

          HI Marjorie, you can renew your prc license even when you lost your old ID card. In my experience, PRC does not ask for your old ID during the renewal process. What you need to know is your license number during your renewal.

    • Hedel

      How could i re schedule my appointment date? If we missed the day

      • Mary Grace Capinpin

        Same problem.. I missed to claim it for three times… and now don’t cant get any slot.

        • Ellah Bajado

          Hi maam, base on my experience on my ID renewal, I also missed my appointment date but when I get there at prc, it’s just okay as long as you already have an appointment regardless if you missed it they will still allow you for your transaction.

          • Matt

            Hi Ellah,

            Good day, a lot of professionals asked the same questions on what to do when they missed their appointment date. Good thing that you shared your experience for that matter. Thank you!!!

          • Myrtle Ang

            Is this still valid?I have an appointment date but I do not know how to reschedule it online. If I go there after the appointment date, will they
            still allow me to transact?Thanks

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            Good day. I tried to schedule online appointment for renewal. But a notification pop out that said I have 688 days required before I can renew my license. Why do I need to wait that long? Thank you in advance for the help

          • Ell

            Really? Would it be alright to have an appointment and miss it this 2021? I’d like to get a schedule so I can go there anytime the covid cases go down. ECQ is highly unpredictable at this time.

  • Eric

    Hi. I just heard that you have to get your proof of cpd units(certificates,etc.) be validated at the PICC branch office before submitting. please enlighten me. thanks

    • Matt

      Hi Eric,

      Based on my experience I did not do that. I did not go to PICC to have my certificates with indicated number of cpd units be validated in PICC.

      • Olifel

        I just want to ask, my prc ID will be expire on april 2022, can i renew my prc ID next month november 2021 even its not due yet?

        • Mary grace Villacorta

          Hi Olifel , i just did my renewal of my prc ID which will expire on May 2022. My question is i dont have any CPD units. But i heard its full CPD compliance is until Dec. 2021 . Do you think they will allow me to renew my Prc ID. Thank you

      • Ronaldo

        I currently works and reside in Abudhabi and I tried to renew online but cannot get appointment on any offices in manila. Is there a way to renew and submit forms even without getting appointment

  • Gladys Mae Pascua Lerios

    Do they accept walk-ins? I tried to schedule online but the open slots are later than the date of my flight abroad.

    • Matt

      As far as I know they do not accept walk-ins.

    • Lilian Acebes

      Is there any required attire when going to the appointment?

    • Terrence

      If you are going/returning abroad as an OFW, you can go to PRC as a walk in applicant, OFW’s are exempted for online registration.

      Who are the allowed Persons in Express Lane, and Courtesy Lane during PRC License Renewal

      Based on the PRC Memorandum Order No. 09, series of 2018 dated February 12, 2018. PRC offices all over the country will provide a priority / express lane for Balik Manggagawa Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

      There will also be a courtesy lane for pregnant women, senior citizens, nursing mothers, and Person with Disability (PWD) professionals who will be renewing their professional license.

      There will be a designated staff that will handle the PRC license renewal of these persons.

  • Ryan

    I tried to set a schedule in Rob Manila but the earliest schedule available is on October 7, 2019. I am just on vacation from abroad and I will be going back this September. Is there any way to renew my PRC within this month of August? Thank you.

    • Matt

      Hi Ryan,

      It would be best to inquire directly to PRC because they can give you suggestion about your concern.

    • Terrence

      Who are the allowed Persons in Express Lane, and Courtesy Lane during PRC License Renewal

      Based on the PRC Memorandum Order No. 09, series of 2018 dated February 12, 2018. PRC offices all over the country will provide a priority / express lane for Balik Manggagawa Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

      There will also be a courtesy lane for pregnant women, senior citizens, nursing mothers, and Person with Disability (PWD) professionals who will be renewing their professional license.

      There will be a designated staff that will handle the PRC license renewal of these persons.

  • deliy

    thanks for this help.. especially those who are not tech in terms of online applications, anyway do we need to print all hard copies of reference # and can we go for early application like my schedule is at 4-5 PM, but I wan to pay it in my vacant early hours. thanks.

    • Matt

      As far as I know, you need to go to the PRC office based on your chosen schedule.

  • Macey

    Hi, did you received the PRC License on that same day? or they will schedule you again for the releasing? Thank you.

    • Matt

      Yes, I received it on the day I visited the PRC satellite office.

  • Annie

    Good day, just want to ask if I can go to the main office to renew my expired license?

    • Matt

      Hi Annie,

      Yes, you can do that but you need to have an appointment since PRC no longer accept walk-ins.

      • Henry Timan

        I am an ofw under balik manggagawa. For how many days now, I am trying to set an appointment through OSSCO POEA and Robinsons Ortigas, but it saya no slot all the time. Looks like this online setting of appointment is on a limited slots basis. There should be a walk-in option for balik manggagawa program. I sent an e-mail to PRC but no response so far. I have to leave in 3 weeks time.

        • Denise

          Hi. Thanks for the guide. I just have a question. My license expiration is late January and I set my appointment early January. Unfortunately, appointment slot is on March. Is that okay? Just kinda anxious walking around with an expired license til March and can’t do anything about it. Also, do you know other ways to contact PRC besides email? I really want to inquire directly but I’m in the province and has no prc branch near me. Email takes weeks sometimes to be noticed so I don’t trust I’ll get a response anytime soon. Thanks in advance. xo

        • Garner

          In my case I just show them my plane ticket then they process my ID ,on the same day i got it. But you have to show them your schedule slot even it is on few months a head. They are very considerable specialy to us OFW’s.

      • Exequiel Aquino Francisco

        Hi! I have a scheduled appointment at Rob Galleria on Dec. 18. My license expired in 2018. I will use my Master’s Degree which I completed in 2018 to comply to the CPD units required. I heard that you should set your renewal appointment in PICC because they need to authenticate your diploma/transcript. Is this true?

        • Matt

          Hi Sir,

          I do not know how to answer your question because I have not experienced going to PICC to authenticate any of my documents.

      • John christoper pacot

        Regarding prc id renewal po. In the part of personal information , what if your school does not appear in the choices given what should i do?

        • Matt

          Hi Sir John, I also do not know what to do sir. Let us wait for other commenters, maybe they also encounter the same thing.
          I think the best thing to do sir is to inquire directly to PRC.

  • Aileen

    Thank you for providing this detailed guidelines, very helpful.

    • Matt

      Hi Aileen, You’re welcome!

  • Aema

    Just registered online and input correct info details to renew my license.
    But when i tried to proceed to renewal of my license, im having record mismatched.
    Checked my PIC, all details are correct. Would you have any idea why?

    • Matt

      Hi Aema,

      You need to inquire directly to PRC. Sorry, I do not have an idea about it.

      • Carmela pacaro

        Hello.. Please help me with my problem.. I have already made an online prc id renewal in behalf of my friend.. I suppose to change the picture that i uploaded because it was not properly cropped.. But i cannot login to my acct because i forgot my password.what can i do?

    • Ivy Cendaña

      Aema, re your mismatched problem, try to call 3100017 or 3101027. I experienced the same. Hope it would help you too

      • Matt

        Thank you IVY!

  • RP

    Hi, I already did the online renewal but missed my appointment date. Do you have any idea what to do if the said appointment date has been missed? Do I have to set a new appointment date again?Thank you.

    • Matt

      You can try to reschedule it.

      • RP

        Thank you for your response. However, do you have any idea how to reschedule it thru online? It seems that there is no option when I tried it. I am an OFW kasi kaya I can only do online transaction. Thank you again.

        • Matt

          Hi RP,

          I suggest that you send an email to prc.helpdesk2 I am sorry but I can’t answer your question as I haven’t experienced that situation. I think there is an option to reschedule the appointment but it can be done prior to the appointment date and not after it.

          Please share here what they are going to suggest to you so other readers of this blog post can also know about it. Thank you in advance.

          • Lily

            Hello, My appointment is scheduled on September. Do i need to bring 2×2 photo with name tag? Because you mention that extra photo is optional.thank you.

          • Matt

            It’s your backup in case the photo you uploaded in your PRC account will be rejected by the PRC staff.

  • Leah L. Austria

    How to make an appointment in prc? im doing an online renewal but it says that i have 8 days left to renew my license? What do i need to do?thanks.

  • Larrah

    Good day. I would like to inquire regarding the priority lane for pregnant women. I am a pregnant woman, do i still have to set for appointment online or I can go directly to PRC office/ satellite office thru walk -in to process the renewal of my prc license? pls i hope to hear something back. thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Larrah,

      Based on what I’ve read, pregnant women, Senior Citizen, persons with disability (PWD), nursing mothers and senior citizens are allowed to use the courtesy lane.
      Here is my source

      But to be safe, I suggest that you call the PRC office where you will process your PRC renewal for verification purposes.

      • Larrah

        Ok thank you so much for the response

    • Jaymert


      Thanks for this helpful information. I just want to ask if the 15 CPD unit requirement is already implemented.

      Thank you.

      • Matt

        Hi Jaymert,

        I think March 1, 2019 is the implementation.

  • Edfel

    Once I have printed the form, do I have to notarize it since I do not have a cpd unit to be presented? Thanks

    • Matt

      As far as I know, you do not need to notarize forms for PRC.

  • Antonio Bullecer

    I suggest PRC should take into consideration renewal of licenses be done also by walk-in processing. There are so many license holders who are not computer savvy – they tend to forget usernames and passwords easily due to age. That is one. How about those licenses needed for businesses. Are we going to stop operation because of expired licenses of designated Staff? How about those leaving the country? Please think of it. The scheduled renewal of license for Filipino professionals still best done during his/her birthday every 3 years. Just like drivers’ license – which I observed very appropriate – the volume of applicants is very limited since no 100 to 300 persons celebrate the same birthday applying for renewal at a specific LTO office. Also, same with our respective Professional licenses, PRC has to devise flexibility and systematic approach to properly address this license renewal problem. Just my suggestion. Thanks.

    • Matt

      Thank you Antonio for sharing your insights.

  • Aly

    Hi, just double checking. I am actually applying for the examination and was having a hard time choosing among the payment methods as I do not have any bank account and was wary of using gcash/paymaya. Did I read it right that you can pay thru UCPB even without an account? Can you assist me on some procedures? Thanks alot!

    • Matt

      Yes, you can pay at UCPB. Probably the staff at UCPB can assist you with the process. I have included my actual payment slip though it is for renewal.

  • Giovanni Jude Mantua

    Hi thanks for the guide. I tried paying my renewal fee via Paymaya because I didn’t know any LDB or UPCB near our place and there is this 7/11 just outside our street which is more convenient for me. I just install paymaya in my phone. Note: your account needs to have money first before you can use it to pay your PRC fees. So just load up in the nearest 7/11 and you’re good to go.

    • Matt

      Hi Giovanni,

      Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Albertson

    Hi Matt

    Do you have an idea what would be updated requirements for renewing PRC license of OFWs? Will PRC still require OFWs to submit certificate of good standing from professional org (e.g. IECEP) and the affidavit of undertaking?

    • Matt

      Hi Albertson,

      As far as I know, you only need to show proof that you are an OFW, you can renew your license. There is no need for any affidavit or good standing certificate.

      • Albertson

        Many thanks Matt!

      • Grace

        Good day!

        My license is expired and i lost it. What should i do? Do i need to apply renewal of id or replacement of id? What requirements do i need to prepare?

        • Matt

          Hi Grace, it’s ok even if you lost your ID card as long as you remember your PRC ID number. As for the renewal, you can start by creating an online account with PRC. You can follow the steps in this post for the steps and list of requirements.

          • Edd Norman Peralta


            Same issue. I lost my PRC ID card, and I don’t memorize my license number. Is there a way I can retrieve my license number so I can apply for renewal?

  • lian

    good morning. ask ko lng po. i have already register online for renewal of my prc ID last january 2019 but I was not able to process it due to personal reasons. I want to renew my licence but I don’t remember my password. I click the “forgot password” but it is says temporary close due to too many request. I created a new account and new password but it says that “the name already exist”.. what will I do? please help me

    • Matt

      Hi Lian,

      You can send an email to prc.helpdesk2@ or you can proceed to PRC Office near you.

  • Princess

    I have an appointment on 08/23, 3-4pm for my renewal. Is there a way I can reschedule it to an earlier time slot on the same day?

    In case cannot be rescheduled, how long would the processing time take?


    • Matt

      Hi Princess,

      You can reschedule it when you are setting your appointment in the PRC website.

  • Lennie Dato

    hi! just want to clarify with regards to bringing extra id picture which you mention in step 8 is optional only. but below that, you mention that a passport id picure with nametag is also a requirement? do i need to bring a passport size picture with nametag aside from the 2×2 size? thank you so much…
    thumbs up??? for this very helpful blog.

    • Matt

      Hi Lennie, as far as I know, the passport-sized ID picture is equal to 2 x 2.

      Good luck and may you have a smooth renewal of your license.

  • eleazar

    question about my forgotten online password i wanted to renew my license but the site mentioned that i have my existing account but i forgot my password. and it states that it is temporarily not available (forgotten password)

    • Matt

      Hi Eleazar,

      I suggest that you email PRC about it prc.helpdesk2 or you can visit the PRC branch near you for your concern.

  • Alfred

    Good day!

    What if I did not arrived on the said appointment but already scheduled that date and paid online? Can I still go another day on PRC?


    • Matt

      You need to send an email to prc.helpdesk2 or visit the PRC branch.

  • Jithromycin

    Hallo Matt,

    Thanks for this walk-trough, very helpful indeed! So just a recap, all i need to bring on the day of my appointment are:
    – Printed document of my receipt (Renewal); and
    – Extra passport size photo just in case the PRC staff rejects the one i uploaded online right?
    Also, is it okay to renew an expired license in a regional branch or do i need to go to the main office to have my license renewed?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Matt


      My PRC ID also was expired when I renew it. All I can say is that I renew it in PRC branch in Robinsons Mall. I did not go to the main office.

      Aside from the mentioned need to bring. You also need to have a hard copy of your “Application for Professional Identification Card.”

      Good luck and may you have a smooth license renewal.

      • Ethel

        Hi! I will be renewing my license on Oct. 28. Do I need to bring all my certificates as a proof of the CPD points? Thank you.

        • Matt

          Hi Ethel,

          You need to photocopy your certificates because you need to submit them to PRC. Good luck!

  • Frederick Siasa Brin

    Hi there!

    I have the online registration last June 2019 and unfortunately I forgot my password and now I can’t log in and proceed for PRC license renewal for appointment.

    Please help me regarding this concern.


    • Matt

      Hi Frederick,

      The best way is to email PRC or visit any of their branch.

  • June

    Hi! thank you very much for your detailed infos on renewing prc license!

    I just want to ask, what is the earliest possible time when can I renew my license? It will expire on September 2020.

    Thank you!

    • Matt

      Hi June,

      You may send an email to PRC prc.helpdesk2 about your concern.

  • Ann

    What to do if applying for renewal id says that my name is mismatched. I renewed my id last 2017 online btw. I don’t know why they say that in fact all entries is me

    • Matt

      Hi Ann,

      The best way is to send PRC an email at PRC prc.helpdesk2 regarding your concern. I hope your concern will be solved soon.

  • Jay

    Hi, I’m about to renew my license. Why is the ‘Central Office’ not part of the choices to pick up your ID? Are the slots full already?

  • yani

    I did the online renewal and I am scheduled to complete my renewal or visit the office on October 4, my question is, can I walk in to their office prior to the scheduled date?

    • Matt

      No, you can’t.

  • kreez

    hi, this is awesome info.. just want more clarification and more infos on what to do,,,
    been searching and asking my friends in phils. what to do in renewing the PRC license i have. it will expire this december 2019. and im so worried with the said renewing license required additional units, but since im living here abroad and yes im pretty sure i dont have additional units or trainings done yet.
    am i still be able to renew my license tho i dont have the said extra additonal units or trainings?
    in my case, what should i have to prepare when i renew my license? i live here in abroad but am not an ofw, what documents do i have to show as a proof am a resident of other country? and since i am not an ofw its like i cant get a ofw certification from the phil.embassy here….
    just so confuse, im scheduled to go home this coming december and one purpose is to renew my prc license too.

    • Matt

      Hi Kreez,

      Even if you are not an OFW but you are working abroad then I think you need to show proof that you are working overseas. Or you can send an email directly to PRC since they can give you the best advice prc.helpdesk2 Good luck!!!

      • Min

        I just would like to ask if cpd units are required for renewal even if your not in practice with your profession?

  • Jocelyn S. Manuel

    I followed the steps but after i fill up the information there was a mismatched with the infos a gave them, do i need to go to the head office ?

    • Matt

      You do not need to go to the main office. Just visit the PRC satellite office near you. Good luck!

  • darrs

    hi! i’m about to do this online renewal, unfortunately i cant give my license number since I cant remember it and my card is lost. I currently not in the phil., is there any way i can renew my license? what do you think are the requirements and/or can i send someone in PRC to do the renewal in my place? thanks very much!

    • Matt

      You can send them an email prc.helpdesk2

  • Niezel

    How to recover the password of the email address? Thank you.

  • Niezel

    I mean, without going to their office, their hotline is currently down.

  • LEIZEL Ann

    I forgot my email and password account in signing in to prc renewal. Can I make again? Using may name? I am trying to make a new account but It did not accepted because my name has already an account.

    • Matt

      You cannot make a new account because you are already registered. You can send an email to PRC prc.helpdesk2 regarding your concern.

  • Carlo

    Hi Matt, My license expires in 8 days (September) But the earliest schedule that I can only find is on December. Should I continue to schedule on the December month? or should I walk-in directly to PRC Manila?

    • Matt

      Hi Carlo,

      PRC does not accept walk-in since the implementation of the online renewal system.

  • Mirannel Macaranas

    Hi..Thank you very much for the detailed information, however, I am trying to renew my PRC license on line, I am based here in USA, the PayMaya does not accepts my payment ( I have tried my debit card and even my credit card Capital one, which can be used internationally) with no success, though you have mention that they can accept payments starting June 28, 2019. My question is, how can I pay if I will send my mother-in-law as my representative to the UCPB bank?Should she just need to say to the teller the PRC transaction payment and after that do I have to wait to the LERIS to post my payment before I print the document that is needed to present on the PRC satellite service? A little lost on that side, I hope you could help me the steps. Thank you very much.

    • Matt

      Hi Mirannel,

      Yes, you can pay using paymaya since June 28, 2019 though, I do not know why you can’t use that online payment facility (I included a link for reference). When you do the over the counter payment at UCPB, you need to present the print-out / screenshot of the PRC payment reference number. The PRC payment reference number comes with 12-alpha numeric characters. Good luck!

      • Mirannel Macaranas

        Ok, update.. So, I have no idea why the paymaya does not work on me so I tried to choose to pay in PRC branch/satellite branch instead and that works for me, it led me now to the screen that my pending payment and the ref no. as well that they allow you to screen shot/picture it to present on the PRC cashier. So, in this sense, we need a representative to do the transaction in behalf of us,just make sure to give them your authorization letter and documents needed as well (which is Im not sure what else, but I will follow the advice you have mentioned above, except the CPD)….And thats it, we will see the result. I am scheduled on October 17, 2019. Thank you very much for the information and the fast response to my queries. God bless!

        • Matt

          Hi Mirannel,

          I hope it will be smooth this time. Good luck!

    • Cheryl Devitte

      Hi Mirannel,
      I’m using Bank of America to pay for my renewal, they’re not choosy.


    Good Morning! Just registered online and input correct info details to renew my license.
    But when i tried to proceed to renewal of my license, In appointment I cant select preferred PRC regional office . What can I do. thank you.

    • Matt

      Hi Lezyl,

      Since you input incorrect details I suggest that you email PRC at prc.helpdesk2 and inform them about your concern. You can also visit the PRC branch near your location.

  • Raisa Mae Soria

    Thank you for sharing this.
    I am an ofw just having my vacation here and I would like to renew my license. Do you know what are the requirements for OFW to be exempted for CPD? Can I go at PRC office without an appointment or PRC account?

    Thank you so much. Godbless.

    • Matt

      HI Raisa,

      You need to show proof that you are an overseas Filipino worker to be exempted with cpd requirement (please read the reference I have included in the post).

      As far as I know, PRC implements no same-day appointment policy, hence you cannot do walk-in anymore (please read my reference included in the post).

      I also suggest that you inquire directly to PRC office near you for other concerns and also to get first hand knowledge of their latest PRC ID renewal policy.

      Thank you and Good luck!

      • Raisa Mae D. Soria

        Thank you so much.

        Just want to clear something, for the ID picture.
        2×2 or passport size? With nametag or no?

        Thanks ?

        • Matt

          Hi Raisa,

          As far as I know, the requirement is passport size picture or 2×2 with name tag. When I checked online 2×2 inch is the size of the passport picture.

  • nj

    hi for ofw can i walk in? thank you

    • Matt

      Based on the reference I have included in the post, walk in is not allowed.

  • kimnamjoon

    Wow, this is very helpful. I followed the steps and thankfully I now have a schedule for my ID renewal! It’s just right in time for my vacation, as I am working abroad. Thanks, Matt!

    • Matt

      Welcome, I hope your renewal will be smooth!

  • Joan

    Hello just want to ask regarding the renewal of license. I have an immediate need of renewing my license it was expired last year. Is it possible that I can renew it even if I am still here abroad? I will just have a representative to process the renewal of my ID.. If that’s possible what are the requirements needed.

    • Matt

      Hi Joan,
      There are two scenarios for you to renew your license with the help of a representative.

      1. If your representative is also a PRC registered professional he/she only need an authorization letter plus that person’s own PRC ID to transact with PRC on your behalf.
      2. If your representative is NOT a PRC registered professional that person needs a special power of attorney, his /her valid and identification card, and your valid identification card to be able to transact with PRC on your behalf.

      I think in the two option, number 1 is the easiest for you.

      I hope this helps. Good luck Joan!

      • Jay

        What if the registered PRC professional is already retired? do i have to do option 2?

        • Matt

          This is just my opinion if the professional is retired but still has a PRC valid license I think you can still do option 2.

  • leonila torrevillas

    I cannot proceed to applying online renewal because I forgot the email that I used when I registered. I can no longer sign in.

    • Matt

      Hi Leonila,

      You need to send an email to PRC prc.helpdesk2 or visit prc branch near your place.

      • Jenalyn

        Hi,I have already made my PRC I’d renewal online and choosed UCPB for payment,but there’s no UCPB and Paymaya on our area.Can I pay to G-cash even if its not in the payment option?thank you

  • Jay

    Can I renew even if my license is expired? I am living in the US now and I need a license verification do I need my license to be renewed for verification? Thank you.

    • Matt

      In my opinion your validity matters for verification of your license. The reason is if your ID is expired then it is no longer valid to use for verification.

  • Joseph A. Lopez

    Hello, my PRC license is 24 years expired. I am working as a Nurse in a foundation(NGO) here in Negros Occidental. And now our company required us to renew our PRC. What are we going to do? Thanks..

    • Matt

      Hi Joseph,

      Since your Nursing License has been expired for more than 20 years, I think the best way is to visit the PRC branch near your location. Inquire to them directly. I hope they can help you renew your license.

      I think there is a PRC satellite office in Robinsons Place Bacolod its address is Lacson St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental.

      There is also a satellite office in Robinsons Place Dumaguete its address is Dumaguete Business Park, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental.

      I hope somehow, I was able to help you with my reply. Good luck!

  • cecilia ramos

    a reliable source told me that cpd units are not required for renewal until Dec. Can I claim my ID without it? Can I send a representative to claim it in case I wouldn’t be available? thanks so much

    • Matt

      Hi Cecilia,

      You can inquire directly to PRC about your concern at prc.helpdesk2 or visit any PRC office. Good luck!


    what if after registering you forgot your email and password? I cant sign in even if tried to put my email and paswword.

    • Matt

      Hi Marjorie,

      You need to send an email to prc.helpdesk2 or visit any PRC office near you.

  • Ana

    Do I need to create 2 accounts if I have to renew 2 ID also?

    • Matt

      If its different IDs from 2 different persons, then you need to create two different accounts.

  • shaneen

    I already had a scheduled appointment at PRC but decided to cancel due to my work schedule. I didn’t expect the next available schedule would go beyond my expiry date. Would it still be possible to push through with the schedule I had cancelled?

  • Ia

    Hi, I hope you can help me. I lost my PRC license 2015. I never practised my nursing career and now I am thinking about starting it. Can I still renew my license and file it as lost?

    • Matt

      It is still possible to renew your ID as long as you still know your PRC license number.

      • Jon Manalo

        Hi Matt just a quick question in ticking the box affixing your signature, I just ticked that box and did not do any signature for online delivery, does that complete it? It went through.

  • Edcel

    I lost my id since 90s and been employed in a non-electrical jobs. After many years of changing residence to residence i do not have now my number which i already forgot. Problem is when i apply online for renewal as instructed by prc facebook messenger account i cannot proceed without my prc license number. I emailed prc and still noreply. The landline is always busy. Need online appointment to go to PRC but need again my PRC number. Any suggestion po. Maraming salamat.

    • Matt

      Hi Edcel,

      I suggest that you visit the nearest PRC branch for your concern.

      • Bie

        Good morning, is it okay to renew license, one day after the on-line schedule? Actually my schedule is today but theres an important matter that come up and i need to attend to.. so i decided it to take care tomorrow, is it okay?

        • Matt

          Hi Bie,

          Please inquire directly to PRC regarding your concern.

      • Devie

        Hi! Are CPD units for council of Medicine allowed for nurses? This is my first time renewing with CPD so I’m not entirely sure how to submit.. Tried emailing PRC but it bounced back, mail address error

  • Miracle cayamanda

    Hi. Do you need to present the old id for renewing new id?

    • Matt

      Hi Miracle,
      No, you do not need to present your old PRC ID.

  • Diane

    Hi. Can we go earlier than our scheduled time?

    • Matt

      Hi Diane, when you go to the PRC office prior to your scheduled time, you are walking in. PRC does not accept walk-in applicants.

      • Mary Ann

        Hi can I go to the satellite office later than the scheduled time? my schedule is 12-1 PM but I am not sure if I can make it on time.
        Kudos for a great post !

        • Matt

          Hi Mary Ann,

          You need to follow your appointment schedule otherwise, you need to reschedule it.

  • Charm

    Hi I already renew my pic but I signed the oath of undertaking and write that I need 45 plus 24 units but recently I learned that we are exempted because It was our first time to renew can I change the entries??

  • Jay

    Hi Sir Matt, thank you for this blog. I was able to renew my expired RN license when I was on vacation in the Phils last month following your guide. No CPD units required right now but they told me to provide it on the next renewal. Process took only about 15 mins. and I was given my new card same day which was awesome lol. Thanks again.

    • Matt

      Hi Jay,

      I am happy that I was able to help you through this blog post. Cheers!

    • Belle

      So my license expired on 2017. Will I really be able to renew my license w/o cpd units at all? As in for real? Promise?

      • Isiah

        Is this question by Belle answered? because i have the very same scenario.. was she able to renew her expired license?

        Thank you

  • Queenie

    What are the options if i lost my prc id?

  • ianne

    do i need to present my old license upon renewal?

    • Matt

      Hi Ianne,

      Based on my experience, No.

  • Erika

    Hi! Thank you so much for this guide.

    I just wanted to clarify though regarding petition of changing name due to marriage.
    My card got expired last May 2019 and got married recently. So, I’m planning to renew my ID card at the same time update my marital status.
    My question is, do I have to register/set up an appointment online to renew my license card or is it okay just to walk in at the branch?

    Hope to hear your response. It would help a lot. Thank you :)

  • Cella Bondame

    My mom’s card got expired and she got married. So now she’s asking me to renew her ID card at the same time update her marital status.

    My question is, does my mom have to register/set up an appointment online to renew the license card or is it okay just to walk in at the branch?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

    • Matt

      Hi Cella, you can read the frequently asked questions part in the post for other details. Good luck!

  • Maria


    I have a problem in printing my APPLICATION FOR PROFESSIONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD (PIC) form. After completing my profile, I clicked on the existing transaction option and then clicked on the “Print Document” option but I only got a blank page. What seem to be the problem?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Ramie

    Are there any of you trying to access the prc site for renewal recentky? Are you guys having problems or is it just me? I can’t sign in using my saved password and the forgot password option is temporarily unavailable. It’s so frustrating because I badly need to renew my license.

    • Gel

      Just want to ask if you have an idea on how to change the mode of receiving the prc id. I want to change it from delivery to pick up instead. I thought it could be delivered in our place that’s why I chose the delivery option, but unfortunately our location was not included or covered by the delivery service of the courier. Thank you

  • Andrew

    I was able to renew my license last 2017 without cpd points required but was told to provide the next time I renew. This month, I am supposed to renew again. How many cpd points should I present? Do I need to present cpd points for my previous aside from the one required for my present renewal?

  • mabelle

    can i apply for change of status at the same time renew my prc license online? or do i have to go to prc office and apply for change status first, before i can renew my license online?

  • Anne

    Hi ! Sir Matt! Good day! May I ask if you have an idea about Landbank Bancnet as a mode of payment.What should I do first? When I did my transaction,I didn’t know that we should need an existing account upon using this. I thought there’s
    “over the counter”. But there’s none. I don’t have any idea for this at all. :(

    Thank you for your reply.

    • Matt

      Hi Anne,

      Sorry, I haven’t tried landbank. Maybe some of the commenters know the answer to your question.

      • Anne

        Good day again! Sir Matt! Thank you for the immediate response. But, I have another clarification. When I did my online payment in Landbank payment, I couldn’t finish the transaction. Maybe because of the system. My question is when I pay it on the appointment date, can I get the renewed PIC card on the same day? Thank you again.

      • jade

        Yes you need to have a debit or credit card from landbank for you to enable to transact

  • Glendon Capiz

    Hi why is PRC central office not in the choices for regional office option? Can we renew in the main PRC office at sampaloc manila?

  • Paul Romano

    I’ve tried multiple times to sign in but it says my email is not registered yet. Then I tried to registered once more and even tried to registered with different email addresses, it says that my name has already an account. I also tried to click the forgot password buttom but it says ’email is not registered’. I don’t know what should I do. Can you please give some advise? Many thanks!

  • JP

    Does OSSCO POEA accept license renewal even for non-OFWs? Can I still choose it as a place for my appointment? I’m renewing my PRC license and the one at POEA has the earliest available date. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

  • Heziel Taligatos

    I am an OFW. Can I walk in for the renewal?

  • Anne

    Hi, I just want to ask since it’s my first time to renew my PRC license (for teaching), I was able to read here that no CPD units are required for newly passers. Does that mean that I only need to bring the printed PRC ID renewal form and bring some passport size picture or 2×2. No other requirements other than that? Thank you. ?

  • Gery Ross A. Yumping

    I can not remember my email AND password that i used in registration. What to do? Any help desk I can email..

    • Matt

      You can send email directly to PRC at prc.helpdesk2

  • JG

    Hi Matt! I just want to ask if I can renew my PRC ID earlier than the expiration date.
    Expiration date will be next month (March 12, 2020). Thank you and God Bless.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Matt.
    Would you know how to edit the name used for log-in? I erred in typing the name. Thanks.

  • Dianne Clarisse Que

    Hi Matt,

    I am renewing my PRC ID for the first time. Is it required to submit the CPD units? Will the Certification of Good Standing suffice the renewal process? Thanks!

  • gester sunga

    Hi, I am a returning OFW in Qatar on March 5, 2020. I just have the online appointment in Robinson Starmills Pampanga but the date of appointment is March 7, 2020 which is a later date with my return to abroad. My question is, can I approach the PRC to have the appointment prior to my return date?

    • Matt

      You can check this part in the post with the title “Allowed Persons in Express Lane, and Courtesy Lane during PRC License Renewal.” Provide proof that you are an OFW.

  • Chloe

    Hello Matt!

    Thanks much for this reliable and informative post on the PRC renewal. It’s been very helpful.

    Just a concern, I clicked on print document and only the PIC application came out in PDF file. As for the printed payment details, do I just screenshot this including the barcode? I paid this through PayMaya and no advise saying which to print and take a screenshot of.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thanks much, Matt!

  • Carmen Valentine M. Roca

    Hi….I successfully completed my online application for renewal of my PRC ID with location n appointment but during Pay Maya payment it rejected my bank card. How to change payment option ?

  • Rexil Bordaje

    Hi, would like to ask since no CPD required for renewal are accepted til December 2020. My license will expire November 10, 2021. Is it possible for me to renew it earlier anytime this year? or should be November of this year 2020 also? I need details please. Thank you!

  • Jane

    Hi Matt!
    I just want to ask if i can still apply for renewal of my prc id even if i dont have any cpd’s yet. What i am going to do? Your reply will be gratefully appreciated.Thanks.

    • Matt

      Hi Jane, you can read the part in the post about the required CPD units before you can renew your PRC license.

  • JOM Bernardo

    how many copies of renewal form is needed? and do we need also to photocopy the receipt? thanks

  • Danica

    Is there a way I can immediately notify PRC that my PIC was lost. My wallet was recently stolen along with my PIC. I initially applied for duplicate/replacement but since my license will expire less than a year, I have to file it as renewal application already. The nearest appointment schedule is on April 7. I just want to notify PRC as soon as possible so the card number on my PIC will be immediately blocked but since the appointment is still on April 7, I am quite worried.

    • Matt

      Hi Danica, the fastest is to send them an email or call their office or visit their branch near you.

  • Sheinlie Marie


    I have a question. What are the requirements needed and the steps that I should do in order to renew my lost PRC license? I cannot file for a duplicate/replacement since it will expire in less than a year.

    Thank you!


    Thank you for the information. ♥️
    But I have concern ahmmm My license will expire on June 24 but can I renew it before June, like for example “March or April?” Is it possible? ?

  • Eve

    Hi, I lost my ID recently but i cannot file it as duplicate or replacement since it will be expiring in less than a year. if i am to directly proceed to renewing it, do i still need to present an affidavit of loss? thanks for your response.

  • Mika

    Hi.I am a staff nurse here in England for 15 years now and is a British Citizen.I have renewed my PRC License since I left the Philippines 15 years ago.Now that I’m applying for my NCLEX, they want me to renew my PRC License.How can I do it? Also, can my mother in the Philippines do it in behalf of me?Looking forward to your reply.X

  • Rachel P. Rivera

    May I know where will I send my scanned copies of my CPD certificates to expedite the processing of my PRC ID ?

  • Sheenna Yu

    hi i hope you can answer my question. i just got married last feb 2020 and by july 2020 my prc id will be expired. can i set an appointment for renewal using my maiden name this july then dun ko nalang din asikasuhin ung pag change ng name ko para isahan nlng ung pagpunta ko sa prc? thank you po

  • Grace

    Good eve, nagregister ako for renewal of my id but when i tried to signed i i cannot open it ang sabi wrong password and email. So i tried to change password pati n rin ung email but still ganun pa rin. Can i go directly to the PRC office to renew my IDs? Thank you

    • Matt

      You can send PRC an email regarding your username and password so they can assist you with it. Currently, PRC does not accept walk-in. You need to set an appointment online and come to the PRC office at your scheduled appointment date.

  • Jamie David

    hi i hope you can answer my question. I tried to renew my PRC license through online. but it was showing “slot is full” to all locations we have selected. That is why I cannot proceed for my license renewal. Is there any other way I can process my PRC license renewal? I am an OFW working here in United Arab Emirates. Appreciate your soonest response.
    Thank you in advance

    • Matt

      Hi Jamie, you can send an email to PRC about your concern.


    hi, apr 24,2020 was my appointment date to pay for my renewal of license,unfortunately it was ecq.. what will ido?, should i register again or can i use the same reference number if ever where and when can i pay my due.

  • Eden May

    Hi. I would like to ask for clarification about this matter, ” Newly licensed professionals will also be exempted from CPD requirement on their first renewal cycle. ” I already got my license way back 2019 and it will expire year 2022. Is it possible that I don’t need any CPD Units when I’m going to renew my license? Please help me with this one. Thank you!

  • Elaine

    Thank you. This is really helpful and informative. Just wanted to ask, due to this pandemic, we – OFWs won’t be able to know when we can go back to our home country. Hence, it is difficult for us to set an appointment date. Expiration of my license is in December 2020 however I wanted to renew early to avoid being crammed. Thanks in advance for your response. Hoping you’d clear the ambiguity. Stay safe.

    • Matt

      Hi Elaine, better to wait for an announcement coming from PRC coz I also do not have an idea about it.

  • regiepe

    Hi..I just want to ask what will i do if my online registration says that my emailadd and password is invalid.When i try to click forgot password then I enter my emailadd it says that my emailadd cannot be open.I want to renew my prc id.When I wat to register again it says I already have my account.What will I do?

    • Matt

      Hi Regiepe, you need to send an email to PRC regaring your concern.

  • Joan

    Hi! I’ll be renewing my PRC license this week. Do I need to notarize the printed PRC renewal form? Thank you for your response.

    • Matt

      As far as I remember, there is no need to noratize the renewal form. Congrats for your renewed PRC ID.

  • Butch Crisostomo

    Renewal of PRC Licence schedule of appointment last May 19, 2020.
    Went to OSSCO POEA but in my dissapointment, no one is there. Only guards.

  • Ruben Mariano


    My license is for renewal, and I tried to schedule an appointment. However, the system prompts me that there was “NO SLOT AVAILABLE. The place you have chosen has reached its maximum number of slots.” I’ve chosen PRC Davao City as the place to renew my license. How should I proceed? No more slots for the remaining days/months of the year or the following years?

    • Matt

      Hi Ruben, You need to email prc about your concern.


    I have a problem on signing in through online registration for my renewal of license.
    Invalid email add and password comes out everytime I sign in.
    What can I do with this problem?

    • Matt

      Hi Nina, you need to contact prc about your concern.

  • Pinky Joice O. Garo

    Hi, i just want to ask if it is possible to get my Renewed ID in any branch of PRC office here in Region 2, even my exam place is in Manila? Thankyou. :)

    • Matt

      Hi Pinky, yes! Because you are the one who will choose the branch where you will process your ID.

  • Anna

    Heard that there’s now an option to ship thru wwwexpress for PRC Renewal transaction in the portal but the PRC step-by-step guide is not yet updated w/ this. Checked the websites of PRC and wwwexpress but no announcement yet about this new feature. Do you have any idea please on how this works?

  • Ma. Angelika Soberano

    Hello! I do not have CPD units because i went to medschool for a year and now i want to renew my license that will expire on august 2020. What should i do?

    • Matt

      According to PRC, professionals who are unable to comply with the CPD credit units are ALLOWED to renew their PRC ID upon executing an undertaking to complete the required CPD credit units for the next compliance period. I think professionals can avail of this under December 31, 2021. You verify this at the official website of PRC. Check the details under the “CPD Notice” part. Good luck!

  • Lean Jordan Elemento

    I’ve renewed my license last June 7, 2020 through PRC website. I’ve completed everything, including the payment, but the website did not mention on how long will it take to process and to be shipped to my address. Can you please enlighten me about the process time and shipment?


    • Matt

      Hi Lean,

      The best way to get the correct details is to email PRC about your concern prc.helpdesk2


        I have the same question. How long does it usually take for the Renewal ID be delivered. I made the payment on June 17, 2020. However, I haven’t received my ID yet. BTW, the email address cited above is no longer valid. Thanks.

  • Miriam

    I do not find any payment options other than paymaya, landbank and credit card options. I clicked on landbank hoping to pay thru bank teller however, it asked for landbank account number, which i do not have. As of the moment, it seems there are no slots available in NCR and no other mode of payment besides cashless/online banking.

    • Matt

      You can also try over the counter in UCPB. I have tried them before.

      For the PRC no slot available. You can watch the video presentation for an idea on how to get PRC slot.

  • May Belle

    Hi! I am overseas and will ask someone to do the application in behalf of me. Is it really necessary to have Special Power of Attorney or just a simple Authorization will do?


    • Matt

      Hi May Belle, you can process the prc id renewal online. What your representative can do is to collect your ID on your behalf. He/she needs an authorization letter from your plus your ID, and the ID of your representative.

      • Grace


        Hope all is well. I have a question about the below:

        Option 2: If your representative is NOT a PRC registered professional
        that person needs to present a special power of attorney, his / her valid identification card, plus your own valid identification card to be able to transact with PRC on your behalf.

        So I am an OFW and will have my brother collect it for me. It says it also need my own valid identification , eh I only have my passport and maybe my SSS, pero I cant mail it to the Philippines for obvious reasons.

        Will they take po kaya a photocopy then maybe I can sign it?

        • Matt

          Hi Grace, based on my experience, PRC only needs a photocopy of your IDs. You can let your brother have the photocopy of your valid IDs when he collects PRC ID.
          I hope this eases up your concern. Good luck and Take care!

  • Kath

    How long will it takes to deliver the renewed PRC license? Thank you. I filed it today.

  • Gem

    good day! my renewal date is on the 24th of June. I can’t go to my prc appointment because I was put on duty that day. Do I need to set a new appointment or can I just go to the PRC on my day off? Thanks.

  • Maria Louise Gatches

    Wille it be possible to walk-in if I am just going to get my license?
    If so, what do I need to bring?

    Btw, I missed my oath taking ceremony last feb.

  • Wilhelmina Arroyo

    How can i reschedule my appointment? I already paid for June 30 appointment but i am stock here at the province and no ferry allowed to travel because of the quarantine.

  • Jane

    Good day! Can we change the appointment place? thank you in advance.

    • Matt

      You can change your appointment place during setting of appointment in the prc website. You can also email the PRC regional office for your concern.

  • viera

    Once you’ve paid online, how long will it appear on your license verification that you’re active again? I just paid but when I checked to verify it still says expired. I did select the option of having it shipped to a residential address. Do you have any idea how long before I’ll receive my PIC in the mail and how long before it would say I’m active? Thanks!

    • viera

      Hi again,
      Just an update, since I last paid PRC on June 28 via PayMaya for my renewal, I checked my status and it became valid on June 30. So it’s around 48 hours before it becomes activated after you pay online. I’m just waiting for shipping now which I paid on the same day as I renewed.

      • Matt

        Hi Viera, thank you for sharing your experience. It will be very helpful to fellow professionals who will also renew their license online in PRC.

    • Red

      miss viera,
      did you go to any PRC Branch? Or simply all are on line?
      I’m planning to use the UCPB-Over the counter payment and Shipping method.
      And how many days before it was delivered to your house?
      Thanks po!

  • SMFR

    I would like to clarify lang po sir/ma’am,
    first time renewal, this august 2020 ang expiration ng id licence k, required po pa ba talaga may cpd units?

  • Annie

    Hi, my license will expire on July 5 but my appointment for renewal is on July 6. Will I be able to renew my license?

    • Matt

      Hi Annie, yes based on experience you can still renew your prc license even though it got expired prior to renewal.

  • Carl

    I try to renew my PRC licensed id but i use transaction through shipping, i just want to ask how many day will i wait until i receive my PRC id, di po kc nilagay sa shipping transaction kung kelan i papadala ung PRC id ko

    • Tommy

      Hi Carl any update on how many days it take to ship from the time you paid renewal and shipping fee. My case I paid shipping fee however PRC system still showing shipping pending. Thanks in advance for your inputs.

      • Matt

        Hi Sir Tommy, based on the PRC website, the delivery lead time is 10 to 14 working days from payment date.

  • k.lim

    Hi, i have a question po. regarding po sa mga nasa abroad pero d working visa permit, like dependent visa lang, walang OEC, makakapag renew pa rin ba sila kahit walang OEC? thanks po

  • kly

    Hi, I’d just like to ask if cancellation of an existing transaction is possible?
    Thank you!

  • Carla Mae Salangsang

    I have read that oFW are exempted for CPD , so meaning di kailangan mag pass ng undertakings? Sana my maka sagot thanks

  • Roldan Ocampo

    Hi, i just want to ask. My id expired last year, and still wasn’t able to renew. I already applied for renewal and been scheduled on Nov. 2020. I also lost my id last year which is another reason why I wasn’t able to renew it. Should i still apply for replacement of my id or should i just present an affidavit of loss then i can proceed already to renewal? Thank you.

    • Matt

      This is just my opinion. Since your ID is already expired then there is no need to apply for a PRC ID replacement. You should apply for a PRC ID renewal instead.
      Based on my experience, PRC do not ask the applicant to show the expired ID upon claiming of the new one. I hope this gives you an idea.

  • Eiren

    hi! i set an appointment for my id renewal and the earliest date given to me is on Oct.27,2020. It is 3 months from now. I just want to ask, do i have to settle the payment asap or i can pay for the renewal fee any day before my appointment date? Thank you so much!

    • Lhen Val

      I need help please. A year after I passed my Med. Tech Board Exam, I studied Medicine and now practicing. I already lost my PRC id (Med. Tech) and failed to renew for more or less than 15 years. I don’t even know my PRC ID number. Is it still possible to retrieve and renew? May I ask how…? Thank you

  • carmela

    Hi. I chose the online renewal and delivery to address option. Do you have any idea how long will the process and delivery will take? And, where can I also check the status of my application for renewal?

  • Henrietta Urbano

    Thanks Matt for a very helpful guide and for your patience in answering their questions
    but they overlook the fact that you are not an employee of PRC but a blogger who want to help and share your experiences.God bless you for your kind heart.

    • Matt

      Hi Henrietta,

      Thank you for your appreciation. God bless you also.

  • PJ

    I wonder po when you shot the video? Kakabaliw eh, I tried to set and appointment today (22 JULY 2020) and ang available slot na is sa NOVEMBER — hehe moment na lang. Pilipinas kong mahal… hay.

    • Matt

      HI PJ pwede nyo check yung video on what to do when there is no slot available. Baka po makatulong kahit papaano.

  • Clyde

    Hi my licenses expire on October, I went on online and checked that PRC Bacolod has closed slots for the entire 2020. What’s the best course of action for this? I need my licenses since these are my only source of income. Thank you.

  • Tala

    Hi. Ask ko lng po if gano katagal ang process ng renewal bgo mo mareceive yung card? Tia.

  • Byron

    Sir, I find this very helpful. Thank you po for taking time to create this.

    I was supposed to renew last January 202 0 unfortunately despite arriving there 2 hours earlier than appointment time, di nila na cater kasi dami talagang tao. I tried to book an online appointment today July 31 and to my surprise, January 2021 na ang available slots. Would you know if nag default sila going to next year because of the quarantine status? I find it odd na parang impossible naman yata puno na lahat ng slots from August to Dec 2020. Thank you sir! God bless!

    • Matt

      Hi Sir Byron, you can check sir the on what to do if there is “No Slots Available” at the official website of PRC.

  • John christoper pacot

    Regarding po sa id renewal. In the part of personal information pano po kapag hindi lumabas sa choices ung school mo po anu po gagawin?

  • Eric

    paid my 450php renewal fee and 160 pesos shipping.

    i would just like to know when will they send the renewed prc card ( i chose to have it send to my home address instead of going to prc offices) how long does it take to have this kind of transactions done? thanks

  • Lyza

    Hi! Can i ask if I get married in abroad.. do I still have to go back to Philippines just to change my name due to marriage? Hoping for a reply.. thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Lyza, lets wait for the opinion of others who have the same experience as yours po.

  • eric

    i tried several times to register in prc online renewal..error..maintenance ba ang sysytem ng prc?

  • Jovee

    Hi Matt,
    Need advise pls. I’m based now here in Australia. my Quick question my prc license expired last year. Can I still renew my prc ID if I’m Australian citizen Thank you so much for your help.

    • Matt

      Hi Jovee, let us wait if some commenters know how to address your concern. Or the best is to inquire directly with PRC via email or request your relative here in the Philippines to inquire on your behalf.

  • Kristine

    Hi, I already done all the steps to renew my prc license online. I also paid everything already. But I’m scared because the photo I uploaded isn’t the best quality since I just took a picture of the hardcopy of my 2×2 through my phone. How will I know if the photo is rejected, and what will I do if it is? Please help. Thank you!

  • cassie

    already done with the online renewal and mt ID was delivered, hmm since this is my first time of renewing my License i don’t know how to submit my accomplished CPD do i have to go to PRC to pass my CPD?
    i’am also serving as a frontliner during this pandemic, to one of the article that i have read the 45CPD unit will be waived when you give certification that you have served during this pandemic.

    how true? and can someone help me how should i pass my accomplished CPD? thanks

    • Matt

      Let’s wait if someone from the commenters knows about your concern po.

  • Milde

    May I ask a question? How can I get or acquire Certified true copy of my PRC I.D and Board rating, without going to office?
    Is there any shipment they offered for the documents I’ve needed just like in I.D
    RENEWAL options?
    I really need to have a ctc of my prc i.d and rating to comply the requirements of DepEd for me to Substitute a teacher who are going to hve a maternity leave.
    I cannot go to Cebu city due to border restrictions.

  • Byron

    Hi Sir!

    Kahit photo galing sa Picture City na, 2×2, passport size, or sa mobile phone di po tinatanggap ng wesbite for valid Photo ID para sa personal information. Do you have any tips for this po? salamat nga marami

  • Wynna Patricia Mae Reclamante

    Hi po ask ko lang if nakagawa na ako dating account tapos di ko na ma open. Is there any other way pa po para makapag online registration? Nag try ako gumawa ng another account pero existing na lumalakas kasi same lang ng personal information. Ano po kaya pwede solusyon kasi di pwede walk ins po. Thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Maam Wynna,

      Pwede nyo naman po maam ma recover yung password ninyo sa PRC online. Pwede din po kayo mag email kay PRC regarding password recover baka po matulungan nila kayo. Good luck po!

  • Belle Carillo

    I apply for renewal of my PRC ID through online and paid the shipping fee for it. I was already debited in my bank account however it still shows that I have pending paymeny for the shipping? what should I do? please help?

  • Dani

    is there a fee for renewing licenses expired for years 7+ years?

  • Anthony Cristobal

    My BSME license expired way back 1993, also i already lost it and do not remember my PRC number. I worked in Semiconductors Company which do not require any license.
    Can i still renew my PRC license? I took and passed the Board exam in 1990.

    • Matt

      Hi Sir Anthony, the best way po is to inquire directly sa PRC regarding your concern. They are the best person to answer your concern po.

  • pj

    how to resched PRC renewal even if I had my existing sched? thank u

  • Lilibeth

    Hi, is there a chance to renew expired license for 23 years?

  • yssa saniano

    wala po sa choices ng school yung school ko..merun po ba nakaexperience ng ganun? ano po ang ginawa niyo? plss help.. kindly message me..

  • Charity

    I just recently submitted my change of status for my license.. After 2 weeks I tried to make an appointment for my prc renewal, i know that 60 day processing is not yet finished but I just tried to make an appointment, unfortunately, the system told me “MISMATCHED” when proceeding to the renewal appointment… Do you think this is related with the processing of my change status/name? I am hoping that it is.. I’m too worried that I may not renew my license because of the error message…

  • Rochelle J. Tongohan

    Hi di ko matandaan ang email na ginamit ko dati. So i try register but i have already register name so i dont know what to do because i cant remembered my email address used

  • Lynn

    I have an expired license and needed to be renewed and I need to change my status. Which should I process first? Is it the change status or the renewal of license?
    Thanks in advance

  • Christine Cortes


    I passed last 2012 and never got my PRC ID. Now that I have the time to process, I’m having trouble getting my NOA number from PRC. I’ve emailed them since Feb. 2020 and one of the responses I got was the link of PRC. So, I was wondering if you know how I could get my NOA so I can schedule my appointment.

    Thank you in advance

  • grace

    How could I re schedule my appointment date? thanks.

  • Lovely jane banzon

    Hello po.. Ano po pipiliin na transaction kapag ID authentication lang po?

  • emman

    Hi Matt, I just want to ask if i can renew my PIC in any regional offices, either NCR branches or in region IV or V so on..because those offices have the open slot for appointment,thanks in advance…

    • Matt

      Yes, you can do that. You also have to collect the PIC on the regional office where you scheduled your appointment.

      You cannot set your appointment schedule in Region IV and collect your ID in NCR. Good luck!

  • Nem

    Hi! I just wanna ask if an ofw is still exempted with CPD units? If I renew my license, how to fill in the undertaking on the printed appointment? TIA

  • Carlyn

    Hi, i just want to ask if I did the prc online renewal and I am still in abroad, can I ask a famile member to claim it in the PRC office?

  • Elmar

    I’m a Filipino citizen working in the US. I’m a permanent resident here. Am I exempted from the CPD requirements? In my case, I am not an OFW. I don’t have POEA documents. Thanks!

  • Bea

    Hi! I would like to ask what are the requirements/procedures if I missed my appointment?

    Thank you!

  • Rory

    if i opted for delivery service for my online renewed PRC ID and it has been more than 14 working days, how can i follow up or track the status of my renewal? thanks for your reply

    • Roan Jane Jose

      I just wanna ask if you already got your license, if yes, how long did it take for them to deliver it. If no, since when are you waiting? Thanks

  • Roan Jane Jose

    Hello. I processed my renewal online on September 30,2020 and until now, my license has not been delivered. What should I do?

    • Mary

      Hi, did you get your licence yet? I did my application online almost a month ago an hasn’t received it too

  • Jeanine

    Hi, can I opt to renew my PRC ID with the delivery service even if I’m not in NCR? I’m thinking of putting my friend as the contact person and its address in NCR. Is that possible? We don’t have any PRC office in our province. It’s too costly and there are too many requirements when travelling to a different province.

  • Maan Salvador

    Hi good day. Can i renew my expired(since 2015) prc license and without cpd yet? Planning to go back and work again as a nurse. Thank you! What should i need for the renewal?

  • Lareezha Fatima Ulao

    Hi! I have a concern and this is about renewal of my prc license. How can I cancel my scheduled appointment set on August 2021 even though its already been paid online.?thank you

  • Jhoanne

    Hi! Can I renew my license ( expiring this month ) and change my status and surname at the same time? Are they already requiring CPD units for nurses? Thank you!


    Is the shipping service available for REE and RME?
    As I check the PRC website, no option for shipping service. Thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Mark, as far as I know, the shipping / delivery service is only available in NCR.

  • Clifford

    Hi! Can I go to the satellite office at the scheduled date (Oct 28, 2020) with a “pending” payment status in PRC but have already paid it. UCPB Payment validation is within 2 to 3 working days, so probably the payment status will once be “paid” on Oct 29, 2020. Please advise. Thank you.

  • K Magbitang

    I have a question. I processed my online renewal prc card Oct. 16, 2020. Paid for shipping and all. Until now I haven’t received my new card. Is there a number I can make a follow up? Many thanks!

    • Grace

      Same here. I did my online renewal last October 17. Until now I havent received it. I emailed the courier. They said that the PRC has not released my ID yet.

  • Kristine Joan C. Ledesma

    Hi, my PRC ID was already expired as of July 2015 and it was lost 2 years ago. I wasn’t able to practice my profession so I wasn’t able to renew it. Can I still renew my PRC license? Do I still need the CPD unit compliance? As far as I know, renewal of PRC ID without full CPD Compliance are accepted until December 2020. Hoping for your immediate reply. Thank you.

  • Shine Gabison

    Sir. Good day. I missed to claim my renewed PRC id last March 23 2020 due to lockdown. Can i go directly or walk-in on my chosen branch to claim my prc id or i have to make an appointment just to get my id? TIA

  • Jonell

    Can I get an authentication of PRC license thru walk-in?

  • Shie

    Hi Mr.Matt Thanks for sharing. Would you know if i can do all the renewal processes online as I am now based abroad.Or online & delivery is only applicable to data encoding and prc id issuance/release? Do i really have to appear personally for the appointment? Thanks in advance!

  • Cholo Alido

    Hi! How can I cancel my existing transaction for the renewal of PRC ID?

    • Matt

      Hi Cholo, you can login on your online account then select online transaction. While at the online transaction page, you can take a look at the list of your online transaction on the left side. From there you can cancel your existing transaction.

  • Zhac

    I just renewed my professional license already this afternoon (Nov.18,2020). I followed these steps here from this website and PRC official website just for another reference.
    This website was a helpful tool for me to successfully accomplish my renewal. Of course before going to my chosen PRC site/office which was in Robinsons Manila, I have my appointment scheduled, paid beforehand the required payment and prepared my requirements to be submitted to them. Process of renewal was fast! My original schedule today was supposed to be 4-5pm but good thing I went there much earlier (1pm) and told me it’s okay to process it early. They asked me to submit my PIC form and my CPD certificate. I only have 1 CPD certificate that was equivalent for the required completed 15 units for a 3-day seminar so I did not fill-up the Undertaking then I just SHOWED my payment slip (UCPB). I only submitted 2 documents : PIC FORM (colored) and my 1 CPD certificate(photocopy) then after that they gave me already my renewed PRC I.D. They didn’t asked me for my old PRC i.d.

    I was late for like 7 mos. in renewing my prc i.d. so I had a surcharge fee 30 pesos ( i think it applies even if you’re just 1 month, 2 mos etc. late–same fee). So total payment I paid was 450+30= Php 480 which was thru UCPB bank. I’m glad I already claimed my renewed professional i.d same day!!!

    Thanks to Matt who created this detailed info./guide for the renewal of PRC i.d. ! I read this website a lot of times to verify if I did not miss anything.

    NOTE: I filled-up online July 2020 and I was surprised that the earliest date available for my renewal appointment was this Nov. 18, 2020 (too long!!).
    So if I were you, try and set appointment ASAP so that you could renew your PRC I.D. on time. Not sure if setting an earlier date for appointment is much better now. Anyway, these are what I experienced and to let you know this guide that Matt provided for us was effective. I appreciated it !! ^^

    • Matt

      Hi Zhac,

      Thank you very much! I am super happy that this blog somehow able to help you in renewing your PRC ID.

      Also, thanks for sharing your experience while at the PRC satellite office. It will give others an idea when it’s their turn to renew their ID. More power to you!

  • Grace

    Hello! I did an online renewal last October 17 however until now I have not received my ID. Is it because I did not submit the undertaking form? Do I need to submit it?

  • Mark Anthony

    How can i change my mode of payment? As of dec.7, the ucpb branch here at novaliches bayan is not accepting prc renewal payment. I dont know if only that specified branch or all ucpb branches are not accepting payments. And theres no way i can change it on my existing online transaction. Thanks

    • Shiela

      Hi, i also have existing transactions, and paymaya said, i cannot use the same reference no.. pls help me, i am working overseas.
      Thank you for the help. God bless

      • Matt

        Hi, let us wait for other commenters. Maybe they have experience paying their renewal through paymaya.

  • Marylou Geldore Caballero

    Hi. Do I need to give CPD certificate even though it is my first time to renew? TIA

  • KIM


  • KATH


    • Matt

      Hi Kath, PRC does not allow walk-in renewal anymore. So I suggest that you check the PRC website every day to see if they have an updated schedule for December. You can also check the nearby branches to know if they have an available schedule there for this month.

  • Renee


    My license is expired in 2005 and I wanted to renew online. I was able to create a sign in I just need to attach a photo. I am based here in the US and need to renew my license for work reasons. I know that CPD is not required until Dec 2021. Would I be able to renew it and how does it work to get the new one in the mail. Can you please advise?

    • Matt

      Hi Renee, you can renew your PRC license online. If you have a relative in NCR, you can have it shipped to their address. Provide them the necessary documents such as your authorization letter, their valid ID, and a copy of your valid ID. As far as I know, PRC does not deliver to address outside of NCR.

      I hope this helps you. Good luck!

  • Symon

    i have already paid for the shipping but it still does not reflect on my prc transaction page

    • Matt

      As far as I know, it will not reflect immediately, you need to wait a few days for PRC to verify your payment, and then they will update what is on your transaction page.

  • Genevieve Fino

    Hi. Do they ask for your existing PRC ID?

    • Matt

      Based on my experience, they do not ask for an existing ID when I renew my license.

  • Lilian Madrilejo

    Hi matt, how do i change my payment options i initially thought landbank accepts otc transaction before i read this thread. I’d like to go to ucpb instead which is more convenient? Thanks

  • alfredo c. lopez

    thanks for giving the professional a nice guide lines in filing the application of the prc renewal. However it is not yet very satisfactory because some non-bacalauriate professionals are not yet educated for online transaction. Much better the PRC will make a simple question on the forms. A multiple forms requirements are required to be accomplished why not make it simple and adequate. In fact, they have already a license meaning they have already completed a detailed information on their personal history. Therefore for online information the requirement shall be Application for Renewal Of PRC License, CPD of 15 units, Recent Photo and Payment Receipt.

  • alfredo lopez

    The PRC has no privilege granted to senior citizen professional, At least those seniors shall be allowed for walk-in application and shall not be required for a one-day policy of PRC. We may request the PRC to extend the life of the license from 3 years to five years. The professional drivers which are not professional have already a minimum life of license for 5 years while the real professional are enjoying only 3 years. Thank you.

  • Cher

    Hello, is it possible to just pay the the fee for the renewal of the id in the regional office itself?

  • Pearl Arnie Bongato

    Good day! I would like to ask about my ID renewal because I missed my appointment, I already paid that’s why I can’t cancel the appointment set and I am delayed for almost 2 weeks, I still cannot reschedule. There is no reschedule button.. what should i do

  • Fatima Alih

    Hi I have a schedule for January 29, 2021 but when I checked existing transaction and select action I got an error: YOU CANNOT RE-USE THIS REFERENCE NO
    You cannot re-use this reference no. to transact with PAYMAYA PAYMENT PORTAL. Please SELECT ANOTHER TRANSACTION.

    Can I got to my seleceted PRC site and pay there instead?

    • Matt

      Hi Fatima, let us see if someone has experienced the same problem as yours. Hopefully, the commenters can help you with it.

  • Glennie

    Is there an online registration for authentication of rating and ID po?
    Thank you in advance! :)

  • Angelie

    Why i cant pay my shipping delivery fee tru wayexpress?

  • Bobby

    Hello… Im about to renew my REE license do i need to provide certificate of good standing (cogs)…. Thanks

  • Argie

    Hi, I’ve been the shipping option but its always full/maxed out.
    Is it really available? Or better to just go to the satellite office?

  • Kenneth

    Hello. I would like to know if I can’t go to my schedule on March 11, 2021 for renewal, can I rescheduled it and how soon? Or I can go anytime after the scheduled date? I was advised not to go to PRC QC due to rise of covid 19 cases and lockdowns in the city.


  • nora

    Hi, good Morning I am done with my online application I forgot to screenshot my payment via Pay Maya but I got to save the reference number and receipt number. I just read that it is one of the requirements to present to prc for the renewal of my id.

  • Riyah

    may I ask if I still need to set an appointment in order to get my Board of Certificate. I passed the exam last 2019 and due to the current situation I wasn’t able to get my Certificate yet. Can I still get it though? May I also ask if Board of Certificate and Certificate of Passing is the same? TY. Hope someone answers my question.

  • Sheh

    Hi! I just got recently married and as per checking with PSA our marriage certificate is still on process. My license will expire next month. I want to file petition to change surname due to marriage however I am not sure if PRC will accept marriage certificate original copy issued by Local Civil Registry instead of PSA. Will PRC accept it? Hoping for your response. Thank you.

  • Alyzza

    This is a very detailed article. All step-by-step procedures are correct. Very well explained. Thank you writer.

    • Matt

      Hi Alyzza, you are welcome. I’m glad you appreciate it.

  • Cherry Pie

    Hi thanks for the info, but just want to ask if we can use our international credit/debit cards for paying the renewal fees? Currently i’m working abroad and will opt to renew my ID using the delivery services. One more thing, when i go to the renewal page, the delivery option is not showing up, will it be available once i made the payment for the renewal fees or it should be the first option beforehand. Thanks

  • Bhea

    Hi.. I already paid my renewal ID and i have appointment on May but unfortunately I cant come home or anyone of my friends here in KSA coz they keep cancelling the flights.. is it automatically renew sine I paid it? Thus it necessary to come in the PRC office to process my ID? If not so, is my previous payment still valid for another appointment??

  • Kit

    Hi, I have typed a wrong birthdate on my online prc profile. How can it be undone since its a mismatch :( thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Kit, the best way is to inquire to PRC because there is no option to edit it online.

  • Erica

    Hi just wanna ask if what does certificate of good standing look like?

  • John Aries

    Hi, I just want to ask, I am a repeater examinee for Nursing, so i just want to know what are the requirements needed, and is the an appoint ment for me to submit the requirements? because my appointment for NOA is still on pending status, please help me with my concern, thanj you so much!

  • Ley

    Hi, may I know if I can renew my license even without practicing my profession (teaching)

  • Anna

    Hi I’m working abroad and applied online renewal of my license. My brother will collect my prc renewed ID does he needs to present a special power of attorney, his valid identification card, plus my own valid identification card to be able to transact with PRC on my behalf?

  • Joseph

    Hello, Thank you for this helpful information. I have a question, in renewal of id, it seems that I do not have the option of choosing the shipping service? (April 24, 2021). Did they already change that option or Am I doing it wrong?

    • Matt

      I think because you select a PRC office outside of metro manila as your renewal location. Try to select the office within metro manila and see if the “shipping service” option will appear.

  • Shiela

    I have a problem in registering for renewal of my license. I forgot my email and password.

    • Matt

      If you cannot remember your login details the best thing to do is to send an email to PRC or visit their branches near you.

  • shiery

    Tried to renew license and have it delivered but there is no shipping delivery option, just like you said.

    • Matt

      Hi Shiery, maybe you are outside of Metro Manila that is why there is no shipping option for you.

  • Joanne

    How do I change my Home address in PRC online?
    I am no longer living in the Philippines but my prc online is in the old address. How do I change my address to renew my PRC license and apply for SVB?

  • Kenn

    Hi i have an appointment date already but i want to rescheduled it. Malayo kasi masyado ang place ng nauna kung appointment at may slots na ulit sa mas malapit pa sa amin. Paano po ba mg pa reschedule?

  • Adelle

    Hello Matt! Thanks for this helpful post. I tried checking the website for the delivery service for renewal but it doesn’t appear when I click renewal. I’m trying to change my address in my profile from Bulacan to Manila but it cannot be edited. I remember trying it out last year (2020) and the shipping option appears but now it’s just by appointment. Any idea on how can I go about this? Thank you so much!

  • kathlyn Monterola

    how can i renew po my license. i already have email before. then when i sign in it can’t continue po. invalid e mail and password appear. pls. help po. my license expired 28th of february this year.

  • Jay

    I already registered my email for renewal of my prc id license last 3 weeks po kaya d natapos dahil hindi pa po ako nakapagbayad dahil gumawa pa ako ng account sa paymaya ng balikan ko ito para ipagpatuloy invalid email na po. Ano po gagawin ko expires napo kasi ang prc id ko early last month po.

  • Veronica Roque

    Hi! I would like to ask if you have an idea for those who need to change their marital status. Do we need to go to the main office or we can renew and change thru online and satellite offices. Thank you

  • monique

    good day!
    i am an OFW
    the delivery of the ID option is not available; hence an appointment
    i was able to pay using a mastercard but i cannot come on August 12 to claim my new ID card
    what can be done? thank you for your help.

    • Matt

      Hi Monique, you can let your relatives get the card on your behalf. You just need to provide them a copy of your valid ID, their valid ID, and an authorization letter.

      I hope this helps. Good luck!

  • monique

    thank you for this helpful post
    God bless you

    • Matt

      You are welcome. I’m happy to help!

  • Joven Dela Peña

    Is a lifetime member of IIEE, required to have CPD points when renewing their PRC license? I came back from my overseas employment 2019 and would like to inquire if a lifetime member of IIEE required to have CDP points when renewing their PRC License ? thanks .

  • Gelai

    Hello, can I ask if do I need to set/have an online appointment before going to PRC office? I am going to change status due to marriage. Or can I just go there and pass all the requirements?

  • GC Quintana

    I would like to ask that my appointment date is not the same in the re-schedule date that I indicated during fill up. What would I do?

  • Jinky Malabo

    Good Day PRC! Is it still possible to renew license for decades and more already? Please reply. THANKS.

  • Hana

    Hi, I paid through Paymaya. What payment receipt should I print out? Will PRC still ask me for a payment receipt?

  • Melanie Vicente

    Hi, my brother will renew my PRC license, I am working overseas, do i need to send my ID in original form or a scanned copy will do?

    • Matt

      In my experience, a scanned copy will do!

  • Judy

    Good day, In my case my PRC license was expired. I`m an OFW and I have pending CPD units from my previous renewal. Since this year they will not require CPD does it mean that it`s no need for me to send the required CPD I owe before?
    One thing, I scheduled my renewal in PRC Davao because there`s an earliest slot on that branch I will just ask the family of my colleague to renew my license from there. But actually my family is from Manila, just in case does any PRC branch allow my representative to renew my license on the same date but in different PRC branch in Manila?

  • Sonet B, Salvador

    I was able to complete an online renewal of my license. I initially opted to have my ID shipped but I changed my mind. Can I just claim it from the PRC office in Manila? What do I do? Thank you.

    • Matt

      Hi Sonet, Lets wait if some commenters can give their opinion especially those who have done it before.

  • Bobzkie

    Hi Matt,
    I’m about to renew my REE license but I don’t know where can I get Certificate of Good Standing. I’ve seen online application of cogs in PRC website. Is it the one I needed?


    • Matt

      Hi Bobzkie, if you are an Electrical Engineer you can get a certificate of good standing from the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines Incorporated (IIEE). They are the accredited professional organization of PRC. I hope this helps. Good luck in renewing your prc license.

  • Elaine

    How could I change my address? Even if you want to edit it, you can’t. I am suprised that you can edit everything except address and your name. How would I do it. Please I need help!

    • Matt

      Yeah I feel you! Hopefully PRC can make it possible to edit the home address.

  • Joyce

    I have question about my PRC License ,Validity is until Oct.23,2010 but until now I didn’t renew. May I know if there’s a possibility that I can renew my ID card…?

    I need suggestion pls and thank you.

  • Venshyn

    Sir good day! My concern is I cannot find the “rescheduled” button. I want to reschedule my online appointment last November 2020 because there is a new office of PRC in our province Bohol and I input the Cebu office in my online appointment already. My schedule of renewal will be on October 2021. Thank you for your response.

    • Matt

      Hi Venshyn, the other alternative is to cancel your appointment in Cebu and make a new appointment renewal for Bohol this time. Good luck!

  • CJ

    Can i file my petition for name change at a PRC RO instead of going to the main branch? TIA!

    • Matt

      Hi CJ, let us wait if some commenters have tried that option.

  • jayson anonuevo

    I have no atm account in LDB, can I make a payment here even i have no atm account in LDB?

    • Matt

      Yes, it is still possible to pay your PRC fees via LDB. You can do it over the counter if you do not have a bank account with them.

  • Yollie Fabro

    I just want to ask if I can renew my license without CPD not later than Dec. 2021, since my license will expire in March 2021?

    • Matt

      Hi Yollie, according to the PRC website, yes, you can renew your prc license until December 2021 without cpd units.

  • Matt

    Hi Jeremy, the shipping is only available in Metro Manila. Probably the reason the shipping service is not showing because you select a PRC office outside of metro manila.

  • AMC

    Hi. I just wanna ask. Can I still upload a new ID photo even if I already placed a transaction for renewal of ID? I’ve missed that step, would it affect my transaction since the photo on my PIC application form was the old one?

    • Matt

      Hi AMC, it is still possible to replace your old photo in your PRC profile. However, I do not know if it will affect your transaction. Let’s wait for others commenters to know if they have tried it before.

  • ysha

    hi! I tried selecting offices within metro manila, and still I do not not have the option of choosing the shipping service. What to do? thank you po :)

  • Ana Liezle S.Orcales

    Cannot used my email add and pw if i sign in stated invalid email and pw so how to go through pls help

    • Matt

      Hi Ana, you need to send an email to technicalassistance about the “invalid email” or you can go to the nearest prc office.

  • charmaine dela merced

    I missed my appointment schedule renewal at PICC last July 2021. The prc website says the PICC branch is on a work from home sched. Do you think If i go to other branch they will accomodate me?

  • Evelyn M. Cosio

    I have an existing transaction in renewing of my PRC ID but my trouble is I can’t open my email in pay maya . Invalid email or password. Pls help.

  • Chelle

    Hi. I was scheduled last April 16, 2021 for renewal of my PRC license at Robinson’s Galleria. But it was ECQ then. Can i just go there next week for my renewal? OR Do i need to change date? How will I change the date. Thank you

  • Charles Vincent Celeste

    Good day, kailangan pa ba and old ID para mag renew?
    I am currently abroad and nadala ko yong ID ko.

    thanks po

    • Matt

      Hi Charles, you do not need your old PRC ID to renew your license as long as you know your PRC ID number. I hope this helps!

  • Elloisa

    Good day!

    Is it true that CPD units are not yet required until December 2021 for those who will renew their PRC License?

  • Asnifah

    Hi, I applied today for my ID renewal, but I have not obtained CPD UNITS yet as of now. What am I going to do? what to put in undertaking the Application for professional Identification if I don’t have cpd units yet? do i need to make an execution of undertaking po? Bakal po kasi hindi ko makuha yong id ko po natatakot ako


    HI GUD DAY my prc license will expire on feb 2022 im asking can i renew it in advance of the expiry date, im a licence real estate appraiser how many CPD DO I NEED, i have existing CPD are still valid their date is 2019 thanks for the answer

    • Madeline Cansino

      Yes, you can renew your license in advance provided that the expiry will be less than a year already. As of the CPDs, you can check it on PRC website. They have the list there. Also, I think that the 2019 CPD units are still valid provided that you send them on or before your PRC appointment.

  • Donna

    Hello there.. I am here in Dubai and currently working.. I would like to ask how am I able to renew my PRC license directly all the way from here without the fuzz of asking my family or friends for SPAs or as my representative because of the pandemic? Is it possible or would there be any method that I could use? My license will expire next year, I wanted to process it as soon as possible because I am having a feeling that the process will really take longer time than before, again because of the pandemic.. Hope someone can answer my query and thank you so much in advance..

    • Matt

      Hi Donna, let’s wait for other commenters. Maybe they have tried it before.

  • dimple

    is it easy to renew without cpd units? according to the latest announcement, we can process without CPD until dec 2021. But will they required x2 unit ( 2021: 15 for not having cpd and another 15 for the for 2024)? or we will just leave the 15 units for 2021? thank you

  • Ayen

    I have s scheduled appointment at CM Professionals. What is the exact location of that PRC office? Thank u

  • Michael Joe Cielos


    I am currently in the US and processing my CGFNS and part of it is license verification. My nursing license expired 2018 so I renewed my license online. I paid all the fees and have it shipped to my Philippine address. Is that all that I need to do? Just apply for renewal online then pay the fees then have it delivered? How long does it take to reflect online that my license is renewed/active?

  • anja

    Hi! Can I renew my license without CPD points? My license expired on 2020 and im planning to renew my license this year. I tried to contact PRC branches but they cant be reached.

    • Madeline Cansino

      Yes. Until end of Dec2021.

      • Lester

        I had a problem on the CPD, there are no slots available for December since mid October. I was only allowed to renew on late October, the that you are allowed for early renewal. Is the CPD undertaking based on the appointment date?

  • Madeline Cansino

    Hello, I tried the email addresses you have provided for inquiries on CPD, but nothing of these emails work. Is there anyone of you who has tried to submit their earned CPD points online? I am opting to go for the delivery service but I need to send my CPD units before that.

  • Sieg

    Hi po, tanong ko lang po, kung ang pipiliin ay shipping service does it mean di ko na po need magpunta sa PRC and mag intay nalang ako na dumating yung PRC ID ko? paano po ipapasa yung mga needed na document kung shipping service yung pipiliin?

    • Kc

      Exactly, they don’t have additional instruction on where to send the requirements, it’s almost a month and my PRC ID hasn’t handed over to the courier that is why my tracking number isn’t reflecting in the WEXPRESS website

  • Sonny

    i cant make an account because it always says Name already registered. What will i do?thank you🙏

  • Riz

    Hello sir Matt
    How will I follow up my situation? I applied for renewal online and via delivery. When I uploaded my photo in my prc profile I thought it is already ok as I submit proper photo but in the prc profile it does not show the pic and my miskate is I assume the photo was uploaded right so I proceed and pay the necessary fees, but after that its been a month that I am waiting for my license but it have not arrive yet. I checked my prc profile and to my surprise ir shows my picture but was zoom out of the frame…. So it comes to my mind maybe that is why they are not processing it, so I properly upload my photo again and it appears ok now. My dilema now is how will I know they will now procezz it after I figure out the problem.

    Your respone will be so much appreciated.Thank you!

  • Divina Gracia Anies

    I’m living abroad and recently updated my passport to reflect my married name. My license is expiring in January 2022, can I just process both change of name and renewal at the same time? Since I’m not in the Philippines, I plan to have my sister do this process on my behalf. Appreciate any inputs you can provide if my suggested steps would work, thanks!

  • Lester

    May I ask a question, is the CPD Undertaking based on the appointment date? And Can I attend later than the appointment date?

  • Marilou


    I wanted to renew my PRC ID license. Will they ask me about my CPD? I just finished my J1 Teacher Program in the US for 4 years, and I am now in the Philippines. My license will expire next year in August 2021.

  • Virna

    Very helpful. Really appreciate this blog. Cheers.

  • Leah Mhey Familara

    I had an error about my middle initial in filing the form for renewal of PRC Id. What should I do? Thanks

  • Bench

    I want to make appointment online to renew my PRC ID (which i lost already) but it needs my Prof License number. I already forgot it as i didnt use it for so many years (i am OFW).

    Can advise me where can i send email to get my License Number?

    Thanks and appreciate your help.

  • Mary Rose Lique

    Hello. Thank you a lot for this information. May I ask about the part of Lane Express for Senior Citizens. Does the person need to still fill out the online registration? Thank you.

  • Annie

    Yes, in my case my PRC ID was expired last feb. 2016 and I renew it last Dec. 2021…You only need to pay the charge…

  • Ellen

    Hello po,

    Ang tanong ko po ay about sa change status ng PRC..
    3 months ago po ngpaprocess po ako sa isang processing about sa change status ko, then kahapon lng natapos at changed na sa PRC website. Then sabi ng processing na yong PRC ID na may married name ko na is another bayad daw yon, so I decided na ako nalang mg aasikaso.
    Any idea po kung anong transaction ang i-seselect ko dun, same as renewal po ba or yong duplicate?

    Thank you po sa sasagot.

  • sam flores

    is the delivery service still available in september 2022? i cant find the option box asking yes or no for delivery

    • Matt

      I checked it now. Yes, it is available.

  • KC

    I have applied online and availed the shipping of PRC ID last September 12, 2022. I tracked my PRC using the tracking number posted at my dashboard. When I tried tracking my PRC WEXPRESS site says that my airbill number is unavailable and that it will only be available once PRC handed over my PRC ID to them. It’s almost a month, I contacted the courier and they’re just showing that it will take 30 days, I sent an email to PRC and they haven’t replied yet.

  • Eppe

    I need to renew my license but I forgot my email address and password to link with prc. gov. ph.
    Need help

  • KF

    How to renew the PRC license if cant log in online?

  • Erin

    Hiiii. This is really important. I hope somebody can give me an answer asap.

    So, I am to renew my PIC. I was supposed to go to the PRC Offsite Service Center I selected during transaction, on December 26, 2022. Yes, it was yesterday, and it was holiday. I had it booked prior to PBBM’s holiday declaration. I couldn’t go since the PRC OSC are closed during Local and National Holidays.

    What will I do with my PIC Renewal schedule? When will be the best day to carry on with my appointment? Should I really proceed to the next available date (today, December 27)? If so, my concern is, I also have an important business today.

    Can you please enlighten me with this? Or anyone? Please.

  • Ralph

    Are they strict with the time? I got a morning slot (10am-11am) and I cannot choose another time slot on the same day. Hope someb0dy answers, thank you!

  • nil

    my license will expire Nov, since i am ofw and have vacation on April, can i renew it during my vacation? Any idea how many days they release the new ID now?

  • Jade

    Can I get my ID ahead of my appointment I’m scheduled January 31 but I want to get it before January 31, is it possible? Thank you!

  • Anita danganan

    I passed my LET last August 2014 but I didn’t have the chance to get my license due to personal reasons. What to do po kaya? Salamat

  • Margarette

    Hello, I have an appointment for PRC id renewal and was paid already. And then, reading your blog about renewal via courier service, I realized that I can save more if I chose that service before hand, given that I will be coming from the province to Manila. I wanted to cancel my current appointment, but it’s impossible. If I missed my appointment, can I select another transaction for renewal via courier service? I wanted to disregard my current appointment and willing to pay again for new transaction via courier, it will still cost me less and convenient for me. Thank you for your reply.

  • Cindy

    Hello, What if I still want to use may maiden name is it possible? Thnk you

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