Solved: PRC No Slots Available? 3 Ways to Get Appointment Schedule Online

Here is how to deal with PRC No Slots Available notification whenever you are going to set an appointment schedule for the collection of your PRC ID.

The Professional Regulations Commission of the Philippines has shifted most of its transaction processing through its online facility. Due to this massive improvement, new graduates can apply for their respective board examinations without having to visit a PRC branch.

Those who have recently passed their exam can also check their ratings per subject online. Unlike before where you need to visit a branch to check for your scores. This allows professionals to save on their expenses and time spent on travel.

It is also a lot easier for registered professionals to process the renewal of their ID. They can process the application online and then just visit the chosen PRC branch based on the available appointment schedule.

However, due to the influx of online applications for PRC ID renewal, the commission occasionally prompts a “No Slots Available” notification. The probable reason is the regional branch and satellite offices can only handle limited applications per day.

This can cause issues on the part of some applicants. There are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have a limited number of days leave. They just go back to the Philippines to renew their license. When the random appointment schedule generated by PRC does not match their scheduled leave. It will be difficult for them to cancel their planned vacation.

Professionals based locally also face the same problem although its easier for them to adjust with it. They can file a vacation leave with their company for shorter notice.

If you are planning to renew your PRC ID, I have here 3 suggestions which you can do to minimize the impact of the PRC’s “No Slot Available” notification with your schedule. Are you ready to know about it?

How to Deal with PRC No Slot Available: 3 Suggestions

Before anything else, these suggestions are not foolproof but somehow it can help you get an appointment date that is more favorable on your schedule.

Suggestion 1: Check If There are Slots Available in Nearby PRC Branch

Due to the number of registered professionals that choose to renew their PRC ID in major cities in the Philippines such as in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao. The branches in these locations often prompt a “No Slot Available” notification. Simply because the respective offices do not have enough manpower/facilities to accommodate thousands of applications per day.

What I am suggesting to professionals who are planning to renew their license. If they confirmed that there is no available schedule in the branches in their city. They can check out the branches in the provinces that are still considered near their location.

There is a high chance of an available schedule in the nearby province. You can check the regional branches outside of the major cities for schedules. The disadvantage is you need to travel for long hours to get to the respective branch. For those who have limited time, this is way better than spending another day to renew your license.

For example, if you are residing in Manila and there are no slots available in satellite offices in the city. You can first check the branch in nearby cities such as in Quezon City, Novaliches, Las Pinas, and Pasay.

prc regional branch in province

If there is really no schedule in the city. Your last option is to check the satellite offices in the nearby province such as Robinsons Place Dasmarinas Cavite, Robinsons Sta. Rosa Laguna, or Robinsons Starmills Pampanga. You can weigh the advantages/disadvantages then make a decision.

Suggestion 2: Check the PRC LERIS website Multiple Times for Schedule

If at first, you did not see an available schedule in your preferred list of branches. I suggest that you check the appointment schedule multiple times a day on the LERIS page. You can check it in the morning, in the afternoon, and during the nighttime. Chances are a favorable schedule that may show up on the website.

I also suggest that you check the website on a daily basis until you see a more favorable schedule on your part. Because sometimes, the same branch may not have an available slot yesterday but will show up with a good schedule today or tomorrow.

Here is an example: when I checked the PRC website for two consecutive days the same branch shows up two different schedules.

The PRC branch located in Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City, Metro Manila. As you can see in the photo. When I checked online, it has an available appointment schedule on June 1 and June 2.

prc PICC branch

The satellite office in Robinsons Place Manila has an available schedule on June 1 but does not have on schedule on June 2. robinsons place manilaThe PRC branch in Robinsons Galleria Ortigas in Quezon City has an available schedule on June 1 but none on June 2.robinsons galleria branch

My point here is you are allowed to check the website for as many times as you want until you see a more favorable schedule for you.

You can also try doing both suggestions 1 and 2 at the same time to increase the chance of getting a suitable schedule.

Suggestion 3: Contact the PRC Regional Branch

I got this suggestion after visiting the PRC website ( Based on their details, if there is no available schedule online. You can try sending an email to the regional branches or offsite service centers. prc no available slotsCurrently, PRC has 15 regional branches all over the Philippines. They have branches in the following regions:

  • 1. Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) in Baguio City
  • 2. Rosales Pangasinan – Regional Office I
  • 3. Tuguegarao City – Regional Office II
  • 4. San Fernando City Pampanga –
  • 5. Lucena City – Regional Office IVA
  • 6. Legaspi City – Regional Office V
  • 7. Iloilo City – Regional Office VI
  • 8. Tacloban City – Regional Office VIII
  • 9. Cebu City – Regional Office VII
  • 10. Butuan City – Regional Office XIII
  • 11. Davao City – Regional Office XI
  • 12. General Santos City – Regional Office XII
  • 13. Cagayan De Oro – Regional Office XII
  • 14. Pagadian City – Regional Office IX
  • 15. National Capital Region (NCR) – Metro Manila

You can get reach out with the concerned offices regarding the no slots available issue. For the complete details of respective regional branches, visit the PRC website. The reason is, respective office addresses and telephone numbers may change from time to time.

You can also watch this video for additional details:

Always remember that PRC appointment slots are free. For your own safety, do not make transactions with fixers in exchange for fees. PRC does not allow such fixers in their office. Also, do not share with anyone your personal information such as your PRC username and password. To avoid forgetting your login details, write it down on a piece of paper.

I hope this post will be able to help deal with your concern during the renewal of your PRC ID.

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