Easy: How to Apply for PRC Board Exam Online?

Here is the PRC Board Exam online application guide for first-time licensure examination takers in 2022. This post will teach you the essential steps on how to register for the PRC board exam online successfully for your profession.

This guide will also cover the application process, registration requirements list, steps in viewing the exam schedule, and checking the respective room assignment online.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) regulates more than 60 professions in the Philippines. For a degree holder to be able to practice their respective profession and enjoy the benefits that come with it, they need to take and pass the PRC board exam. Successful examinees will then receive an ID with a respective license number from the commission.

PRC board exam application requires online registration. It’s different from your usual test in school where you show up on the exam day and just take it. This time, you need to submit the exam requirements online according to the schedule set by PRC. Otherwise, if you missed the deadline for application, you need to wait for another 5 to 6 months before you can take the board exam.

Usually, PRC conducts board exams twice per year depending on the profession. Example: Engineering degrees, and Licensure exam for teachers (LET).

There are also degrees that only have one scheduled licensure exam per year. Example: Ocular Pharmacologists, Librarians, Psychometricians, and Foresters.

It is important to be mindful of the schedule because it can cost you time and the wait for the next board exam schedule will be stressful on your part.

PRC has made an improvement in the board exam application. Before, you need to walk-in to the nearest satellite office to process your registration to be able to take the licensure exam. You need to wake up early to go to the PRC branch office, fall in line for hours, and get stuck in traffic to complete the whole.

Now, you can do the initial registration process online without leaving your home. The time that you need to show up in the PRC is during the submission of all your requirements. It’s a lot easier as compared to years back.

Despite it being easier as compared before, you still need a step-by-step guide so you will not get overwhelmed with the process. Don’t worry, this post will help you with it. Are you ready to register online for the PRC board exam?

How to Apply for PRC Board Exam Online for First-Timers and Repeaters

Follow these steps to register for a personal account on the PRC website. After you are done with the registration, you will use the same account to apply for the board examination. For repeaters, sign in to your account and proceed immediately to Step 6.

In this part you need to prepare the following personal details:

  • valid email address (if you haven’t got one, you can create an email account for free at gmail.com, and yahoo mail)
  • valid identification (ID) card, photo size is 2 inches x 2 inches
  • your valid cellphone number
  • your date of graduation (found in your transcript of records)
  • soft copy of your photo ID (you need to upload this online)
  • birthplace
  • permanent mailing address

When you are done, follow the proceeding steps to start with your registration. There is a total of 9 steps to complete the whole process. Afterward, you can also view the PRC room assignment online, and check the board exam schedule and the application requirements list.

Step 1: Visit the PRC website to start your Registration

Go to the PRC website at https://online.prc.gov.ph/. Understand the details carefully, such as the description of service down to the bottom of the TOS. Then “Agree.”

prc board exam registration online

Step 2: Type in your Personal Details

In the space provided, type in your personal information as indicated on your Notice of Admission (NOA).

This includes your first, middle, and last name. In the drop-down menu select your correct gender, appropriate suffix if there is any, and your civil status.

Encode also your birthdate in this format month/day/year (mm/dd/yyyy). Type in your valid email address, and your desired password. Indicate that you are not a robot in the recaptcha. Hit the green “Register” button.

fill up the prc form

Step 3: Sign in on your PRC Account to start the Exam Application

Type in your username (which is also your email address), and your password. Check if the login details are correct then the blue “Sign In” button.

prc leris login form

Step 4: Fill Out Your Personal Information

Fill out your contact details page, family background, and education. In the other information, select in the drop-down menu if you have any existing disability.

Step 5: Upload your Photo ID Online

Your photo ID must be 2 x 2 inches in size taken in plain white background. It should be recent and taken no more than 6 months when you upload it. You must wear decent attire with a collar.

 prc board exam application photo upload

You should not wear eyeglasses in the photo, your ears must be visible, and there should have no shadow in your photo. Make sure that the photo really resembles you. Otherwise, your board exam application will not be processed.

Step 6: Select the Examination Tab in the Choices

Since you are applying for the board exam, select ‘Examination’ in the given choices set by PRC.

Choose the name of examination which is your degree, date of examination, type of examination, and place of examination where you will take the test. Then proceed.

select prc board exam degree

Step 7: Select the PRC Branch and Appointment Date

This is the part where you will need to choose the PRC office or service center nearest to your location and your appointment date to submit all the requirements.

Step 8: Pay for your Exam Application

For your PRC licensure exam application, you can choose to pay the fee through Bancnet, Landbank, PayMaya, and or thru GCash. You can also choose to pay at the PRC cashier office, or through UCPB (online or over-the-counter).

prc landbank ucpb over the counter prc-paymaya-2019

Choose the most convenient PRC payment option on your part to pay for your board exam application fee.

Step 9: Print your Board Exam Application Form

To print the form, you need to log in again to your account with PRC. Once logged in, proceed to the ‘Existing Transaction’ tab located at the upper left part of the page.

Print your board exam application form. Bring the form together with other requirements at the PRC office of your choice in Step 7 at your stated appointment date.

prc online application for licensure exam

PRC Board Exam Application Requirements List

The board examination application requirements vary depending on the degree / course that the applicant is going to take. The requirements include the following:

  • College Diploma
  • PSA / NSO birth certificate
  • valid NBI clearance ( for first-timers and repeaters)
  • marriage certificate for female married applicants.
  • transcript of records with scanned picture and remarks of ‘For Board Examination Purposes’ on it (for first-timers and repeaters).
  • Board examination application fee of Php 900.00

For the complete list of requirements per degree, visit the official website of PRC. At the upper left part of the home page, you will see the examination eServices. Under it, you can see the ‘List of Requirements.’

You will see there the respective degrees that need to apply for the PRC board exam. Choose your degree on the list to view the complete requirements.

How to View the PRC Board Exam Schedules Online

If you have just finished your degree and are not aware of the board exam schedule. You can visit the official website of PRC at prc.gov.ph to view the previous and current schedule of the licensure exam.

The complete examination schedule can be seen on the upper left side of the home page under the ‘Examination eServices.’

How to Check the PRC Room Assignment for Board Exam Online

To check the PRC room assignment for the board examination, you can visit the PRC website at prc.gov.ph.

On the upper left side of the home page, you will the ‘Examination eServices.’ Among the three choices, select ‘Room Assignment’ to view the dates, place of exam, and room assignment.

how to check prc room assignment

The details are in a PDF file. It will show you the exam dates, name of school (where you will take the exam), school building name, address, seat number, your complete name, and the school you previously attended prior to taking the board exam.

check the room assignment prc

You might have issues and concerns relating to this which is why PRC recommends that you report to the school assignment before the call time which is 6:30 AM on the day of your board exam.

How many times can you take the PRC board exam?

In most cases, if you failed your board exam multiple times, you will have to take a refresher course before you can retake the board exam again. To give you an idea, here are the requirements to retake the board of the following profession:

  • Accountancy – after 2 failed board exam attempts, take a refresher course then retake the board exam
  • Agricultural Engineer – after 3 failed board exam attempts, take a 1 year refresher course then retake the exam
  • Agriculturist – after 3 failures, take a 6 months refresher course then retake the board exam
  • Dentistry – after 3 failures, take a refresher course then retake the Dentistry board exam
  • Geodetic Engineer – after 3 failures, rest for 1 year for validation, then retake the Geodetic Engineer board exam
  • Mechanical Engineering – after 3 failures, rest for 1 year then retake the RME board exam
  • Optometry – after 3 failed board exam attempts, take a refresher course then take the Optometry board exam again
  • Pharmacy – after 3 failed board exams, take a refresher course then retake the Pharmacy board exam
  • Physical Therapy – after 3 failed board exams, take a refresher course then retake the Physical Therapist board exam
  • Registered Electrical Engineer – can retake exams of failed subjects
  • Medical Technology – after 3 failed board exams, take a refresher course and get a certificate of completion from a school of medical technology accredited by CHED.

*I hope this helps during your PRC board exam registration and application online. I also wish you good luck with your upcoming board exam.

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