PRC Online Registration for Oath Taking of Board Passers in 7 Steps 2019

Here are 7 simple steps for your PRC online registration for Oath Taking as New Board exam passers, the requirements list, and fees for 2019. The application process would only take less than 20 minutes to complete, and you do not have to leave your home.

I am pretty sure that you are here because you want to know the initial registration process and oath taking date of the PRC licensure / board exam that you have passed recently.

First of all, congratulations you are now a licensed teacher / engineer / nurse / doctor / accountant / MedTech / physical therapist, or whatever profession you are currently pursuing. Your hard work while enduring months of sleepless nights preparing for the board exam has finally paid off.

When I first passed my licensure exam as an engineer, the questions that come to my mind are how to get my PRC ID, when is the oath taking schedule, what are the initial registration requirements, and if there is a guide in the application process. Probably, the same questions pop out of your mind too hehehe.

During my time, I have to go directly to the PRC branch to apply for the mass oath taking of my profession. If I remember it correctly, it took me half of the day to complete the whole process because I have to endure the long waiting line. I also have to be at the PRC office as early as 7:00 am so I will be one of the earliest persons on the line.

Now, I considered new board passers lucky because you can do the initial registration online, pay the processing fees in PRC cashier or in accredited banks, and just show up in the branch of your choice to submit all the required documents.

It is a lot easier now as compared a few years back. You do not have to endure traffic, the stress of traveling, and saves you money for food and transportation. Most of the satellite offices are also accessible since it is situated inside SM and Robinsons Malls.

You can get your PRC ID and Certificate of Registration during the mass oath taking for your profession. To participate on the latter, you need to fulfill a certain task and that is to do an initial registration with PRC. Don’t get upset with this one as every new board passer nowadays have to do it (hehe).

By the way, thanks to the Professional Regulation Commission for improving their system. It is also easier for me and to thousands of board passers to renew their PRC license when it is about to expire.

7 Simple Steps for PRC Online Registration for Oath Taking of New Board Passers

Step 1: Go to and Sign In with your account to start the initial registration

Assuming you already have an online account with PRC, you need to sign in with it
new board exam passer prc login Key in your registered email address and password. Make sure that you type in the correct email address that you use when you register for your first PRC account.

Step 2: Go to “Select Transaction”

It is a blue blinking box located at the upper right side of the webpage. It is usually next to your profile photo.

select transaction choose initial registration

Step 3: Since you are a new board passer choose “Initial Registration”

There are five transactions tab in the new window: Examination, Initial Registration, Renewal, Duplicate, and Certification. Among the list choose “Initial Registration” tab

new board exam passer select profession

Choose your Profession and type in the application number from the copy of your Notice of Admission (NOA).

Step 4: Selecting your Preferred PRC Regional Branch Office for Your Appointment

In this part, you need to know the list of PRC branches in your location. Choose the PRC office nearest to your place.

You also need to check the pre-determined date and time if it fits your schedule. Otherwise, reschedule it. By going to the reschedule link. Then choose what are the available time and date that is in line with your schedule.

select preferred prc office

Be reminded that appointment slots are free of charge. Also, there is no same day so you need to set your appointment date ahead of time.

Step 5: Choose Payment Option and Pay your Initial Registration Processing Fee

You need to pay for the total amount. It usually includes the registration fee and an annual renewal fee. The cost range from Php450 to Php600 depending on your degree/profession.

Choose the payment option. PRC allows you to pay via Land Bank, PRC-cashier, and selected accredited banks. Choose the option which you are comfortable with doing.

prc landbank ucpb over the counter

Let us say, there is an accredited bank near your house, so I suggest you choose to pay in that accredited bank as it is a lot easier on your side. Keep a copy of your transaction details for your reference as you also need to show it in the PRC branch where you will collect your new license.

Example of actual over the counter payment in UCPB:

prc ucpb over the counter

Step 6: Print your Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal

In this part you need to sign in again in your PRC account again.

At the left side part of the webpage. Just below your Profile link, there is an Existing Transaction tab. Go to that tab and save a copy of your payment details. Afterward, print and affix your signature on your Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal.

printing of payment details and panunumpa

Step 7: Submit All the Requirements at PRC Branch

Bring all the required documents and proceed to your Chosen PRC Regional and Satellite Office at your appointment date and time based on your choice in Step 4.

prc branches and offices

Collect your PRC ID License and Certificate of Registration during the Mass Oath Taking Ceremony for your profession officiated by PRC. The date and venue are usually announced by PRC.

Can I get My PRC License without Attending the Oath Taking Ceremony?

Yes, if you failed to attend the Oath Taking Ceremony, you can still claim your Professional Identification cards and certificate of registration at the Window -13 of Registration Division. This is after 5 working days from the date of the mass Oath Taking.

PRC Initial Registration Requirements

New Board Exam Passers need to bring the following documents

  • Printed and properly filled out Oath Form
  • Two pieces of passport size pictures in white background and with full name tag
  • Two pieces of documentary stamps
  • Cedula or community tax certificate

Note: be mindful of the additional requirements requested by PRC

Initial Registration Fees

For examinations that require baccalaureate degrees

  • Initial Registration Fee – Php 600
  • Yearly renewal fee – Php 450
  • Total – Php 1050.00

For examinations that require non-baccalaureate degrees

  • Initial registration – Php 450.00
  • Yearly renewal fee – Php 420
  • Total – Php 870.00

Medical Representatives

  • Initial Registration Fee – Php 300.00
  • Yearly renewal fee of – Php 150.00
  • Total – Php 450.00

Real Estate Salesperson

  • Initial Registration Fee – Php 300.00
  • Yearly renewal fee of – Php 150.00
  • Total – Php 450.00

Ocular Pharmacology – Php 1200.00

Some Information about your PRC ID License

If you do not know, your new PRC ID license is one of the most recognized government-issued identification card in the Philippines. Government and Private institutions honor it as proof of your identity. It also allows you to perform your work as a professional. Your professional ID card has a validity of three (3) years. When it expires, you can renew it during your birth month.

That’s All Guys. I hope this guide helps!

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