How to Check PRC Room Assignment for Licensure Examination

PRC Room Assignment is the classroom number, floor number, school name, and school address where the examinees will take the board examination. PRC releases the room assignment from a few days to 1 week before the examination date to inform each examinee about the specific venue of their examination.

To check PRC Room Assignment for licensure examination, go to PRC’s official website, then tap the Room Assignment link, browse the licensure examination schedules, and tap “View Room Assignment.” Below are the 3 steps to check your room assignment on the PRC website.

Step 1: Visit the PRC Website then go to Room Assignment

The official website of the Professional Regulation Commission is Open your favorite web browser and type the mentioned URL on the address bar then hit enter on your keyboard.

On the homepage, you will see the “Room Assignment” link underneath the “Examination eServices” on the PRC website’s left sidebar.  Tap the link as it will redirect you to the Room Assignment page.

prc website room assignment

Step 2: Browse the List of Licensure Examination Schedules

Using your mouse’s scroll wheel scroll up or down the page to browse the licensure examination schedules. Keep scrolling until you find the name of the licensure examination you will take, the dates, and the exam place.

As you may notice on the webpage, PRC conducts multiple examinations on similar given dates. What’s different is the “Exam Place” so make sure that choose the correct exam place. Otherwise, you won’t find your name on the wrong ones.

Once you find your examination details, tap the “View Room Assignment” link adjacent to it so will see the complete detail of the examination room assigned to you (in PDF format).

check room assignment

Step 3: View your Room Assignment

You will see in the PDF document the board examination name (for example LET, Engineer, MedTech, CPA, Medicine), dates of the exam, Room/Grp number, Floor number, building name, school name, and school address. Furthermore, the PDF document will show your Seat number, your complete name, and the school you have attended.

Read carefully and double-check the details of the information written on the PDF copy of the room assignment.

pdf copy sample prc room assignment

What should I do once I know the PRC Room Assignment?

Once you know the PRC Room Assignment, you should visit the venue prior to the testing day. Determine the modes of transportation that you will use to get to the venue efficiently. This will help you to be prepared and lessen your worry on the actual test day.

Measure the travel time to get to the venue from your place of origin. Doing so will help you determine when you should leave your place on the test day. The Professional Regulation Commission reminds examinees to report to their respective room assignments before 6:30 am every examination day.

How to Apply for Board Examination in PRC?

To apply for Board Examination in PRC, a candidate should create and log in to their LERIS account. Afterward, tap the “Select Transaction” button on the top right corner of the page. In the pop-up menu, select “Examination” in the choices.

How to Get a Passing Grade on Licensure Exam?

To get a passing grade on the licensure exam, you should prepare for the licensure exam by reviewing the subjects covered in the test. Also, you have to review at home, attend the review center course or refresher course, pray, and practice answering sample exam questions.

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