How to Print SSS SOA (Statement of Account) for your Loans

SOA stands for statement of account in SSS. You can view your SOA for your past and present loans when you login to your mysss account online. You will also have the option to print your updated SOA to submit it to your new employer when you resign to your current one.

With your statement of account your new employer will know if you have an outstanding loan balance with SSS. As a result, they will do the necessary deductions to your monthly salary to pay for your ongoing loans.

You can see in your statement of account for loans different information such as the loan type, loan account number, application date and when it is filed, certifying employer ID and name, loan date, and amount.

Your sss statement of account will show you the amount of your loan’s monthly amortization and the date your first payment will start. Your SOA also reflects your past due, current due payment, and the total amount due if in case you missed your monthly payment.

How to Print Statement of Account (SOA) for SSS Loans

Step 1: Login to your my sss account

Visit the sss website then proceed immediately to the member portal located on the right-hand side of the homepage. Afterward, in the space provided type in your User ID and your Password.

sss statement of account step 1

Step 2: Mouse over to Loans Info Link

In the sss navigation (the dark blue) bar you will see the Inquiry link. Mouse over to the top of it to see the dropdown menu. In the latter go to “Loans Info.”

sss loans info step 3

Step 3: Select the Type of Loans that you want an SOA

There are three types of loans that you can see under “Loans Info.” These are Salary loans, Calamity Loans, and Educational loans. You can also see there the “Loans Restructuring Program.” select the type of loansSelect the type of loan that you currently have. For example, if you have a salary loan then simply go to the salary loan tab.

Step 4: Print the Statement of Account for your Loan

There are three ways to print the statement of account for your loans. The first option is simply to press the CTRL + P on the keyboard of your PC. Set your printer settings then hit the “Print” button.

print sss soa step 5

The second is to go to the “Menu” of your web browser. You can normally see the menu (three lines or three dots) on the upper right-hand side of your browser. Afterward, hover your mouse to the “Print” option. Set your printer settings then print.

The third is to get a screenshot of your PC screen. Doing this procedure will basically generate a photo (in jpeg) of your monitor screen. What you need to do is print the photo.

In my opinion, the easiest among the three options is the first one which is pressing the CTRL + P buttons. But it’s up to you.

There you have it guys! As you can see, getting a copy of your sss statement of account is very simple since you can get it online in your my.sss account. So, if you have an outstanding loan with sss and you want to transfer to new employer, remember to login to your mysss account to print a copy of your sss soa.

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