How to Buy SM Cinema Tickets Online in 4 Simple Steps

Buying movie tickets is a lot easier and more convenient in SM Cinemas because you can purchase them online. This feature allows you to save time queuing. You do not have to rush to the cinema ticket booth to purchase a ticket for an extremely popular movie.

During a blockbuster movie, most of the time, good seat locations run out fast. When you buy tickets online you can reserve your preferred seat location to maximize your movie theater experience.

There are also movies that are only available to certain SM City branches. The SM Cinema website will show you which mall branch to go to if you want to watch a specific movie.

If you want to purchase movie tickets in SM Cinema, you only have to follow 4 simple steps. You have the option to register an account with them or buy tickets as guests.

How to Purchase Movie Tickets in SM Cinema Online

These steps are very simple. You only have to prepare a valid email address, phone number, and the credit or debit card that you will use for payment.

Step 1: Visit the SM Cinema Official Website

Go to to purchase movie tickets. Using your favorite search engine search for sm cinema tickets. Or on the address bar of your web browser, you can type The link will redirect you to the homepage of the sm cinema.

Step 2: Search for the Movie that you want to watch

The SM cinema website will show you movies under the category of Now Showing and Coming Soon. You can see the movies that are currently showing in theaters under “Now Showing.” Meanwhile, the movies that will be available in cinemas in the near future are under “Coming Soon.” In the choices, select the movie that you want to watch.

buy sm cinema tickets step 3In this example, you can see that there are numerous movies under the Now Showing category. There is Thor: Love and Thunder, Doraemon the Movie, Jujutsu Kaizen, and others. Under the Coming Soon category, there is DC League of Superpets, Paws of Fury, or School of Magic.

However, I plan to watch a movie that is currently showing so I searched under the “Now Showing” category. In this example, I chose Doraemon the Movie.

Step 3: Buy the Cinema Ticket

Proceed to the “Buy Tickets” option located underneath the movie of your choice. The link will redirect you to “Show Times.” Here you have to choose the SM City branch (A) where you will watch your desired movie. You also have to select the date (B) and the specific show time (C) available in the choices.

In the example, I selected SM City Cebu. I choose to watch Doraemon in 2D on July 16 at exactly 3:00 pm. If for example, Doraemon is not available in SM City Cebu then I have to check other nearby SM City branches.

Afterward, select the number of tickets that you want to buy. Tick the red plus (+) or minus (-) sign to increase or decrease the quantity based on your need.

Select the Seat Location. Initially, the SM Cinema website has a feature that will automatically select the seat for you. But you have the option to unselect it and then select your preferred seat afterward.

In this example, SM Cinema preselects a seat which is the N9 or 9N in red color. What you can do is unselect it then just select your preferred location.

Step 4: Pay your Tickets Online

In this step, you have to finalize your cinema ticket purchase by paying it online. In the given space type in your name, email address, and phone number. Read the Terms and Conditions then hit the next bottom. To proceed to the succeeding step which is payment.

Double check the total cost and be mindful that aside from the ticket price, you will also have to pay the booking fee which is around Php20. You will get the movie tickets that you purchased online via the email confirmation that SM Cinema sent so check the email that you use when you buy the ticket.

How to buy Cinema Tickets using the SM Cinema Mobile App

If you are a smartphone lover who wants to make transactions using your mobile device all the time. Good news for you as you can also use your iPhone or Android smartphone to buy SM cinema tickets. You can download the SM Cinema app via appstore or googleplay. Afterward register for an account then start buying your tickets. The steps is similar when buying your ticket using your Windows PC or MAC.

  • Step 1: Open the SM Cinema App on your Smartphone
  • Step 2: View the Showtimes List to select the movie which you want to watch
  • Step 3: Select the date, SM Cinema branch, and Time
  • Step 4: Select the quantity of movie tickets, and your Seat Location
  • Step 5: Proceed to Checkout or Payment

Alright, now that you have the cinema ticket, what you need to do next is go to the SM City branch based on your chosen schedule and watch the movie. Enjoy!

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