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I don’t know when this all started though it was good news to frequent movie goers. SM Cinema tickets for your most awaited movies can now be purchased online. You can know the scheduled screening, synopsis, cinema number and other stuff.

It would enable you to have the privilege of reserving seats and will eliminate stress of queuing. Cool isn’t it? The question now is how reliable the system is and how do you purchase tickets online? How to Buy SM Tickets OnlineHere’s what you’re going to do:
Step1. Visit www(dot)smcinema(dot)com
Step2. Register an account
Step3. Choose a movie schedule
Step4. Purchase your movie Tickets using credit card (Mastercard or Visa will do) or Globe GCash
Step5. Receive an eTicket via SMS or email
Step6. Scan your eTicket at BCode machine at the cinema lobby
Step7. Enjoy the movie

How to purchase tickets online

Here’s the Sample Payment Voucher

SM Online Tickets Image

and This is Sample SMS Message with bCODE

bCODE image

Any movie junkie can benefit from these features especially during an expected blockbuster movie screening just like Iron Man III, Transformers, and Fast and the Furious 6.

There you have it, enjoy movie from SM Cinema without the wait :-).

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