Ramon Bautista Shows How His Life Changes without Facebook Connection

For an internet superstar like Ramon Bautista, staying connected with friends online is a necessary thing on a daily basis. He needs to update the fans about his latest activities; new gigs, books, new TV commercial, quotes and punchlines. He has to inform his followers in different social media platforms Twitter, Tumblr, and most of all in Facebook.

ramon bautista in smart FB2

What if all of a sudden, he is no longer in the free WiFi zone thus losing his internet connection? Will he still survive the day? Probably you are like Ramon Bautista, so let me rephrase the question, will you survive the day without connecting to Facebook?

In the case of Ramon Bautista, when he loses internet connection, he had hard time of doing things he like the most; sending actual friend requests and liking things that amuses him.

Watch the Video below:

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For those who don’t know Ramon Bautista, he is a University of The Philippines, Diliman professor, a Filipino actor, TV host, and Radio DJ. He is the author of self-help book titled “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo. Who eventually turn into a movie starring Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, and himself (the taxi driver).

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