SSS Online Registration and Steps to Check SSS Your Contribution Online

SSS online registration guide and steps to check SSS contributions and membership data records online in 2023 for voluntary members, self-employed, OFWs, and private company employees.

Members that have internet access can make online transactions like setting appointments to specific SSS servicing branch, get their existing 10-digit SSS ID number, members data change E4, update contact information, salary loan application, and submit retirement benefits claim application.

They can also process maternity benefits claim, educational assistance loan, flexi-fund enrollment, and request copies of their membership data records. All of these can be done at the comfort of home. There is no long waiting time, no hassle from traffic, no transportation cost, and most of all save time.

They just need to make online registration through Registration is free of charge, very simple, and would only take less than 30 minutes to complete. SSS or Social Security System of the Republic of Philippines plays a vital role in the country’s workforce particularly those members who are employed in private sectors, household employees, self-employed, voluntary members, non-working spouses of SSS members, and enrolled Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

It provides benefits package if the mentioned members have experienced disability, maternity (female members), sickness, retirement, and death. Depending on the members’ status, their primary beneficiaries will also receive social protection services from this government institution.

Before you can view your SSS contribution online, you first need to register your SSS account online. You need to have a desktop or laptop computer which has an installed web browser (Firefox, Chrome, and internet explorer) and has an internet connection. By the way, SSS recommends internet explorer as the browser to use when viewing your contribution online.

Once you have the requirements, you can check below the steps (with pictures) that you can follow to start and finish your registration process. After this process, you can now check your sss contribution online.  sss gov ph online portal login

Table of Contents

SSS Online Registration in 5 Steps

Step 1: Go to SSS website to register your account online

On the center portion of the website, you will find the member login portal. Go to the “Not yet registered in My.SSS click here link.” You will be redirected to the online member user ID registration.

Step 2: Supply all the necessary information as reported to SSS

Supply your SS number or CRN, first name, middle name, surname, date of birth, and valid email address. If you do not have an email, you should create one by going to or Gmail free of charge. After finished filling out the form, enter the code on the space provided.

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SSS contribution online member user ID registrationOnce done you will receive a notification similar to the photo below:
registration 3 It says that the agency sent you an email. You need to check your email to proceed to the next step with your registration.

Step 3: Check your email for the website email validation sent by

The email comes with a link to continue with your online registration and will serve as proof that the email address that you have type in on the initial registration really comes from you. Usually, the email is sent within 30 minutes.
sss online contribution email validation

Step 4: Supply all the information on the required field

Supply your complete name, address, postal code, contact number, preferred user ID, and preferred password. Tick the “I accept the terms and conditions” and hit submit.
registration 6registration 7Once done you will receive a notification similar to the photo below:
registration 8 It says that you finished submitting your application for registration to SSS. The latter will then validate it and will notify you through your email.

Step 5: Again check your email for the SSS confirmation of your online registration

SSS will send you a confirmation email stating that you are successful with your registration. The email also comes with your preferred user ID and preferred password which you will use to login to your My SSS account online. Keep a copy or memorize your User ID and password as it will always be needed when you log in to your account. sss website registration online email confirmation Now that you are done with your SSS online registration, let us proceed now to check your SSS contribution online. The next two steps are easier to follow it will only take less than 5 minutes.

How to Check SSS Contribution Online Steps 2023

Step 1: Go to, then proceed to member log in

Type in your registered user ID and password in the Member Login portal, then submit. Be careful when entering your password as it is case-sensitive.

For smooth, optimal viewing and functionality, the Social Security System recommends using Internet to check sss contribution online 1

Step 2: Hover your mouse to the “Inquiry” tab

You can choose from the six tabs in the Navigation bar (including Home and Logout). But since you want to know your SSS Contribution, you need to choose the “INQUIRY” tab.

sss inquiry link

Step 3: Go to Contributions in the drop-down menu

While on the Inquiry page, there are available choices for you depending on the information you want to view. There are “benefits,” and “contributions.”
Since you want to check your SSS Contribution online on the SSS website, then you should go to “contributions” in the drop-down menu. how to check sss contribution online 3

Step 4: View your monthly SSS Contributions

On this page, you will be able to view your contributions from the date you started your payment or from the date your employer started remitting your contributions from your salary.

It will also show the amount you pay every month. Plus the total number of contributions in months, and total contribution amount in Philippine pesos.view your monthly sss contribution online Log in to your My.SSS account at website occasionally to determine if your present employer is consistently remitting your monthly SSS contribution. As a voluntary member, you can also do the same. Another reason is to keep you updated with your current monthly contribution amount.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Check SSS Contribution Online in the SSS Mobile App

Having trouble viewing your contribution through the official website of SSS? Try using the Philippines Social Security System’s official mobile application.

Step 1: Install the Mobile App on your Phone

It is available in the Apps Store for IOS devices, Huawei AppGallery for Huawei devices, and Google Play Store for Android devices. Just search for the app on respective online stores and install it on your phone.

Step 2: Log in on the Mobile Application

After downloading, open the SSS Mobile App. Type in your User ID, and Password. Make sure that you input the correct login details. Otherwise, it will result to error.

Immediately, after you log in, you will be redirected to a new window where you will view details such as your personal information, sss contributions, loans, benefits, and maternity notification.

Step 3: View your SSS Contribution on Mobile Phone

Select “My Contribution” among the choices. You will be able to see your total number of contributions posted and the total amount accumulated.

Aside from that, you will also see your monthly remittance from the first month you become an SSS member up to the present. It will also reflect the months where you missed to pay your monthly dues. That’s it!!! How to Check SSS Contribution Online using the SSS Mobile App Actually, it is much easier to check your SSS contribution online using the mobile app than to check it on the official website.

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How to Check SSS Contribution using Text

You do not have a personal computer or smartphone? Do not worry, you can still view your SSS contribution through the short messaging system (SMS) using your old cellphones.

sss text

Text SSS is the third option for members to view their sss contributions, process SSS membership registration, determine the nearest branch, check their benefits, claim status, loans, and other related concerns.

However, this is not free of charge. Telecom companies in the Philippines such as Globe and Smart charge service of 2.50 pesos, while Sun Cellular charges its subscribers 2.0 pesos.

To check your contributions through text, key in:

Example: SSS CONTRIB 3375009813 1026

Then send to 2600

check sss contributions via text sss

How many months of contribution in sss to get a pension? A Filipino citizen can retire at the age of 60. SSS members need to have paid at least 120 months’ contribution prior to the semester of retirement to be eligible for a lifetime cash benefit or pension per month. Pensions can be paid thru the members’ bank account where they wish to receive it. Those retirees who would not be able to complete the 120 months contribution will receive a lump sum amount.

The dependents of the retiree-members will also receive a monthly dependent’s allowance that is equivalent to 10 percent of members’ pension per month. The allowance will stop if the dependents have reached the age of 21, became employed, gets married, or become diseased.

As of October 2017, there are approximately nine hundred and fifty thousand employers that are registered with SSS. The registered members composed of employees, self- employed, voluntary members, and overseas Filipino workers are around 36 million.

How to Get a Printout of your SSS Contribution Online

After viewing your total SSS Contribution, you can print a hard copy so you can keep it safe in your home. You can do this process periodically to avoid any future problems should there be discrepancies that occur to your Contribution as reflected on your SSS online account.

Step 1: Log in to your SSS Online Account

Visit the official website of SSS at At the homepage, go to the “Member” link under “Portals.” You will be redirected to the “Member Login” page will show up.
In the given space, type your User ID and Password and hit “Sign In” to log in to your online account.

Step 2: Go to the Inquiry link found in the navigation bar

Hover your mouse on the “Inquiry” link to see the dropdown menu. In the choices, select “Contributions” to view them.

Step 3: Print a Hard Copy of your Monthly SSS Contributions

There are two ways to get a printout of your SSS contributions. The first option is on your keyboard, press the CTRL + P. The second is on your Chrome browser hit the three dots at the upper right-most corner of your browser. Doing any of the latter will prompt your internet browser to show your printer settings. printout copy of sss contributionSet up your printer. Choose the printer that you will use, the number of copies that you will print, the layout, paper size where you will print your SSS contribution. Afterward, hit the “Print” located at the lower left corner of the window.

Keep the hard copy of your SSS contribution in a safe place somewhere in your house.

SSS Contribution Table 2021

Here is the schedule of contributions from SSS for the year 2021. This schedule will take effect starting January 2021. Use this as a reference when you are not yet familiar with the contribution amount you need to remit on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annual basis.


The monthly SSS contribution depends on the salary of the member. According to the Social Security Act of 2018, the rate is 13 percent of the “Self-Employed” member’s salary per month. The minimum MSC is Php 3000 and the maximum MSC is Php 25000.


Based on the Social Security Act of 2018, all “Voluntary and Non-Working Spouse” members will have a contribution rate of 13 percent. The minimum salary credit and Maximum salary credit are Php 3000 and Php 25000, respectively.


The Social Security Act of 2018 indicates that an Overseas Filipino Worker member’s contribution rate is 13 percent and the maximum salary credit (MSC) is Php 25000.


For Household Employers and Kasambahay, based on the Social Security Act of 2018 contribution rate is 13% and the maximum salary credit is Php 25000.

Deadline for Payment of SSS Contributions


Household Employers, Self-employed, Voluntary, and Non-Working Spouses members need to pay their contribution on the last day of the month following the applicable month or calendar quarter.

Overseas Filipino Worker members can pay their contributions for the months of January to September until December 31 of the applicable year. On the other hand, the contributions for the month of October to December can be paid on January 31 of the following year.

How to Check SSS Loan Balance Online 2023

Follow these 3 simple steps to view your current salary loan balance, calamity loan balance, or even educational loan balance with the Social Security System (SSS) of the Philippines.

Step 1: Go to , then member login to view check your loans info

Type in your membership login details in the given space, then submit. The login process is needed whenever you want to view your personal loan balance online.
check sss loan balance online login

Step 2: Hover your mouse to the “Inquiry” tab

When you hover your mouse under the INQUIRY tab, a dropdown menu will appear. Giving you choices such as “Benefits”, “Eligibility,” Loans Info, and Sickness/Maternity. Since you want to view your loan balance, proceed to “Loans Info.”

Step 3: Hover your mouse to “Loans Info” tab

While on the “Inquiry” page, hover your mouse over the “Loans Info” tab. There will be 4 tabs for you to choose from. Among the available options, is whether you want to check the balance on your “Salary Loan,” “Calamity Loan,” “Educational Loan Status,” or check the application status of your “Loan Restructuring Program.”
check-sss-loan-balance-online-2Under the “Loans Info” page, you will view your loan application details such as your Social Security member number, your complete name, Common Reference Number (CRN), and type of membership such as Employee, Self-Employed / Voluntary, and Overseas Contract Worker (OFW).

You can view your Salary Loan, Calamity Loan, Educational Loan, and Loan Restructuring Program.

It will also show your loan application details (if there is any), and the history of your list of availed loans for each type of SSS loan. If you do not have previous loans, it will show you “No Results Found.”


Note: Since I was not able to process any loan application, that note is what I saw when I tried to check my SSS loan balance online. It says “No Results Found” under loan application details, and also “No Results Found” under the list of availed loans.

How to Compute SSS Pension Online for Retirees

You can compute your estimated SSS pension now using the retirement benefits calculator online. This is for you to have an idea of the amount you will receive monthly from SSS. When you reach the mandatory retirement age of 60 or 65 in the Philippines.

SSS has made an online pension calculator through its official website. This is to help current employed members, voluntary, self-employed, and retirees to have an idea of their monthly pension after they retire. To do so, members need to input 3 personal information and key in the security code as shown in the space provided.

The information that you need includes your date of birth, and the month and year you started paying your contribution as a member of the Social Security System. This is usually the same time you started working or have a business and your monthly salary/earnings. Aside from that, you also need to input your current monthly income.

SSS Pension Sample Computation

To make the computation easy to understand, we will have some assumptions. For example, you were born in January 1985. You started working in February 2005 when you are 20 years old.

Also, your monthly salary never changes (which is highly unlikely) and remains at PHP 11,810.00 within the duration of your membership.

Let us now input all the required details in the SSS pension calculator at

Follow the format that the calculator requires you when you input your particulars. For example, if your birthday is January 5, 1985, then you need to input “01-05-1985” on the date of birth.

Input next the month and year when you start to become an SSS member. So, if you started in February 2005, then you should input “02-2005”.

On the monthly salary /earnings type in your current monthly salary. To be fairly accurate, you can check your monthly payslip from your company.

Here is the sample computation based on the minimum wage of Php 537.00 per day in Metro Manila, NCR. If for a month, you are working for 22 days, then your monthly salary would be 22*537 pesos which are equivalent to PHP 11,810.00.

how to compute sss pension online

Based on the online calculator. You will have a monthly pension of Php 9,818.40 when you retire at age 60 in the year 2045, and or Php 11,020.80 if you retire at the age of 65 in January 2050.

Your monthly SSS pension may become bigger since for sure as you climb the corporate ladder, your salary increases. This means that your contribution also increases.

To enjoy these retirement benefits, as a member. You have to be at the retiring age of 60 years old or 65 years old whichever is applicable. Also, you need to at least have cumulative contributions equivalent to 120 months (10 years) before the first semester of your retirement.

On the other hand, if you do not meet the number of months contribution. SSS will give you a lump sum amount equivalent to your cumulative contribution.

How to Check with SSS if you are Eligible for Retirement?

The possible and easiest way for you to know if you are already eligible for retirement is to verify it online at your My.sss account.

At the navigation bar of your account, go to the “Inquiry” tab then hover your mouse to the “Eligibility” link. In the choices, choose “Retirement”

Type in the “date of contingency” and tick whichever is applicable to you. Afterward, hit submit.


The Benefits Claim Eligibility shows the earliest retirement date, total number of contributions, and the date of contingency considered. Roughly, it is the summary of your data with SSS.


Alternatively, you can also go to the “E-Services” tab, then hover your mouse over the “Submit Retirement Application” link. The new page will tell you if your application is approved or rejected depending on your current age.


In my case, when I submit my retirement application. SSS told me that my retirement application was rejected because I am not yet 60 years old.

If you have concerns, regarding your eligibility for retirement, it is still best to call or visit the SSS office near you.

What are the Requirements for SSS Registration

For you to complete the registration process, you need to provide these requirements to SSS. First off, there are two ways to register online on the SSS website.

The first one is as a new member to get your own permanent sss membership number. The second is to register your existing number to My.SSS so you can access your account online via mobile phone and internet anytime and place. We will list here the requirements for the two procedures to help you do either one easily.

New Member Requirements

  • Properly filled out online registration form
  • Birth Certificate

If you do not have a birth certificate then bring any of the following secondary documents:

  • Baptismal Certificate, Driver’s License, Passport, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) card, or Seaman’s Book

If the above docs are still not available, SSS also accepts any of the two ID cards and documents provided it has your correct name and shows the details of your date of birth. This includes but not limited to the following:

  • ATM card / Credit Card with your name on it
  • Marriage Certificate / Marriage Contract
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Card (TIN)
  • Land Transportation Office (LTO) Student Permit
  • Transcript of Records
  • Voter’s Identification Card
  • Postal ID card
  • School ID card
  • Senior Citizen card
  • Company ID
  • Your Children’s Birth Certificate / Baptismal Certificate
  • Pag Ibig Member’s Data Form

To finalize your registration, you need to bring the requirements to the nearest SSS branch.

My.SSS Registration Requirements

To register your existing number to My.SSS, you need to provide one (1) information based on any of the following documents:

  • UMID Card
  • Mobile number registered in SSS
  • Payment Reference Number / SBR No. / Payment Receipt Transaction Number
  • Employer ID Number
  • UMID – ATM / UBP Quick Card / Citibank Cash Card / Savings Account Number as
    registered in SSS
  • You can visit SSS official website for other requirements

*I hope this step-by-step guide helps when you process your sss online registration, and also when you check your SSS Contribution online afterward.

in SSS

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    • Matt

      You can use their mobile app to view your sss contribution.

      • joan

        good afternoon again..may i know what is the mobile app for sss?

        • Matt

          Hi Joan, the details is incuded in the post.

  • Cherrypan Sanchez Comia

    Wla po mkta employer ko kng approved po ako s sbws gang ngaun wla p din po ngttx sken sss.salamat po

  • Eugenio serquina

    Inquire my contribution

    • Matt

      You can try using the SSS mobile app to check your sss contribution online.

  • Dean Richard P. Sorlo

    How about if I dont have employer? Meaning I’m a self employed, how can I register a account to check my contributions,
    I don’t have entry Tin number of employer because I’m a self employed.?

    • Matt

      You can try registering using the sss mobile app because I think right now the website is dedicated for employers.

  • Christian

    How can i transfer the Amount from Germany to my SSS ?Have you IBAN Number Swiftcode..??

  • zenaida

    I cannot open my account, I’m self employed and I want to know what is the best way to pay my monthly contribution.

    Thank you and regards.

    • Matt

      You can try the sss mobile app maam.

  • riz

    hello, I cannot open my SSS SOA and Employment history. How can I get it?

    • Matt

      Hi Riz, I suggest that you try using the sss mobile app. Its much simple than viewing the contribution on the website.

  • Ramel Cempron

    Can I change my cellphone number register on sss ?

  • Johnny Fernandez

    I can’t remember my username & password even my PIN#
    When I tried to go to the “forget username ID and password” and enter
    random captsa code provided, and submit… is not responding/not working
    repeating again and again.

  • Jhomark

    I registered to sss found because i work on it

  • Marissa c soberano

    Hi, i need some assistance about my account i cannot access it, i made it long time ago and forgot everything i input, someone help me about this” thank you

  • Leslie parco salazar

    How to see may contribution?

    • Matt

      You can follow the instruction maam in the post.

  • Paulo Alfonso


    Question for loan status, Under E-services tab, they don’t have the Inquiry option anymore and I can’t view my loan status. Was the functionality removed? or was there an issue in the system?

    • Matt

      Hi Paulo, as of now I also cannot see the loan status on the website. My only suggestion to you is to use the sss mobile app to view your salary loan status. It is still there.

      You can also wait if the sss website will update their official website if they will update their webpage.

      • Josh

        Got the same trouble too.

  • Jerico Racelis

    Can I see my SSS contribution?

  • jensen

    my sss contribution

  • Matt

    If you are a member of SSS, you should already have your own SS number.

  • Marjorie Dahil-dahil

    I already sign up for online registration for many times but unfortunately there’s no reply until now. How can i monitor or loan if i still didn’t receive any confirmation.

  • Bernardo tombocon

    How to get sss acount

  • Denmark Valencia Vargas

    I change my email address because I may not forget a current email address

    • Matt

      You can change your email address while logged in in your sss online account.

  • juvan belhot

    balance inquiry loan



    • Matt

      Hi Romnick, you can follow the instruction in the post to register online and be able to get your account details wherever and whenever you want to.




    Dear Sir/Mam,
    Good day!
    may tanong lang po ako at sana matulungan nyo ako ang tagal kona nag online registered, hanggangngaun hnd ako makapag registered lahat naman ng kailangan na submit kona, pero hanggangngaun hndi parin ako makapag registere
    thank you

    • Matt

      Maam Corazon, the best way po is visit SSS branch near you, so they can assist you on your concern. Good luck po!

  • Agustin Puda Corbillon

    how do i get an email account, i really know the status of my loan balance.
    Thank You.

  • Brey

    I am trying to check my loans online but the inquiry selection is no longer on the E-Services Tab. Aside from that how can we check our loan statement online. Thank you.

  • Sarah

    The new my sss portal made me a little confused, or maybe its just that i need to familiarize myself on its interface, any way can i ask here where can i find the contribution payment history in mysss portal as employer?… Thank you… hoping for an answer…

  • Jay

    Bakit po hindi na makita sa page ng sss yung e-services > inquiries. lumalabas pa rin po ba sa inyo?

    • Matt

      Hi Sir Jay, I think the “Inquiry” has is own link in the navigation tab po.

  • Analou verba

    Good morning maam/sir i want to know and check my monthly contribution..plz….thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Analou, you can check the steps and videos I have included in the post. It will help you check your sss contribution online. Good luck!


    Hi good day just wanna ask
    nag online register ako sa sss then confirm sucessfully ang kaso lumang email add yong nalagay ko nakalimutan kopa yong password . Ang problema di ako mka log in kasi wla akong password sa sss. Anu po bang pwdeng gawin?

    • Matt

      Hi Karren, the best way po is visit sss branch near you. Ganyan din nangyari sa ka kakilala ko. Nakalimutan yung registered email address, pati password sa sss kaya nag punta na lang siya sa sss branch to start over.
      Good luck po!


    Paano po ako maka apply ng sss loan dahil nakalimutan ko po ang dati kong email at hindi po mabuksan paano po ako maka re apply ngayon . Sana po ay matulungan nyo ako
    Thank You

  • Ejiel

    Halo Good day, paano ko po malalaman ung SS number ko po at gusto ko po manggaling sa SSS po na kung anong SS number ko at nandito po sa akin ung form na RS-1 na galing sa SSS po kasi ung agency nmin mali ung nailagay sa i.d ko ung SS number ko bka po yun ung sinusunod po ng agency..salamat po..

  • Alhaji adamu muhammad

    Sr helf me i need my sss sivc i dont know what i do Thanks all member

  • charish

    hello poh maam and sir.. paano ko poh malalaman ang contribution ko poh sa sss na hindi ko poh alam ang password ko poh at pah balik2 na ako sa sss office namin dapat raw mag online ako na hindi poh ako maka pasok tsaka poh paano poh yung maternity reinvestment ko poh makukuha? plss pah hrlp naman poh.

  • Rocellabajo

    Paano po mag update ng number sa sss po.. ??diko po kc alam kong magkano na yung hulog ko ng sss at gusto ko lng po sana o verify yung sss ko

    • Matt

      Hi Rocell, if you are not enrolled in sss online. You can do so on the official website of sss. You can also visit the sss branch so they can assist you with your enrollment. Once you are enrolled online, you no longer need to visit sss branch as you can check your contribution online.

  • Rocellabajo

    Paano po ba mag apply ng maternity loan.??..

  • Davin Erwin Magaling

    i need to check my contribution

    • Matt

      You can follow the step by step guide in this post to check your sss contribution online. Good luck!

  • adelina a. nerida

    I tried to register on line with SSS three times already but notified thru my email address also three times for the same reason that registration is unsuccessful because my mother’s maiden name does not match in my SSS records. I retrieved my file copy of the enrollment with SSS that was duly received by the SSS on October 11, 2005 and found out to be the same maiden name of my mother i used in my on line registration. I don’t know how the SSS record my mother’s maiden name. Please help me because I am applying for compulsory retirement. At my age with pre-existing health condition, it is scary these times of pandemic, caused by covid19, to line up at the SSS Branch Office. Hoping for kind understanding and consideration from SSS Management. Thank you.

  • michael rio manalo

    for long time ago i m not using SSS online service so therefore i forgot my user id and email used before also the passpord for that account. now i need to check all of my details to SSS how can i reset all of my previous email and password to access my user id.

    I’ve already address and drop my concern to the nearest SSS office but until now i dont have receive any instruction or message from them.

    hoping a positve feedback from you.

  • Abigail

    If i use employer ID number to register online, should i be presently working in there?

  • Noel

    I can’t get my User ID,and password coz of not match info on my mother’s maiden name.,..what Can I do..,I just want to know if I have refundable from SSS so that I can process it

    • Joey D elustracion

      Mothers maiden name i forgot

      • Matt

        Hi Joey, you can check your mother’s maiden name on your birth certificate.

  • Angeles montecalvo

    how to check my contribution

    • Matt

      Hi Angeles, you can follow the steps in this post. Good luck!

  • Richard Pelingon

    My sss contribution balance

    • Matt

      Hi Richard, you can view your sss contribution at the sss official website when you follow the steps in this post. Good luck!

  • Arbelyn vega

    Panu po mag verify ng SS number? Matagal na po akong nag apply sa SSS kaya dko mahanap E 1 form ko. Salamat po.


    Pls. to send to my email my total contribution that I need to show it to Pag-ibig contribution that may lead to check also may contribution to Pag-ibig.
    that will be may reference


    I want to salary loan

  • Cai

    Di kami nakareceive ng email confirmation of a successful registration. Nagtry kami magreprocess sabi naregister na daw. Pano po gagawin dun?

  • leonardo camay jr



    Hi, I could not find the “Inquiry” button under E-Services either. I tried using IE browser as well as other browsers and still don’t see the “inquiry” button.
    I only see the following options under E-services:
    – Apply for Salary Loan
    – P.E.S.O Fund
    – Request Records
    – Submit Maternity Notification
    – Submit Retirement Claim Application
    – Simulated Retirement Calculator
    – Flexi-fund enrollment

    I tried to look everywhere but I was still unable to get to a place where I could see my contribution.

    • Matt

      Hi Angie, you can find the inquiry beside the E-services.

  • Veronica Estorninos

    How to verify my sss account through online?

  • winmar c canete

    how much the remaining balance for may sallary loan

    • winmar c canete

      i forgot may sss email and password.

  • Elma B Nazario

    Tignan ko lang Po kung ilan taon na ako. Nakkahulog sa sss.

  • Mark Anthony Quintal

    Tingnan ko lang poh Kong Ilan taon na ako nag huhulog sa saa

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