How to Register Your Philhealth Number in Member Portal?

You can follow these 7 easy steps to register your existing Philhealth identification number in the member portal online. It will only take you 10 minutes or less to complete the whole process.

Registering your ID number in the Philhealth member portal is essential for all members whether you are employed, voluntary, or self-paying members. The main reason here is that doing so will allow you to process most of your Philhealth related transactions online.

In the Philhealth member portal, you can view your membership records, check your contribution records, and be able to print them.

How does this benefit you? The main benefit is you will save a lot of time by not going to Philhealth’s satellite office to make transactions. As a result, you can use those savings in time for more important things such as doing projects related to your corporate job. Or attending to your child’s needs such as helping his/her with homework or school projects.

Here’s How to Register your Philhealth ID Number in Member Portal

Prior to doing this, make sure that you know your Philhealth number, and your personal particulars such as your valid email address, and a working mobile phone number.

Step 1. Visit the Philhealth portal to Register your Number

PhilHealth has one official website which is When you visit the page, you will immediately see on the top part of the homepage the green navigation bar. You will see there the links for “About Us,” “Members,” “Our Partners,” “Online Services,” and “Downloads.”

Step 2. Go to Online Services

Since you want to enroll your existing Philhealth number then you have to visit the “Online Services.” You can find the latter in the green navigation bar.

philhealth online registration step one

Step 3. Go to Member Portal

On the new page, you will see “Membership.” Underneath, are the three icons. These are Inquiry / Member Portal, egroup/ Electronic Group Enrollment System, and eregistration / Electronic Registration.

As an individual member, you need to go to the orange square icon or the “Member Portal.”


Step 4. Create your Philhealth Online Account

On the new page, Philhealth will show you the member portal. You can either log in to your account or enroll your existing Philhealth number. If your goal is the latter, you should visit the “Create Account” link.

how to create account in philhealth

Step 5. Fill out the Online form

In the member portal account creation page, input your Philhealth Identification Number, your last name, first name, date of birth, gender, valid email address, and your personal mobile number.

Input also your preferred password. According to Philhealth, your password needs to be between 8 to 32 characters. It must contain at least one number, one upper case letter, and one lower case letter. Your password should also contain at least one special character such as sharp, parenthesis, exclamation mark, and so on.

Here is an example of a philhealth preferred password: past1Ab#. As you can see it has 8 characters with one number, one upper and one lower case letter. It also have one special character.

Afterward, enter the CAPTCHA numbers on the given space. You have the option to refresh the captcha if you have trouble reading it.

member portal account creation

Double-check your details then hit create your account button. After this, Philhealth will send you an email containing the activation link.

Step 6. Activate your Philhealth Account

The email is system generated. You do not need to make a reply. It is to inform you that you have created an online account with them via the Philhealth member portal.

You will also see there the date and time you created your account. It also comes with an activation link. It is only valid for 24 hours so activate your account within that time frame. Take note that Philhealth’s preferred browser is Google Chrome when activating your account with them.

check email sent by philhealth

Step 7. Log in to your online Philhealth Account

This last step is optional. But I am sure you are excited because you are successful in enrolling your existing Philhealth number online. So, I suggest that you give it a try.

What you need to do is repeat steps 1 to 3 then on the given space enter your Philhealth identification number, password, captcha, and log in.

Now that you have completed your registration with Philhealth. You can view your personal details on the Philhealth website in the comfort of your home.

Requirements to Register your Philhealth Identification Number Online

These are the three requirements to enroll your account online. You need to have an existing philhealth number.  Use your existing email account or create a new one through yahoo mail, or Gmail for free. You can use your existing mobile phone number.

  • existing philhealth number
  • your own mobile phone number
  • valid email address

Congratulations! I hope this helps guys!

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  • Floramae canete Sara

    Hinde ako makapasok sa portal

    • Matt

      Hi Floramae, you can try in other times. Maybe the website of Philhealth is under system maintenance mode (I guess).

  • Mary Ann Alejo

    Successful ang pag create ng account yet nung mag log in ako lagi ng error

  • Ladylee Wasit

    it is easy to create an account but, kung mag log in ka, it would always show “Please enter a Valid CAPTHA”, and there is no space ” ” provided for typing CAPTCHA, the CAPTHA is already given but it is not valid.

  • maica

    hindi ako makapasok ginawa ko naman yung instruction sa log in information ”password doesnt meet the requirements”

    • Matt

      check po ninyo maam yung password requirements in the post po.

  • Cel

    ilang beses na akong nag try mag create pero laging error kahit tama naman lahat ng nilagay.

    here are no matching record for the information you have entered. Please check all the entries and try again.

  • Jessielyn Ondoy-Bajo

    Good Morning madam/sir.
    Ask lang po ako kung pwd po ba makabayad ng philhealth po kahit hindi po ako nakapagpa register sa philhealth member portal po? Maraming Salamat sa pagtugon ng aking katanungan. Godbless

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