Renew your NBI Clearance in no time

I recently renew my NBI Clearance for local and travel abroad purposes. I was near divisoria, so I decided to go to the nearest satellite office which was in Cluster building one Tutuban Center.

I won’t be able to give here the exact details but you can ask any security guard near the area and they will tell you the exact location. I was able to renew it in less than 30 minutes. If you’re planning to renew your NBI Clearance and you have the personal copy (should be original) of your old NBI clearance it would be better to go the satellite office near your area.

There are restrictions when renewing the clearance especially during Step two which was the picture taking wearing sando or sleeves is prohibited. By the way, there are only two steps when renewing the clearance Step 1 is the Payment which would cost about P115 per original copy or depends on your purpose.

Here’s my experience in NBI Clearance Renewal

Step 1: NBI Clearance Payment

Step 2: Photo Capture

Below are the list of purpose and the amount needed to pay.

NBI Clearance Purpose and Fee

  • A. Naturalization, Cancellation on ACR, Repatriation – Php 415.00
  • B. Change of Name, Business License, NFA, SEC, TBC, Adoption, POEA, PRA, requirements, Permit to Carry – Php 165.00
  • C.Travel Abroad, Immigration Requirement, Visa Seaman, Seaman’s Book, TBC, for RTO, Marriage Requirement – Php 115.00
  • D.Local Employment, Customs Pass ID, Enlistment AFP, DND, DOT Requirement, ID Purposes and Other Requirement – Php 115.00

List of NBI Clearance Renewal Kiosk that would accept only renewal applications

  • Park Square I, Makati City
  • SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
  • Tutuban Center Mall, Divisoria Manila
  • Baguio City Hall Porta Vaga, Baguio City
  • Robinsons Mall, Cagayan de Oro City
  • Robinsons Mall, Cebu City
  • Victoria Mall, Davao City
  • Gaisano Mall,  Iloilo City
  • South Central Market, Lawaan, Talisay City, Cebu

Here’s the list of NBI Clearance Requirements here in the Philippines

1. For new applicants, all you need is two (2) valid ID’s. List of valid ID’s below:

  • Driver’s License
  • Valid Passport
  • Philhealth I.D.
  • Company I.D.
  • SSS I.D.
  • Senior Citizen I.D.
  • Postal I.D.
  • GSIS I.D.
  • Voter’s I.D.
  • School I.D.
  • PRC License
  • ACR (for aliens)

2. For those who are planning to renew their NBI Clearance

  • They should bring original copy of their previous NBI clearance.
  • Take note photocopy is not allowed.

You can visit the official website of NBI for further details about NBI Clearance Renewal.

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  • Mae

    Hi, do you know if the sattelite office in megamall is open on saturdays?

    • matt

      Sattelite offices are normally open on weekdays, if you want you can call their main office for details.

  • James

    Hi.. Im just gonna ask what if you don’t have your original nbi clearance? can you still renew it? or do you have to apply for a new one?


    i have a cousin she needs a renewal of her nbi clearance what are the requirements if she’s abroad and i’ll reques for her nbi clearance renewal in her behalf and where will i file ?

  • el_bimbo95

    At your experience sir,on satellite office,how many days will it takes before you can your renewed clearance?just for an example in provinces?

  • Ferdie

    Just would like to know regarding “HIT” I am going to renew my NBI clearance. The last time i got my NBI clearance it was a “HIT”. Went to lots of offices like the Municipal Trial Court, Regional Trial Court,and The office of the City Prosecutor. before i got my NBI Clearance. My question is. If i’ll renew my NBI Clearance will it be a “HIT” again?

  • jijij

    please, answer this ques… can i renew my local nbi clearance but change it to ‘for abroad purposes’?

    • matt

      As much as I know your NBI clearance for local is not transferable. You have to request for a travel purposes.

  • manel

    do we have online application for nbi clearance?

    • matt

      Apparently none. You really needs to go in their office.

  • Michael Capoy

    Could i renew the NBI of my wife?

    • matt

      Hi Michael, I’m not sure about that because it requires recent picture of your wife which will be taken during the renewal


    hi; is it always possible for me to renew my nbi clearance at Makati Kiosk
    is the Kiosk always online?

    • matt

      Try to call them first so you’ll not waste your time.

  • jas

    Hi! I get my NBI in Leyte, is it possible to renew in Cebu City – Robinsons Satellite Office?

    • matt

      I think its possible if satellite office in Leyte and Cebu are networked or synchronized.



  • mark

    hi just wanna ask if their is any way to renew a nbi clearance just for one day not to wait for 10 days. i really need it badly for my visa seaman requirements..plssss answer ASAP..tnks

    • mattscradle

      Based from my experience it only took me 30 minutes to renew my NBI clearance.

  • maestephanie

    hi, South Central Market, Lawaan, Talisay City, Cebu branch for nbi clearance renewal is offline… does anyone know when it’ll operate again???

  • litfer

    It seems you have not been updated about the nightmare in securing an NBI clearance now. Nightmarish is even a subtle term to describe it. It is HELL, especially at NBI Quezon City Hall compound. I wonder why the Phil. Media is mum about the situation. Media should be covering this event in order to inform the whole country and also the world how medieval the NBI system is in processing clearances. I said NBI system but there is actually no system in place. If ever the NBI claims to have a system, then it’s a rotten system.
    Why punish the Filipinos seeking that so called clearance. Filipinos pay for such a clearance and yet the NBI could not provide decent service. Imagine, 1 whole day would be wasted by each Filipino just to have that clearance. This NBI service is a shame for Pres. Noynoy’s administration. Is PNoy even aware of what’s happening?

  • mark dominick

    your branch at grand central in monumento told me to return to them on the 6th of sept, i paid it all, i had my pic & fingerprint taken, and all they had to do is print. but why do have to send me back. i badly need it right now for my work abroad. can you help me do anything to get my clearance asap. ty.

  • maureen gallardo

    my husband renew his nbi clearance last july 14 in your office in olongapo city, but until now his clearance are not yet available, he badly needed it right now. Can you do anything to help us….PLEASE.

  • shang

    i just would like to ask if the branch in lawaan talisay is still open?

  • us thine from manila..i need to renew my nbi clearance urgent bec. this is the one still i can use as a valid id in some imp. matter..,my ques. is where i could find the renewal branches here in manila in easy way to renew my nbi w/o hustle and anytime i can go with there….?plz. reply to my matter..,

    • mattscradle

      I think it would be better if you go directly to NBI office in Taft Avenue.

      • Us thine

        what time should i be there..?

  • alfred

    is it true that there s no renewal of NBI clearances anymore and that you have to apply for a new one again?

  • lj

    Is it true that SM megamall and park square makati satellites are closed during saturdays?

  • Jeneba abad

    requirements for Applicants of NBI?

  • Airyn

    Good service to filipino people

  • Miriam Muñoz

    Hello Im from Cebu ,,my que is,,is it possible to renew my NBI clearance here in Manila? If so what regional branch is best to go,, my place is in Cainta Rizal, hope to hear you soon. Thank you.

    • Matt

      If the beaureu’s database is centralized meaning connected via internet, then you can renew your NBI clearance in any branch. Anyway, you can give it a try. Its better than going back to Cebu just for that matter.

  • jon

    good day i renew my nbi in main office however hindi ko napuntahn on the said date para sa releasing ng cleareance.. is there a way that i can get my clearance on the nbi satellite offices?! thanks

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