New Guide to Reset SSS Password in 2 Minutes, If You Forgot It!

Here is the step-by-step guide to reset your SSS Password and recover your Username through online if you forgot them. You only need 2 minutes to do the steps assuming you have at least 2 of the 3 requirements that the SSS website will ask you to help recover your password.

According to the requirements, your sss password should contain 8 to 20 alphabetical and numerical characters. The first character is an alphabet. Also, special symbols such as Hash, Asterisk, Dollar, or Percent are not allowed. Your chosen password must not be the same as your User ID. The perfect example of an SSS Password is AbcSSSd10. It has 9 alphanumeric characters. The first letter is an alphabet and it has no special symbols.

SSS has a security feature that will automatically disable access to your online account. If you or an unauthorized person input the wrong password 5 consecutive times resulting in multiple failed logins. If this happens, you need to reset your SSS Password to gain access to your account.

To do so, you need to have either your SS Number or your CRN. Aside from that, you also need to remember the valid email address that you use when you create your SSS account.

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4 Easy Steps to Change or Reset SSS Password if You Forgot it

Step 1: Visit the SSS official website

Visit the home page then proceed to the member portal. On the left-hand side, you will see the member login. Below the Sign In button, you will see the “Forgot User ID or Password link.”

reset sss forgot password

Step 2: Go to Forgot User ID or Password link

SSS has two ways to recover your user id or password. You can either choose to reset it using your registered email address or by answering the two security questions. If you choose the latter then you do not need to provide your email address.

registered email address or answer security questions

Select from the two choices then type your 12-digit CRN (Common Reference Number) or your 10-digit SS number on the space provided. Select only one because you cannot input both at the same time.

Also, type the respective numbers excluding the dash (-). Otherwise, it will result in an error.

To give you an idea. Here is what you will do if you choose to reset your password via “My registered email address.”

reset password using registered email

Afterward, type in the captcha code on the given field. The code is case sensitive so type the exact word as it will result in an invalid captcha if you did not input the appropriate case for each character.

On the other hand, here is what you will do if you choose to reset your password via “Security Questions.” Also, you do not need an email if you choose the latter.
answers to security questionsNote: If you choose to reset your password by answering security questions then skip step 3 and proceed immediately to step 4.

Step 3: Check your Email for Notification to Reset SSS Password

After a few minutes, you need to check your email address (the one you used to register your SSS number online) for the password reset request link. The link is good for one-time use and is valid for 120 hours only. You do not need to reply to the email as it is system-generated.
sss password sent to email

Note: You will do this step if you choose to recover your password using your registered email address

Step 4: View Your User ID, then Type your New Password

As you notice, SSS also shows your forgotten User ID. You only need to type in your new preferred password in the first appropriate space. Confirm your password by typing it again on the second appropriate space.

Log in with your SSS Online Account using your new password and check your email for the notification that you have successfully updated your password. Congratulations!

sss change password notificationKeep in mind that your sss password expires every 90 days. You have to change it on or before the expiration date. password expired Watch the Video version below:

How to Keep Your SSS User ID and Password Safe?

Due to tons of online application that requires login information, you sometimes forgot to keep track of all your usernames and passwords. The good news is there are ways to keep all of them safe and secure.

For SSS user ID and password, in particular, I would suggest that you write them down at the back of your SS form E-1, or on a piece of paper. Write also your email and password you use to register your account, including your sss password expiration date. In that way, you will know when to update your login details. What you need to do next is to put them in a safe and secure part of your house.

Alternatively, you can make a folder where you collate all of your important documents. So that if you forgot your login details again, you can easily retrieve it back without any hassle.
This suggestion may be unimportant.

However, doing this is a lot easier than visiting any government branch in the Philippines because you forgot your permanent membership numbers or login details. Just like you, I occasionally forgot my email, my SSS user ID, and password. However, I’ve finally learned my lesson and decided to write everything on a piece of paper.

What is SS Number and Where to find it?

SSS Number is a lifetime membership number issued by the Social Security System. The latter is a government institution in the Philippines in charge of the social insurance program of privately employed personnel, and those who are in the informal sectors working as self-employed, and voluntary members.

If you are already an SSS member, you can check the copy of your SS E-1 form. You can find your number on the upper left side.

If for some reason, you also forget your SSS number then, I suggest you visit any SSS branch near your location to help you retrieve it. Just bring a company or government-issued IDs to help the SS personnel validate your identity quickly.

Do you need assistance in recovering your SSS information?

You can send an email to for assistance. Indicate your complete name, birth date, SS number, or CRN (common reference number).

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  • ALbert Santos

    Na forgot po kasi Yung password nang aasawa ko… Anu dapat gawin

    • Matt

      Hi Albert, You can follow the instruction in the post to recover your SSS password.

    • Anne kleen

      Hello po . Nalimutan ko po kc ang email ko na na register ko sa sss iba na po tong email na gamit ko pakitulungan po ako salamat po

      • Matt

        Hi Anne, if you forgot the email that you use during the registration of your sss number online, I think the best way is to visit an sss branch to assist you in updating your details on their database.

  • Anthony Firma

    Pano PO mag register ng payroll account number(BPI) for sss. Ano PO dapat gawin?

  • coco

    Hi! Not sure if there was an update to SSS’s website, but instead of asking for the CRN/SSS number, they’re asking for Employer/HR number. Tried inputting my CRN and SSS number anyways but neither of them worked.

    • Matt

      Hi Coco, I think they are updating their website and are currently dedicated only to employers to apply for the Small Business Wage Subsidy (SBWS) program on behalf of their employees. You can register your existing SSS number online after they enable other members to access their website.

    • Eutiquiano Flandez jr

      Paano po ako mag karoon ng sss password para ako magka loan sa sss po.salamat

      • Matt

        You need to register your existing sss account online in sss official website. Once you are registered, you can apply for a loan online.

  • k cerv

    its asking for the employer crn, i tried it and no email received
    with the many employees under an employers CRN how will they know.?

    • Matt

      Currently, the SSS website is dedicated only to SSS members who are employers. Hopefully, soon they will also allow members to login with their respective accounts.

  • Arjay galope sena

    For got user ID and password

    • Matt

      Hi Arjay, you can follow the walkthrough in the post.

    • Jeffrey Mangubat Agrao

      Naglocked po ang account ko sa sss gusto ko po sana ireset ang account kaya lang po nd na po active yung dati ko pong emmail address..

  • Eloisa Villegas

    block ang password due number of times entered..
    Pls guide us to reset password

    • Matt

      Hi Eloisa, you can follow the instruction I’ve included in the post to retrieve your sss password.

  • gracie

    I already forgot my password to my SSS online , I tried to reset it but I no longer have any access to the email where the reset link will be sent. Is there anyway fro me to get it reset without me going to the SSS office?

    • Matt

      The other way is you need to remember the password of your previously registered email with sss.

      Try to send them an email regarding your concern.

  • Matt

    I think sa friday up na yung site. Antay na lang po tayo ng konti.

  • NiloSipat

    please help me.i forgot my password and user id

    • Rey M

      Forgot UMID pin..please help..thanks

  • Richelle

    How to inquire my sss.?

  • Kerry Ramos

    Hi always prompt po ay incorrect SS number, tried including dash (-), system wont allow me to key it in. Can you help me thanks

  • Lovely

    I tried to emailed my concern four times but they did not response.please help. It’s about reset username and password and para ma.update yung bago ko na email add

  • bernan cordovez bardon

    gud pm po mam and sir,how can i recover my user id and password?

    • Matt

      Hi Bernan, You can follow the instruction in the post.

  • Anj E

    I don’t know how did you do it but Ive been able to reset my passwords before. I emailed them a month a go and for the reason the system always prompts INVALID even if I did the exact same procedure. No one in SSS would reply to me regarding this so it has been a month that I am not able to check my account.

    • Matt

      Hi Anj E, you can give it a try now. SSS website now is a lot better as compared before. Follow the written instruction, or watch the video.

  • hart villagomesa

    hi my account got locked until i remembered my username and password. can you please unlock my account? i already emailed onlineserviceassistance @ but there was still no reply.

    thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Hart, You can follow the steps in the post or watch the video.

  • Leonida Caranzo

    Hello hindi ako nkakareceive reply email from sss… Need ko user id and password ko as employer kc nd ako makabayad ng Monthly contribution

  • Jerickson Agaser

    Hi po , paano ko po marereset ung user id at password ko nalimutan ko Kasi ! Mag aaply Kasi ako calamity loan . Pls help me . Thank you

  • Amie D abesada

    Hi po.paano ko po marereset ang user id at password nalimutan q Kasi mag aaply po kasi aq sa salary help nman po
    Thank you.

    • Matt

      Hi Amie, the instruction is already in the post plus a walkthrough video to recover your sss password.

      • MA. Christina Pondoc

        Bkit po user id lang ang binigay ng SSS. Wala pong link na para maactivate ko yung account at mkpggawa ako ng password sa my SSS member account. Pls reply nmn po kung anu gagawin ko po.

  • ianbael

    I have not received any email to confirm my registration in sss to complete my registration. pls help.

  • Romel Baquio

    Bkt po wla prin confirmation tungkol CALAMITY LOAN ko? Pno ko po malalaman kung kelan ko mkukuha ung loan ko

  • joseph aranil

    nagpadala aq ng forgot password sa sss tapos na reset na pero tuwing mag log in aq lagi sinasabi invalid daw

  • jerome estaniel


    already request for reset password many times pero walang response sa email add na provided ko, dati pag nag request ako ng reset password minutes lang nasa email ko na, ano po kayang problem? upon checking yun pa din naman old email ang naka registered.


  • Erwinbienes

    already request for reset password many times pero walang response sa email add na provided ko, dati pag nag request ako ng reset password minutes lang nasa email ko na, ano po kayang problem? upon checking yun pa din naman old email ang naka registered.


    • Matt

      It happens to be also, what I did is just wait. If hindi talaga dumating after 1 day, request ulit ako ng sss password reset.

  • Pinky D.Berme

    How to create my user id

    • Matt

      You can do that by registering your existing sss number online if you haven’t done it already.

  • Rodel

    How can I do if my account has locked?

    • Matt

      Hi Rodel, you can follow the steps I included in the post. Or if the email address that you use to register your account is no longer accessible, you can visit the sss branch. They will assist you in unlocking your sss account.

  • Nelson V. Constantino


    I only have my old SSS ID (the blue one) and was not yet able to secure the new UMID ID. I’m trying to register online to get access to my account and apply for emergency loan. However, in registering my password, I cant get through because I am asked to fill out an entry with my CRN number which I dont have with my old SSS ID. {;ease help.


    • Matt

      The alternative way sir is to visit the sss branch. They can assist you in enrolling your account online.

  • D'jaie baluyut

    Hi po . Ask ko lang yung FIRST NAME kopo kasi ay D’Jaie may apothrope po siya. Pag nagreregister po ako ay bawal po lagyan ng aposthrope yung name . E yun po ang nakaregister sa sss ko . At napa check kona rin . Ano po maganda gawin . Ayaw po kasi tanggapin ng system yung apostrophe.

    • Matt

      It is better to visit any sss branch near you so they assist you properly. The sss online login page is computer-assisted. It is possible that in online, it is not allowed to include an apostrophe in the member’s name po.

  • Mae tupas

    Hi po paano po kapag di na active yung email na nakalagay sa sss info kopo ..? Di po kase ako makapasok sa my sss dahil iba napo ang email ko.. thanks po sana may response

    • Matt

      Hi Mae, you need to visit the sss branch for them to help you update your email address registered to their database.

      • Wendy

        Hai po , nag-registered ako sa member log-in kaso mali daw yung maiden ng mama ko pero tama naman yung form ko.

  • Leamay

    Hello po diko po mabuksan ang account ko kasi yung ginamit ko na email/gmail diko na din mabuksan kaya diko po na rereceive ang email ng sss pag nag papalit ako ng password

    • Matt

      Hi Leamay, I think the best way since you can’t retrieve the password for the email is to visit the sss branch near you. The personnel in SSS will assist you to change your email address used and also will help you update your ss password.

  • Mary Rose S.Posion

    Hello po papaano po b maayos ung account nag SSS ko kc po hnd kona mabuksan ung sss ko po kc po hnd kona alam un email at ung password ko sa sss sana po matulongan u po ako salamat po

    • Matt

      Hi Mary Rose, you can try to unlock your account by answering security questions on the sss website.

  • lanie

    i forgot my sss user id and password . and still i forgot also the email registered on my sss what can i do to recover my sss acount ?


    I already reset my sss password, but when i log in it again its invalid. How can i recover my sss password?

  • Mary

    Hello po, what happened to SSS website this days? Forgot password cannot be accessed, it just says, “An error occurred. Please try again” and there is no link to change password sent to the email address. Security questions are accessible but, we still haven’t set up any security question. Do you think there are still any options to change password aside from going to the sss branch? thank you.

    • Matt

      Hi Mary, SSS is probably upgrading its website to make it more efficient and fast.

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