4 Steps to Change or Reset your Password for SSS User Account

A Password for SSS is an alphanumeric string that Users input in the login form of the SSS website to access their User Account.

The password requirements for SSS are between 8 to 20 alphanumeric characters long, the first character must be an alphabet and has no special symbols. Also, the member’s password must be different from their User ID. The perfect example of a Password for SSS is “AbcSSSd10” because it complies with the password requirements set by SSS.

The Password expires every 90 days (2.9589 months) which means users have to change it before the day it expires. The time it takes to change or reset a password for SSS is 1 minute to 2 minutes.

The Password is a security feature of the SSS website to prevent unauthorized access to the User Accounts of its members. Inputting the wrong SSS Password five (5) consecutive times triggers the SSS website to disable access to a member’s User Account. If this happens, users must set a new password to gain access to their User Account.

To change or reset Password for SSS User Account, visit the SSS website then tap the Forgot Password link. Choose between using email, or answering security questions. Check your email for the Password Reset Request notification. Set a new Password and view your SSS User ID. Below are the 4 steps to reset your password for SSS User Account.

Step 1: Visit the SSS website at www.sss.gov.ph

The official website of SSS is sss.gov.ph. Visit the website then go to the Member Portal at the homepage. On the left-hand side of the page, you will see the Member Login Form. Below the Sign In button, you will see the “Forgot User ID or Password link.”

reset sss forgot password

Step 2: Tap the Forgot Password or User ID link

Once you tap the Forgot Password and User ID link, SSS shows you two options to reset your Password and User ID for your User Account.

Choose between resetting your password using your registered email address or by answering the two security questions. Choosing the latter enables you to reset your SSS Password without your old email address.

Select either of the two choices then type your 12-digit CRN (Common Reference Number) or your 10-digit SS number in the space provided.

Afterward, type the captcha characters into the text box. The captcha is case-sensitive so type the exact word that you see in the image.
registered email address or answer security questions

Step 3: Check your Email for Password Reset Request Notification from SSS

Check the email that you used to register your SSS number online for the Password Reset Request link that SSS emailed you. The link is for one-time use only and is valid for 120 hours (5 days).
sss password sent to email

Step 4: Set a New Password, then View Your SSS User ID

As you notice, SSS also shows your forgotten User ID. You only need to type in your new preferred password in the first appropriate space. Confirm your password by typing it again in the second appropriate space.

Log in to your SSS User Account using your new password. Afterward, check your email for the SSS Website Change Password that SSS emailed you. Congratulations!

How to Change or Reset Password for SSS User Account using the SSS Mobile App

To change or reset the password for the SSS user account using the SSS Mobile App, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Download and Install the SSS Mobile App on your Mobile Phone
  • Step 2: Open the SSS Mobile App then tap Forgot Password/User ID
  • Step 3: Choose between My Registered Email Address and Security Questions
  • Step 4: Input your SSS, or CRN number then tap Submit
  • Step 5: Check your Email for the Password Reset link and tap it
  • Step 6: Set a new Password for your SSS User Account

Can I change or reset password for SSS User Account without an Email Account?

Yes, you can change or reset password for SSS User Account without an email account by talking to a Customer Service Agent of SSS at the branch office.

How to Remember Your Password for SSS User Account?

To remember your password for SSS user account write it on a piece of paper. Write on the same piece of paper your User ID, email address, and password you use to register your account. In this way, you will know when to update your login details. Afterward, put the paper in a safe and secure part of your house.

Watch the Video Demonstration to Change or Reset Password for SSS User Account

The video below shows an actual demonstration of how to reset or change password for SSS User account.

What are the Other Methods to Unlock SSS Account?

Other methods to unlock SSS account are by sending an email to onlineserviceassistance@sss.gov.ph, retrieving login credentials, calling the SSS hotline, and visiting the SSS branch office.

Make sure that you know your complete name, date of birth, SS number, or CRN (common reference number) as you have to provide them to verify your identity.

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