30,000 Job Openings for Filipino Seamen from Royal Caribbean Cruises, Job Lists, and How to Apply (Video)

One of world’s leading cruise line operators, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. will have 30,000 job openings for Filipino seafarers for the next 5 years. Filipino sailors can apply for several positions which include housekeeping, chefs, technicians, carpenters, electricians, cadet program, engineering, maintenance, and a lot more depending on their previous and current work experiences.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Job Openings

Just to give Filipino seafarers an idea about the job openings in RCCL, based on Royal Caribbean International Shipboard careers (royalcareersatsea.com), the second largest cruise line operator has job openings on both Hotel and Marine Operations.

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Credits to royalcareersatsea.com

Hotel operations jobs include culinary, facilities, food and beverage services, entertainment financial services, guest services, housekeeping, information technology, human resources, hotel management, onboard marketing, and shore excursions.

Marine Operations, on the other hand, has job openings for deck, engine, security, cadet program, electrical, and environmental positions.

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Credits to TV Patrol

According to TV Patrol, Filipino sailors can apply for positions like waiters, chefs, room attendant / housekeeping, technicians, carpenters, and electricians.

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How to Apply

Based on the news report from TV Patrol, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. will establish a direct hiring center in Manila, Philippines so interested applicants do not need the help of manpower agencies and other mediators during their application. The direct hiring centers will also streamlined the hiring process.

Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) will be in charge with the hiring process, while RCCL provides education and skills training to the newly hired and existing crews.

(to be updated with the hiring process)

Credits to Royal Caribbean International

Credits to Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd Training Facilities in the Philippines

Currently, RCCL had its first training facility located at Maragondon, Cavite. This is where existing RCCL crews train to widen their knowledge when comes to the ship’s safety procedures. The second training facility will be established at Mall of Asia in Pasay under the joint venture with Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC). The second facility is expected to open on May 6 of this year (2016).

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About Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

RCCL has total of 44 cruise ships plus the additional 9 new ships to be delivered in the coming years. RCCL is the second largest cruise line operator based in Miami Florida in the United States.

Filipinos are composed of a fifth of maritime professionals worldwide. Royal Caribbean Cruises currently has 11,000 Filipino employees. These numbers are expected to grow to 41,000 after they completed the additional 30,000 Filipino crews in the next five years.

According to TV Patrol, employers from shipping companies prefer Filipino seafarers due to their ability to speak the English language, they are hard-working, and because Filipinos show genuine to care to fellow workers and clients.

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  • Domingo Siva Nacion

    Im interested with the position in environmental. I had been in Carnival cruise lines for almost 18 years as a environmental team leader. I am an excellent team leader 1995, had employee of the month award n so many. It is my great pleasure to a part of this prestigious company.




    I am so happy to know about this opportunity for all of us. This gives us hope for greener pastures specially to us single parents.This opens doors to reach our dreams.

    I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education at the university of St.La Salle,I was able to teach for three years in St.Joseph’s La Salle School, I became a voluntared teacher too,and from that I tried to engage myself in business since I grown up with a Chinese father where we used to have a restaurant, where I acquired my skill in cooking and it became my passion,as well as my ability to deal with people, talking to them and entraining them,where I acquired being hard working,determine, teachable,flexible, honest and happy person.So,I was able to survive my life with my kids.

    Iam very much interested to work in your cruise,I can be a kitchen helper,room attendant,housekeeping and all around.

    Pls email me if you want to know more about my qualifications in any job.Hoping for a positive outcome.

    Thank you so much!

    God bless

  • Madelyn C Plaza

    I really like to work in royal Caribbean

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