Rufa Mae Quinto shares Balesin Yaya’s Meal Photo on Instagram

TV host and Bubble Gang gag show mainstay, Rufa Mae Quinto has shared on her instagram account photo of the now popular ‘Yaya Meal’ of Balesin Island Club. The actress tried the meal and according to her, it is tasteful.

There are probably several sets of ‘Yaya Meals’ but on the day Rufa Mae Quinto had it, it is composed of rice, a sunny side up egg, fresh vegetables, and fried boneless milk fish (daing na bangus).

Here’s the photo of ‘Yaya Meal’:
yaya meal balesin picture

The ‘Yaya Meal’ being served by Balesin Island Club became the talk of the town after actress / fashion designer Maggie Wilson-Consunji airs her side on Facebook regarding the discrimination issues because of the said meal.

In her Facebook post dated April 4,2015 (Saturday), the actress told that one of the servers of Balesin Island Club didn’t allow her mother to get the same meal that their nanny is having. The reason is that, the said meal is only for Yaya. The exact words that the server said “Oh, hindi pwede ma’am, kase that’s a “yaya’s meal”.

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