Ruffa Gutierrez Miss World 1993 Winning Answer

Ruffa Gutierrez winning answer during Miss World 1993 persuaded the judges to choose her to win the pageant’s Second Princess/Second Runner-up crown. Do you want to know Miss Ruffa Gutierrez’s winning answer during the top 5 Question and Answer portion of the 43rd edition of Miss World?

The Miss World 1993 pageant was held on November 27, 1993, at Sun City, South Africa. Eighty-one contestants participated in the pageant and 11 judges will decide who will win the crown.

From 81 contestants, it was reduced to the Top 5. Each of the remaining 5 finalists will be asked by the respective judge that they picked through draw lots. The event ended where Miss Jamaica become the Miss World in 1993, Miss Africa as First Runner-up, and Miss Philippines Sharmaine Ruffa Gutierrez as the Second Runner-up. She was only 19 years old when she won the crown.

What is Ruffa Gutierrez Winning Answer in Miss World 1993

Here is her answer to the judge’s question that made her Miss World 1993 Second Princess:

Vanessa Williams Question: Miss Philippines, how would you tell a girl who’s suffering from low self-esteem to feel better about herself?

Ruffa Gutierrez Answer: Well, I’ll tell her to believe in herself because it’s not only physical beauty that’s important, it’s also inner beauty. Like what the little prince said, what is essential is invisible to the naked eye. And I believe that character and personality is more important than physical beauty.

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What are the respective answers of the other finalists:

Christie Brinkley Question: Good evening, Miss Croatia! I was wondering ah how you feel about the swimsuit competition. Is it outdated?

Miss Croatia Answer: Yes, of course, I like the swimsuit. I didn’t understand very well. No, it’s ok.

Juliet Prowse Question: Miss South Africa, as a fellow South African, uhm next year is gonna be a very important year come April 27th. What is your feelings about it?

Miss South Africa Answer: Well, I’m very hopeful about South Africa. As I’ve been saying to all South Africans, the reason why I’m hopeful is because the people of South Africa the white people as well as the black people are working towards unity and peace, which is the most important thing that we need right now in South Africa. Thank you!

Frederick Forsyth Question: Ah Miss Venezuela, we’ve been looking for qualities here. When you meet another person, what’s the quality, a human quality you find most impressive, most important?

Miss Venezuela Answer: I think the most important human quality is to be sincere every time and to be your own person. Not instead try to imitate another one, just being yourself every time and anywhere you are. Thank you!

Grace Jones Question: I’m a fellow Jamaican as well. But uhm I was thinking, has it ever cross your mind during the pageant that if you did win Miss World that you felt that one of the other contestants might have deserve it and give away your throne to them.

Miss Jamaica Answer: I have been brought up to be a very humble person and a very sincere person. And during this pageant I have met so many beautiful and wonderful people. And all of us are winning in our own right. And I, by some divine intervention, if I do manage to win this throne tonight. I would say that there are other girls that I feel are eligible for the title. They do possess the qualities that I feel will make a wonderful ambassador for the world that would help. And if another girl wins, I will be very happy for her, I would congratulate her, and I would help her in the best way I can.

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Miss Ruffa Gutierrez is a renowned actress and a TV host in the Philippines. You can follow her on Instagram at @iloveruffag. She has 2.2 million followers on the mentioned social media sites.

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