Saipan Job Openings for Filipinos, How to Get Hired in 6 Easy Steps by a Recruitment Agency

Filipinos can work in Saipan by applying to several POEA accredited Agencies based in the Philippines in 2023. Here are the top land-based manpower agencies that are hiring Filipino skilled workers for their Saipan-based clients/employers.

According to Wikipedia, Saipan is part of the Northern Mariana Islands, a commonwealth of the United States of America. Previously, Saipan’s main revenue sources are its garments manufacturing, and hotel and restaurants. However, currently, it relies heavily on the latter after the garments sector has ceased to operate.

Based on the latest listings of available job orders bound for Saipan in 2023, Filipinos who finished vocational courses backed with years of related work experience can find a job there as Physical Therapist, housekeeper, laborer, carpenter, technician accounting, electrician, bookkeeper, and maintenance worker.

Those who have completed a college degree backed with related work experience can find a job as a Nurse, Physical Therapist, Manager, Marketing, Supervisor, Billing Specialist, Baker, Cook, and Chef. Aside from the mentioned job openings, the complete list can be found in this post.

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Saipan Job Openings for Filipinos in 2023 (based on DMW/POEA website)

Agency Name: 21st Century Manpower Services Inc (For. Nursing Int’l.)
Address: RMS 401, 405, 406 and 407, Jr Building, 1520 Quezon Avenue Quezon City
Telephone numbers: 4121311 / 4144399 / 4101234
Email Address:
License Validity: March 7, 2024 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders (Quantity):
Aide Physical Therapy – 12
Assistant Therapist Physical – 16
Therapist Physical – 47
Aide Home Health – 12
Clerk Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing – 15
Nurse Registered – 10
Nursing Assistant – 62
Medical Assistants – 8
Aide Home Health – 24
Maintenance Repair – 5
Physiologist – 10
Social Workers – 5
Specialist Billing – 2
Supervisor Line – 4
Support Administrative – 6
Therapist Physical Assistant – 20
Worker Family Support – 1
Worker Maintenance – 5

Agency Name: Centro Project Manpower Services Corp
Address: 5/F, Dohle Haus Manila, 30-38 Sen Gil Puyat Avenue Makati
Telephone numbers: 5267776 / 526-7782
Email Address:
License Validity: March 7, 2024 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders (Quantity):
Attendant Recreation – 4
Attendant Room – 6
Baker – 2
Bartender – 2
Chef De Partie – 4
Chocolatier – 5
Cook Chinese – 5
Cook Japanese – 5
Cook Kitchen – 6
Maintenance General – 12
Supervisor – 2

Agency Name: Cleopatra International Placement Agency Inc
Address: Unit 9-A Catalina Building, No 9 New York St, Pinagkaisahan Quezon City
Telephone numbers: 632-9423154
Email Address:
License Validity: May 8, 2023 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders (Quantity):
Repairer General Maintenance – 6
Technician Accounting – 1

Agency Name: CPM Manpower Services, Inc.
Address: 1487-A Galvani St., Barangay San Isidro Makati
Telephone numbers: 856-6247 / 892-2875 / Mobile: 09953192242
Email Address:
Website: Not Available
License Validity: May 27, 2024 / Valid License
Number of Vacancies with Approved Job Orders:
Maintenance General – 1
Housekeeping – 2
Bookkeeper – 5
Child Care – 2
Cleaner Commercial – 16
Combined Food Preparation and Servicing Worker Position – 4
Food Preparation – 6
Maintenance Repair – 7
Preparator Food – 2
Repairer General Maintenance – 14
Sales Representative – 3
Server Food Preparation – 1
Worker Food Preparation – 21
Worker General Maintenance – 1
Salesperson – 1
Cleaner / Janitor – 1

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saipan jobs for filipino 2023

What are the in-Demand Jobs in Saipan for Filipinos?

The in-demand jobs in Saipan for Filipinos are Aide Physical Therapy, Attendant Room, Cook, Maintenance Worker, Nursing Assistant, Commercial Cleaner, Bookkeeper, Home Health Aide, Nurse Registered, Food Preparator, and Physical Therapist.

How to Get Hired for the listed Job Openings for Saipan in 6 Easy Steps (Tutorial)

Basically, in order for you to get hired by an accredited recruitment agency, you need to directly apply to them. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Check the list of Job Openings available under each recruitment agency

Step 2: If you find a job opening related to your previous and current work experience, verify with the agency if the job order is still active. Verification can be done by calling the agency, sending them email, or visiting their respective offices. In my opinion, the fastest way for you to get a response is by giving them a call.

Step 3: If they say that the job order is still active, ask them about the qualifications and requirements

Step 4:Assuming that you are qualified because you have enough work experience, let them know that you are interested to apply. Prepare the needed documents then submit it to their office as soon as possible or prior to the deadline. There are manpower agencies that accept scanned copy first through email then to follow the original. But again it all depends on the agency.

Step 5: Ask them for any advice regarding your application, and when can you follow up about it. Follow up consistently.

Step 6: Wait and pray that you will be chosen for the job opening.

Safety Reminders

This blog is not a manpower agency (ANG BLOG PO NA ITO AY HINDI MANPOWER AGENCY). This blog is not related to the featured manpower agencies (ANG BLOG NA ITO AY HINDI PO KONEKTADO SA NABANGGIT NA MANPOWER AGENCY). Please apply directly to the manpower agencies listed in this post. Do not place on the comments section your personal details.

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