Samsung Cute Robot MicroSD Card TVC

Samsung showcases its microSD card product lines in these 2 separate SD cards commercial. The South Korean tech giant comes up with a unique robot-themed commercial to capture the attention of consumers.

In the video, you will see a 32GB Samsung EVO microSD card transforming itself into a very tiny robot that has many distinct features. It is super fast as it is equipped with a jet engine and can submerge in the water because it is waterproof.

The robot can also move swiftly even when magnets are nearby because it is magnetic-proof and can survive harsh electromagnetic radiation because it is X-ray-proof.

After showing its capability, the robot transforms back into a tiny microSD card. The video ended with captions, “Incredibly Powerful for your Incredible Memories,” and “Memory card you can trust.”

samsung microsd card

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Watch the first video:

In this next video, Samsung yet comes up again with another robot-themed TVC which I presumed took place in an electronics store.

In the video, their microSD cards transform into tiny robots. Probably so they can do a stroll around the store freely. However, when they do, a CCTV on the lookout catches them. It seems that the latter has informed the other electronic devices that it found the memory cards they need.

What happens next is heart-stopping because drones, home cameras, digital cameras, and smartphones have started to chase these tiny robots. They also fought with each other to know who would be the one to capture them.

The good thing though is that just before these electronic devices jump into the microSD card-turned-robots, a kid/savior arrives on the scene. This has stopped those electronic monsters from doing their bad intentions.

The kid’s arrival also gave the microSD cards ample time to go back to their respective packaging/shelter.

Watch the second video:

*There you have it guys! I hope you got entertained with these TVCs from Samsung

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