Samsung Phones Early Christmas Sale Philippines

Check this latest promo from Samsung Mobile Phones in the Philippines. I saw this print ad when we visited SM Fairview Story land at the 5th level during my son’s educational tour.

The Samsung early Christmas sale is ongoing nationwide so better check out Samsung stores near you for other mobile phone prices. Unfortunately, when I approached the crew she was not able to tell me the promo duration for this Samsung sale.

samsung early christmas sale
samsung corby II price photo

Samsung Galaxy Mini price – P6990
Samsung Chat 335 price – P3690
Samsung Champ price – P2990
Samsung Wave 525 price – P5250
Samsung Chat 222 price – P2790
Samsung Champ price – P4990

The Samsung store in SM Fairview also offers Samsung Corby II with 2Gb memory card for only P5140. Check the photo below.

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  • mattscradle

    Hi, probably po abot kayo basta inquire na lang po kayo sa samsung store.

  • leandro maligaya

    abut p b ng 1st wik of dec.

  • dan carlo rodriguez

    san pong place yan
    pnu mkakabili


    I am one of those who took advantage of this early christmas sale and clearly, I was very disappointed. If you are to buy of one of these samsung phones please do watch out, I think these phones are on sale due to “factory defects.” I do not know with regularly priced samsung phones but my experienced made me swear not to buy any samsung products anymore.

    I bought my samsung GT-E2222 phone last October 16, 2011 on one of the mobile shops here with the similar poster above on their window. I thought about this for so many times since this is the first time I am going to buy a brand new phone. And, I am in complete confidence in buying this phone since it is a samsung brand. The next day of using this phone, I thought of trying to utilize its dual sim functions. I turned it off and inserted another sim, to my dismay, the phone did not switch on. I was afraid to do anything on the phone since it was brand new so I went back to the shop.

    They told me that this was “normal” on new phones. It is probably due to battery conditioning. I just needed to refresh the battery. So I went home and again, when I tried to utilize its dual sim function, it failed to turn on. I tried to do what they suggested and somehow, it worked. Nonetheless, another problem surfaced, it turns off on its own.

    Magically, the phone just turns off on its own even though the battery is still full. Whenever I play music, call, text, or simply on a standby mode, it turns off on its own. This happened during third day of use. I went back to that shop and told them I want a replacement or repair whatsoever. I just need this phone to get fixed. They told me that in order to verify my complaints I needed to leave the phone to them for three days and if my complaints are true, the phone would be repaired for two months. I was like, what have I gotten myself into? Did I really buy a good mobile phone? I asked them, can I just have my phone checked with a legal samsung service center? They told me to see for myself. By then, I realized I did not buy convenience rather I bought a big problem.

    Luckily, the service center entertained me and I told them I would come back tomorrow with the receipt (6th day).

    The next day prior to my phone check-up, I called a friend. It switch off. I tried to call again, and it switch off. i tried to call for seven times and the phone also turned off for seven times. It was a very bad day. I went to the samsung service center with my receipt and told them about the problem. They said, the phone just needs reformatting. I got my fingers crossed while waiting for the reformatting to finish. I inserted my sim and turned the phone on, it didn’t switched on. So I went back to the service center and told them what happened, they too were surprised of what was happening to my phone. They told me that some parts are needed to be replaced. With that in mind and the idea of my brand new phone opened and replaced with some of its parts, I wrote a letter to samsung wanting a refund for my phone. Of course, they did not agree with the refund but with the replacement instead and until now, unfortunately, I am waiting for my unit’s replacement.

    Many promises have been regarding its delivery and I hope this time, my phone will be delivered without any more issues.

    My advice to those buying electronic gadgets, research on the unit first (reviews, specs), try your phone for at least 15 minutes while you’re inside the shop, and if possible, buy at service centers.

    • mattscradle

      Thanks for the share its really a bad experience.

    • jun

      The next time it automatically turns off, go back to the service center and throw the phone to their
      face straight ahead.Its really true samsung sucks.

  • daned

    wow, thanks for the share.. i am into buying samsung ch@t 335 but an alcatel one touch phone is also inviting.. with your experience, well, it helped me to reconsider my plan.. i was at samsung store in megamall last wed and was really tempted.. glad to have been here and read ur feedback. thanks. i hope that samsung company will take responsibility over the damaged phone. goodluck

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