SC2 Starcraft 2 Single player Cheat Codes

SC2 Starcraft 2 Single player Cheat Codes can be seen below. All you need to do is to press enter then a console command bar would show up and then just type or key in the Starcraft 2 SC2 Single player cheat codes of your choice. Before you key-in your SC2 cheat codes let me just remind you that even if you won or become successful in the game it will not be credited to your achievement. So I should say do it on your own risks. SC2 Cheats are applicable on any race whether you are protoss player, terran, zerg.

SC2 Cheat codes (the bold letters) and some explanations:

terribleterribledamage – your unit will be invincible and enhance the damage all your buildings and units deal by a factor of 10 (so if a unit does 12 damage normally, it would do 120).

whysoserious – Earn / Grants 5 million credits to spend on your armory for upgrades and tech advances.

tyuhasleftthegame – This will disable your victory conditions during the mission.

moredotsmoredots – create all units at no cost on your resources including minerals and vespene gas.

iamironman – Upgrades the armor of all your units and shields by 1.

cadeeasygoin – Lose the current game

basestarsprimitive – Building builds fast

fsbcomunicacion – Medics will heal your units faster (not that necessary)

smoldersbolds – Earned 5,000 minerals and vespene gas

wapboinkers – Receives research points (this points are very important during campaigns)

eyeofsauron – view all cinematic clip of the game

overengineeredcodpiece – Plays the song “Terran Up The Night”

jaynestown – Grants or receive more resources.

RealMenDrillDeep – You will receive 5,000 vespene gas to spend.

SoSayWeAll – Disables all tech requirements (you can build any unit you want without teching up).

These are some of the hidden or unsuall things that you can do when playing StarCraft 2 Campaign:

Hidden Dialogue
Left click any unit a many times to hear hidden dialogue. (If you played Diablo 2 then this is familiar to you)

Exploding Creatures
Watch creatures explode by Left clicking on them many times.

Shooter Minigame ( I like this mini shooter game)
Click on the arcade machine on the Hyperian to play a space shooter mini game.

I don’t advice to use Starcraft 2 / SC2 Cheat codes because this awesome game will become boring ones you keep apply cheats on it. :-)

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  • mattscradle

    It help me too before. Just don’t overused the cheats because it might get the game to be boring.

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