Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago Pork Barrel Pick Up Lines

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago still has the skill to capture and humor people with her pick up lines. Recently, because of the Pork Barrel (PDAF) issues, she has again sets of pickup lines that will surely make her supporters burst into laughter at the same time strike those high officials involve with the issues.

Sen Miriam usually delivers pickup lines whenever she was invited in a keynote, or during commencement exercises, and during student conferences. I must say she is a favorite when comes to these gathering because not only she delivers speeches worth listening, she is updated with lines that is humorous even to young generations. She is also fearless even if the people involved in her pickup lines were colleagues, or high-ranking officials in the government.

In her recent speech in September 9,2013 in Pasay City during the National Student Conference on Hotel and Restaurant Management she yet again delivers talk of the town speeches and pick up lines.

For the list of pickup lines watch the video below:

I got interested to post the topic because even my seven-year-old son found its youtube video humorous. He (my son) also tells the story to his mother.

What do you like most from the list of pickup lines? For me, I’ll choose this;

How to tell if the politicians is telling the truth?
Whenever his crossing his arms, he might be telling the truth.
Whenever he is stroking his chin, he might be telling the truth.
Whenever he looks straight into the eyes, he might be telling the truth.
But, when he opens his mouth, he is lying (yay!!!).

*Video credit to youtube

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