How to Send Gift Messages using the Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger App enables you to send gift-wrapped messages to your friends on the platform. This gift wrap effect feature works on both the iPhone and Android versions of the Social Media App.

The special thing about the gift wrap effects on the Messenger App is it will add an element of surprise and affection when you send messages to your Facebook friends. The effects will allow you to send hidden messages that your friends can see only after they tap the gift box to uncover them.

Your friends may also feel your affection because you exert effort to send them a gift even though it’s in the form of a text message. It will somehow brighten up their day knowing that a friend has thoughts about them.

To send gift messages using Facebook Messenger on iPhone, open the FB Messenger App on your iPhone, type the message in the chatbox, activate the gift-wrap effect, then send the gift-wrapped message to your friends.

Step 1: Open your FB Messenger App on your iPhone

Select each of your friends which whom you want to send a gift-wrapped message.

Note: As of the moment this type of effect does not work on group chat and desktop versions.

Step 2: Type your message in the chatbox

You can type as many words as you want. The size of the gift box depends on the number of words that you will input into the chatbox.
type your message to gift wrap in the Facebook messenger chatbox

Step 3: Activate the Gift-Wrap effect for your message

Once you finish typing your message, tap the magnifying glass icon next to it. The messenger will then show you the list of effects that you can apply to your chat message.

These are “send effects,” “stickers,” and “GIFs.” Under “Send effects” slide to the right until you see the pink gift box with a white ribbon icon. Tap it to activate the gift-wrap effect.

activate gift wrap effect for your message

Step 4: Send the Gift message to your friends on Messenger

Tap the gift image to send the gift message to your FB friends immediately. Your friend needs to tap the gift icon so they can unwrap your messages.

Every time they will close the FB messenger app on their device, your message gets wrapped again as a gift. They also need to tap it to view the message.

tap the gift box to see the message

Hint: Aside from the gift wrap, you can also use other effects such as heart, fire, and confetti.

How to Send Gift Messages on Android Phone FB Messenger

To send gift messages on Android Phone FB Messenger, open the FB Messenger App on your Android phone, type the message in the chatbox, activate the gift-wrap effect, then send the gift-wrapped message to your friends. Below are the 4 steps to do it.

  • Step 1: Open your messenger app on Android and type a message
  • Step 2: Tap the magnifying glass icon next to your message
  • Step 3: Slide to the right and select the gift sticker
  • Step 4: Tap the gift sticker to send your gift message instantly

As of the moment, the gift wrap effects in the messenger are only available on Android and iOS mobile devices. Hopefully, it will also become available to Facebook users on Windows and macOS.

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What are the best Gift-Wrapped messages to send to your FB Messenger Friends?

You can send gift-wrapped friendship quotes to your friends on FB to inform them that you value your friendship together. You can send a Thank You message to show gratitude to your friends or loved ones for their effort to make your day special.

You can also send gift messages to compliment your friends on their achievements and good qualities. Or perhaps on the perfume, beautiful dress, or shoes, they are presently wearing. Or whenever there is an opportunity, just send them a message to express your thoughtfulness for no other reason.

When is the best time to send gift-wrapped messages to your Friends on the Messenger App?

Send thoughtful gift-warped messages to your FB Messenger friends during special occasions such as birthdays, Monthsaries, and Anniversaries. Or whenever your friends or loved ones were able to reach milestones in their lives such as graduation, first house, first car, and promotions at work. As long as the date or day is important to them.

Can I View the Gift-wrapped effect in Messenger using the web browser?

No, you cannot view the gift-wrapped effect in Messenger using the web browser. You have to view your message using your iOS or Android phone to see the gift-wrap effects.

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