3+ POEA (DMW) Recruitment Agencies for Jobs in Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelagic country whose capital city is Victoria in the continent of Africa. Seychelles has a population of around 108263 people in 2024. Its citizens are called Seychellois.

Filipinos obtain jobs in Seychelles from the Philippines through Seychelles POEA (DMW) Accredited recruitment agencies. This means that these recruitment agencies have obtained a license to operate from the Department of Migrant Workers for recruitment and placement of workers for overseas employment in Seychelles.

The services that these recruitment agencies for Seychelles offer include screening, orienting, hiring, and assisting Filipino job seekers in finding employment in Seychelles.
poea dmw recruitment agency seychelles The agencies featured in this post have a history of hiring workers from the Philippines for Seychellois employers. You should monitor these agencies for job opportunities bound for Seychelles. You will read in this article the agencies’ respective names, current office addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, official websites, social media pages, and license validities.

Here are the POEA (DMW) Accredited Recruitment Agencies Hiring for Seychelles

Office Address: Unit 210 2/F 525 EDSA Pasay City
Telephone Numbers: 8939590
Email Address: premiumqualitywork@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/p/Premium-Quality-Work-Solutions-Corporation-100064120419322/, https://www.facebook.com/p/Premium-Quality-Work-Solutions-Corp-Japan-Dept-100083145680124/
License Validity: March 27, 2025 / Valid License

Agency Name: PROMEX INC.
Office Address: 2/F, Vision Bldg., 163 Pasig Blvd. Pasig City
Telephone Numbers: 7501457 / 7501458
Email Address: info@promexph.com
Website: https://www.promexph.com/, https://www.facebook.com/p/Promex-Philippines-100085889786889/
License Validity: July 2, 2024 / Valid License

Office Address: G/F, 1019 Malvar Street Manila
Telephone Numbers: (02) 8642-0367 / 09178069879
Email Address: rise@risemanpower.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/risemanpower/
License Validity: May 18, 2024 / Valid License

Office Address: U1005 Pearl of the Orient Twr, 1240 Roxas Blvd Manila
Telephone Numbers: 3533367 / 3536452 / 09173250959
Email Address: admin@serviecon.com
Website: https://www.serviecon.com/, https://www.facebook.com/servieconcebubranch
License Validity: October 13, 2026 / Valid License

What are the Job Openings in Seychelles for Filipinos?

The Job Openings in Seychelles for Filipinos include Labourer, Barista, Barman, Pastry Chef, Cook, Waiter, Sous Chef, Master Technician, Chambermaid, Housekeeper, Mechanic, Farm Worker, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician, Reservation Agent, and Instrumentation/PLC Technician.

This is based on the approved job openings (Job Orders) for Seychelles listed on the Department of Migrant Workers website at https://dmw.gov.ph.

How to Apply to POEA (DMW) Recruitment Agency for Jobs in Seychelles?

To Apply to POEA (DMW) Recruitment Agency for Jobs in Seychelles, visit the Recruitment Agency’s website, or Facebook page to determine the available job openings in Seychelles relative to your work experience, then go to the recruitment agency’s office to submit your application form, resume, training certificate, and requirements.

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