Shakeys Delivery and Free Pizza

Few days ago we decided to request for a delivery from Shakey’s we ordered Belly Buster Party size pizza, Basket of Mojos and a family pack chicken.

We requested if we can have the Belly Buster pizza on thick crust but they no longer serve thick crust so the available choices are thin crust and hand tossed crust so we decided for the latter. shakeys supercardAs explained by the Shakeys Delivery crew hand-tossed crust is thicker than their current thin crust. After that, the shakeys delivery crew told me if I want to avail their Super Card for only P299.

My reply is no but I had second thought when shakeys delivery crew informed me that I can use it immediately so I avail it. During that time the free pizza is Pepperoni and Hawaian, we chose Hawaiian pizza.

For me it was already a good deal since the Hawaiian pizza party size cost P445 so I was able to save P146 for that.

Aside from Free pizza Shakeys SuperCard holders can receive birthday treats, all you have to do is visit a Shakey’s restaurant on your birthday have your Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard swiped, and claim the FREE Large Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza.

What are you waiting for avail of the SuperCard and call Shakeys delivery.

shakeys delivery number philippines

By the Way, Shakeys Delivery hotline in the Philippines is 77-777.

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