Share A Coke Philippines: Get Your Name Printed on a Coke Bottle

You are probably seeing your friends flaunting a Coca-Cola bottle with their nicknames printed on it instead of the usual dynamic ribbon logo on Facebook. Somehow, you tell yourself that you also want the same thing. Questions like how can I buy a personalized coke, or how can I print my name in Coke bottle are running on your mind right now.

share a coke philippines

The world’s number one carbonated beverage maker – Coca-Cola has launched a worldwide campaign dubbed as “ Share A Coke ” which apparently has reached the Philippine shores. It allows you to purchase personalized coke bottle where your name, your friends’, and love ones’ are printed on it, instead of the typical logo. Share A Coke campaign is just another way of telling their loyal customers to share happiness by sharing a bottle of Coke soda to those people that makes them happy.

How to Get Personalized Coke Bottle

To get your name (up to 8 characters) printed on a Coke bottle you can visit any Share A Coke event on selected supermarkets and malls. Then do the following:

1. Purchase P150 worth of Coca-Cola products
2. Bring your receipt to Share a Coke booth
3. Take your stub
4. Get your free personalized Coke from the Coca-Cola vending machine

For every P150 worth of Coke soda products, you will receive one (1) free personalized 500ml PET bottle. You can get maximum of 4 personalized bottles per single receipt per day. Promo is until October 31,2014.

Share A Coke Tour Locations and Dates

July 12 – 13,2014
SM Supermarket (SM Megamall Building B)

July 26, 2014 – Shopwise Araneta Center (outside the supermarket)

July 26 – 27,2014
Trinoma Cinema Lobby at the food stall area)
Landmark Trinoma (Supermarket near the elevator)
Market! Market! (front of Fiesta market fountain area)
Glorietta 5 (Atrium near Rustan’s)

August 2-3, 2014:
SM HyperMarket Antipolo (in front of Lores Country Plaza)
SM HyperMarket Bicutan (near Bicutan Exit coming from Manila)
SM City Ecoland Davao
SM HyperMarket Fairview (connected to SM Department Store left side facing Robinsons)
SM HyperMarket Makati (near Cash and Carry along South Super Highway)
SM HyperMarket Marilao (along McArthur Highway)
SM City Iloilo Mandurriao
SM HyperMarket Pangasinan (Carmen Rosales, Pangasinan in front of Rosales Terminal)

September 6, 2014
7-Eleven branch in number 76 Pasig Rotunda (Pasig Blvd. corner Sixto Antonio, Pasig City)
7-Eleven branch in number 543 Caltex Connecticut (Edsa corner. Connecticut, San Juan City)
7-Eleven branch in number 318 Pearl Drive (Pearl Drive corner Lourdes St., Pasig City)
Jollibee Branch in Amang Rodriguez
September 6-7, 2014 at Greenhills Shopping Center (Ground Level, Shoppesville, beside elevator)

Visit shareacokeph on Facebook for the updated venue and location

Share Personalized Bottle of Coke Virtually, Steps

If somehow, the Share a Coke tour hasn’t visited your location yet, you can still share a personalized bottle of coke virtually (like the one below) with Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

share a coke with mattscradle

I discovered it lately when, just like you, I also want to give my friends a coke bottle named after them, instead of the usual dynamic ribbon or Coca-Cola written on it.

Here are the steps:

Step1. Go to share a coke website

share a virtual coke bottle philippines

Note: Please be patient as the website may get busy (during night time) due to perhaps lots of request from Coca-Cola fans. If it results to blank page or page not found, just keep refreshing the page until it shows the image above.

Step2. Key in the name you wish to create in the virtual Coca-Cola bottle. You can key in up to 15 maximum characters. Then go to to the ‘Make My Bottle’ link.
share a virtual coke bottle philippines step 2

Note: Aside from the original, you can also create a Coca-Cola Diet, and the Coke Zero variants. However not all names are in their database so I would suggest to choose your popular nicknames.

Step3. Once you created the bottle just download it and save it to your desktop (for future use). You can also directly share it on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.
share a virtual coke bottle philippines step 3

* There you go guys, start sharing Coke, start sharing happiness


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      Hi Aika, you can visit to create your personalized virtual coke bottle.

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