Shopping in Divisoria

Passing by Divisoria was my path every day whenever I’m going to work or getting home. I hate Divisoria in the morning because most of the time the street in front of 168 Mall was always traffic due to public utility jeeps going to Cubao blocking the street.

Same with Tutuban mall lots of jeeps are waiting for their passengers resulting in traffic in the area. Most of the time I have to walk from Binondo Church going to Recto Street that’s about 20 minutes walk just to be able to ride a jeep to get home.

Better not to go there during rainy days because most of the streets were covered with black smelly mud, for the record all of these were just normal.

Divisoria has many good sides especially when it comes to shopping for less. Whenever friends of mine ask me what particular mall to go I normally recommend 168 Mall and Tutuban Mall.

Tutuban Mall 168 Mall divisoria photo

My wife and I recently went to different malls in Divisoria particularly Tutuban to look for her apple green colored blouse which would serve as her uniform on her third-year residency training. To be honest that color was very difficult to be found, we almost spend 2 hours roaming around the mall looking for it.

We went to primeblock and we were able to buy 2 different designs for only Php250 each. Since we were able to buy 2 pairs we decided to take a walk going to 168 Mall which was 5 minutes away to look for different designs.

I also bought 2 walking shorts for only Php 600, and was able to save Php100 because if I’m going to buy it per piece it would cost me Php350 each. We would always go back to these malls when we feel that we want to buy quality clothes at a lower price.

philippine flag jacket divisoria black jacket in tutuban mallpink back pack in divisoria Walking surfing shorts

The pictures above are some of the eye-catching goods/Scenes that we saw during our shopping at 168 Mall and in Tutuban.

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