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Sky cable Philippines broadband internet, cable, and voice bundle seems so tempting. I’m one of those thousands who subscribes for their sky cable prepaid plan. I usually bought 100 pesos worth of sky cable prepaid card, if you’re not familiar it gives the subscriber’s previledge to watch unlimited cable channel for 3 days. When it laps local channels are still available perhaps up to 20 days, after you’ll get disconnected and receive “signal currently scramble” message in your TV screen. On our house most of the time we only watch local channel, so I think 100 pesos is enough for a month of cable use.

Recently, I have encounter problem with skycable, their prepaid card is out of stock. I ask 7-Eleven branches and card retailers near our place but still no success. For more than 4 days I was not able to watch eat bulaga live and showtime, which prompt me to visit skycable website to search for promos and bundles to apply with. So the same case won’t happen again in the future.

Here’s what I’ve found:

I don’t know if they are lacking in advertising campaigns, but it seem this is the first time I knew about their current promos. For monthly subscription fee starting at 1099 pesos you can have sky broadband with speed of 384Kbps, skycable 280 and unlimited skyvoice. Apart from that, if you subscribe with its triple-service bundle, you’ll have free subscription to iWantTV. Sky cable also offer dual-service bundle starting at 680 pesos if you only want to avail two of their services.

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