SM North: Safari Animals in SkyGarden Photos

SM West or SM North EDSA had this display of life-sized stuffed animals in their newly renovated exterior part of the building which they called the Skygarden. The activity lasts for almost 45 days from April 17 to May 31, 2010.

Several areas of the garden were filled with stuffed animals which can only be found in the real safari. Kids and even adults will surely love to see the scenery. Especially when a particular animal moves some of its body parts.

The whole scene has the background of congo drums, animal sounds, and occasionally hearing Tarzan’s roar which makes the ambiance more intense.

My family was lucky to witness this activity, that’s why we would like to share these pictures for the benefit of those who unfortunately were not able to saw the place during this safari activity.

This activity is very educational for kids because the stuffed animals will give them an idea about the shape, colors, sound, and features of the animals. Especially if it is their first time to see one aside from the photos on textbooks.

To be honest, I am in awe when I also see these animals even though I know they are not real. Why? Because stuffing one animal is already difficult. How much more, if the people behind stuffed more than 50 or even 100. Aside from that, they also need to set up the props that resemble the habitat/home of the animals.

Some Photos of Stuffed Animals

The pictures here are arranged in no particular order. The SM West Skygarden features land-based animals include Hypopotamus, Lion, Tiger, Cheetahs, Gorillas, and Zebras. It also features different birds such as Vultures, Flamingoes, and Ostrich.

The SM West Skygarden manages to include more information about the featured animals too. As you can see in several photos, SM also has tarpaulins that show detailed information about the animals. Information such as average size, weight, diet, number of species, and quantity of species in the wild are also written on the tarpaulins.

I am certain that readers will enjoy it if they want to know some background about the animals.

The SkyGarden occupies a huge space so they include some directional photos to help visitors to easily find the locations of the other stuffed animals featured in the event.

I hope you enjoy seeing those pictures just like we did.

How to get to SM North EDSA by Commute

The quickest way to get to SM North EDSA from Manila is by riding the LRT 1 bound to Monumento station in Caloocan. Afterward, alight at Roosevelt station. From there ride jeep or bus with signboard such as Cubao, Pasay, Ortigas, or Ayala. Tell the driver to drop you off to SM North EDSA.

Alternatively, at España boulevard you can ride jeep/UV Express with signboard Project 6 Quezon City or SM North. Tell the driver that you will alight at SM North ESA Mall.

From Pasay, you can ride MRT 3 at Magallanes Station bound to North Avenue. Afterward alight at North Avenue station. From there walk towards SM North EDSA.

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  • Christian/Lyn

    hello Matt nice pictures kita ko si what’s the name of your son? We also witnessed it we are just near that mall but was afraid to have a picture with the snake. By the way you are working in Nissan what branch? I know someone from Nissan Makati my husbands brother but secret won’t tell you the name (lol).They don’t know we are doing this thing hahaha…hello to your son and wife and kiss me ok…

  • supermommyjem

    Hi matt,

    Thanks for sharing. Sayang! We missed the event we’re only 15 minutes away from SM North Edsa. I hope there will be another event like this for kids and if you know please share. Thanks again!

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