Smart Freedom Plan Offers iPhone 4S 64GB for P10900 Only

The Philippines is celebrating its nth Independence Day today (June 12, 2013). Everyday Pinoys exercise their freedom in almost everything they do except when buying their dreamed smartphone.

Often times the phone they wanted would cost a month’s salary or two months, or sometimes it would take a year before they are able to fully-paid the phone via credit card.

It is a sad story, right? When in other countries, you can get the latest phone of choice for only P1200 per month, or if you are lucky, you can get the phone for less than P1000/month with cash out close to P15000.

Perhaps, smart thought that since it is Independence Day today they would make selected working Pinoys to exercise freedom when comes to buying a smartphone. Hence, they offer the smart freedom plan.

The postpaid plan makes the iPhone 4S 64GB variant affordable at P10900, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 at P5300, HTC Evo 3D at P8150, and other android phones at a cheaper price.

Not only that when you register to a flexibundle using your freedom plan, you will get the chance to have freedom bonding with friends at Starbucks, freedom to watch a movie of choice, and freedom to ride the MRT.

Check below the list of phones and smart shops where you can avail the freedom plan:

Smart will only hold this event for one day during the Philippine Independence day celebration. Phone models are sold depending on the venue and on limited quantity. There is no allowed advance reservation.

You can get the phone on a first-come-first-serve basis. Since it is a holiday in the Philippines, if you really want the phone, it is advisable to visit the store early. Most of the stores are inside the malls, let just hope that smart will ask guards to organize queuing outside the malls to maintain order. This may be hard but then a 64GB iPhone 4S is worth the sweat.

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