Smart iPhone 4S Prepaid Price, Postpaid Plan Details

Smart communications now offer iPhone 4S for its prepaid subscribers with a price range that is almost close to the pricing of the iPhone 4S in Apple Singapore with just a slight markup.

Days before the launching of iPhone 4S in Smart, MVP announced that the mobile handset will only be available to its high-end postpaid subscribers. But there seems to be a change of plan and now even if you’re a Smart prepaid subscriber like me you can still avail of your desired iPhone 4S variant.

I can say it is one of the most aggressive moves by Smart to attract new customers or probably get a chip of the current Globe iPhone 4 subscribers who no longer wants a re-contract with the latter.

Below are the details of the Smart iPhone 4S prepaid price:
Iphone 4S Black / White 16GB prepaid price – P33200
Iphone 4S Black / White 32GB prepaid price – P38200
Iphone 4S Black / White 64GB prepaid price – P43200

If you’re planning to become a smart iPhone 4S postpaid plan subscriber you get the unit free at plans 2499 and 999.

For an unlimited data plan, the handset is free at plans 4000, and 3000 pesos. See the complete details below:

* Photos screengrab from You might want to check Globe iphone 4S prepaid price and postpaid plan details for alternatives.

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  • Grysh

    IPhone is trending, or so they were a few days back. Though a lot of people are still using IPhone, I see a lot more using Samsung phones. For example, earlier, in our hs reunion, all of my friends are using samsung phones and none of them was holding an iPhone. For me, personally, I hate touchscreens which is why I opted for Blackberry or Samsung. ;)

  • Christia's World

    Gak! The plans are too expensive! Well, what did I expect given that the demand for this phone is high.. But I am the same as @Grysh above, I like to her my buttons click when I text and email which is why I am a BB user.

  • sandhu

    i want a smart iphone 4s 32 gb iam leave in 156 dphp 11th ave caloocan city you ca order at home


    how much for the iphone4S 32gb here in phillipines

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