Smart Sun Dual Plan 549 Details

Smart Sun Dual Plan 549 is an ongoing promo from the sun cellular and smart communications team-up. It is a limited Christmas edition promo that comes with a free Nokia C2 03 which started on December 13, 2011, and will end on January 31, 2012.

Probably if this one will get good remarks from sun cellular and smart consumers it will be included in the line up of permanent subscription package from the two telecom network service providers. Just like what sun cellular did with their previous SUN Promos namely TU 150 and TU 200.

Just to feed my curiosity I called sun cellular hotline to know more about the smart sun dual plan 549. Based on our conversation it seems that you need to have a separate sim (smart and sun sim) to avail this postpaid plan.

Prior to our conversation, I thought if you already have a sun postpaid sim all you need to do is avail of this dual plan so you can experience unlimited text to smart and free 2 hours of calls or the other way around.

Unfortunately, the reason there is a free Nokia C2 03 is in order to experience this promo you need to have 2 separate sims where the smart sim will solely for the unli text and 2 hours of calls smart to smart and sun sim will be for the unli text and 4 hours of calls sun to sun only.

If you have both postpaid sims and you want to avail this sun smart dual plan 549 head now to selected smart stores and sun shops near your place.

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