How to Activate Roaming for Smart, TNT, and SUN Subscribers

You may want to activate the roaming feature on your Smart, TNT, or SUN powered smartphones if you are traveling out of the country. This post will show you the different possible ways to do it whether you are in the Philippines or already abroad.

Activating the roaming feature of respective telecoms-powered smartphones is one of the concerns of both first-time and frequent travelers. The reason is basically the same, they want to stay connected with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues in the Philippines.

In this article, you will find out the ways to activate roaming in your Smart, TNT, and Sun Cellular SIM phones.
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How to Activate Smart Roaming Before Leaving the Philippines

Smart Roaming Activation for Prepaid Steps

The steps are very simple, but first, you need to have a minimum balance of Php 100 to activate the roaming feature. Also, make sure to have enough balance to avail of the different roaming packages.

If the two mentioned requirements are met, text “ROAM ON” and send it to 333 on your mobile device, one hour before your flight. This option is available before you leave the Philippines.

Smart Roaming Activation for Postpaid Subscribers

For postpaid users, you need to call *888 on your smart powered mobile device to activate roaming.

How to Activate Smart Roaming When Already Abroad

This option allows you to access Smart data roaming when you are already overseas.

Step 1: Turn OFF the WiFi on your Phone

You can go to your phone settings icon and turn off your WiFi signal.

  • For iPhone users you can go to your home screen > settings icon > WiFi > turn off
  • For Android users go to your home screen > settings icon > Connections > WiFi >turn off

Step 2: Turn ON your Mobile Data and Data Roaming Settings

Turning ON your mobile data settings is necessary for you to be able to connect with Smart’s partnered telcos overseas.

  • For iPhone go to settings again > Mobile Data > Turn ON, then go to Mobile Data Options > Data Roaming ON.
  • For Android users go to settings icon > Connections > Data Usage > Mobile Data > Turn ON Data

Then Connections > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming > Turn it ON

Note: settings may vary for different smartphone models or brands so please check your device

Step 3: Go to

Using your favorite web browser such as Chrome and Safari, at the search bar type in

Step 4: Select the Smart Roaming Package and Subscribe

From the data roaming manager, you can select the roaming package based on your specific needs during your out-of-the-country travel. It can be the Smart GigaRoam, Roam In-Flight, or Roam Social. Afterward, Subscribe to the package.

How to Activate TNT Roaming for Prepaid Users

To be able to enjoy the benefits of staying connected with your loved ones using your TNT powered mobile device, you have to activate its roaming option. Make sure to maintain the required load balance of Php 100 to enjoy the roaming benefits.

To activate TNT roaming, 1 hour prior to traveling outside of the Philippines, you need to text ROAM ON and send it to 333 using your smartphone.

How to Activate SUN Roaming Feature

For SUN Postpaid Subscribers

Step 1: Before leaving the Philippines

You can call the Sun Cellular hotline number 200 using your mobile device or call the (02) 395-8000 using your landline.

The other option is to visit a Sun Shop near your location to help you activate the roaming feature.

Step 2: Arrival at the Destination Country

Turn Off your smartphone, then turn it ON to allow your device to automatically connect to the Sun local telco partner.

You can also select your preferred telco partner by going to settings > phone settings > network selection > manual network selection > choose your preferred partner.

For SUN Prepaid Subscribers

1 hour before your travel outside of the Philippines, using your SUN powered smartphone, text ROAM ON and send it to 222. Make sure you have enough balance prior to the activation of the roaming option. A minimum credit of Php100 is required to keep your roaming services active.

What are the Ways to Connect to the Internet without Activating Roaming?

There are 3 ways to stay connected with our contacts without the roaming option.

Rent a Pocket WiFi

You can rent a pocket wifi from the local telco of the destination country to stay connected via the internet during the course of your trip. However, these options come with a cost and sometimes are not always hassle-free. Allow me to share with you my experience.

For example, in order for you to rent a pocket WiFi in South Korea, you need to leave the details of your credit card to the shop where you rented the device. That particular store does not accept debit cards. So if do not have a credit card, you won’t be able to rent a pocket wifi.

Purchase a Prepaid SIM card

You can buy a prepaid SIM card for one-time use in your destination country. This is a costly way to stay connected with your contacts in the Philippines. More so, it is not value for money if you are not internet data-heavy for the duration of your trip.

If you only carry one smartphone then you need to change sim cards frequently which causes hassle every time. You also need to inform your contacts in the Philippines about your new overseas number during your travel.

Here is T-Mobile which costs around 110 USD for 1 month but we only use it for 14 days. t mobile sim card for tourist california usaHere is Optus Yes which costs around 29 AUD for 1-month use but was only used for 10 days during our Sydney Australia tour. optus yes sim card for tourist australia Here is the pocket wifi I rented which cost me 15,000 Korean Won (15 USD) during our 5-day trip to South Korea. south korea pocket wifi rental price

Connect to WiFi Hotspots of the Hotel

Most of the time, you can use wifi hotspots of the hotel where you are staying. It’s free and probably high-speed, especially in South Korea. The problem with this option is you can only access the internet when you are already in the hotel.

How to Deactivate Roaming in Smart and TNT Prepaid Subscribers?

You can turn OFF roaming by texting ROAM OFF and then sending it to 333 when you arrived back in the Philippines.

How to Check the Load Balance of Smart and TNT SIM Phones?

There are 4 ways to check the prepaid load balance. You can do it via text messaging, using the mobile app, and through the telco’s website.

*I hope this helps you guys!

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