Smart TRINET Promo

Perhaps you are already familiar with Smart TRINET promo because of its romantic sort of TV commercial airing every now and then.

The only problem that you might encounter is how this smart trinet promo runs so it can be put into good use.

Smart Trinet is the latest offering from Smart communication exclusively for its 65 Million plus prepaid subscribers. It allows each smart subscriber to have a 100 all-net text to all networks such as Smart, Talk ‘N Text, Globe, TM and SUN plus 50 Tri-net consumable calling minutes to Smart, SUN and Talk ‘N Text with several days validity.

To avail of this promo text TRINET30 for 1 day validity or TRINET100 for 7 days validity then send to 2477.

If you want to avail only the text and calls promo, there is another option such Smart Trio 20 which for just 20 pesos per day, enables the user have the privilege of sending 200 texts and 15 minutes of calls to Smart, SUN and talk N text. Read Smart Sun Talk N Text trio20 for promo details.

*Promos are subject to smart prepaid fair use policy

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  • monitor123

    Hey Dude, Smart TRINET100 working on texts only, NOT on calls.

    • mattscradle

      Hi @monitor123, smart trinet 100 works on text with 500 all-net sms plus 120 tri-net mins.

  • mattscradle

    Hi Darrell, collide yung title nung song by howie day.

  • yasmin

    hindi naman ako mka register eh, 5x na akong ngrereg. ng TRINET100 send to 2477 pro ang confirmation: INVALID KEYWORD, CHARGED 1.00, tz isend nyo sakin ang trinet promos ulit., KAINIS NA ANG SMART AND I WILL INVITE ALL MY FRIENDS TO TRANSFER TO GLOBE, kinakain nyo load namin!!!!!!

  • destinytimer

    your promo is not good !!!! i just bought a new sim then … the box of the sim said-> “free call” then when i try it.. its not working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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