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Being able to work on projects and deliver sound results is one of the hardest experiences I ever had. I work before in the development of passenger cars from conceptualization to mass production.

I have a lot of factors to consider on the duration of the project. Things such as cost, time, ease of production, equipment design, plant layout, learning curve, and everything related to production.

To be able to deliver the project to my superior before the deadline, I have to check my Gantt chart which at that time was the most efficient project management tool ever created. Well, despite using the old school, I always able to deliver every project with flying colors.

Having said so, I still feel that there is lacking, I wanted to finish my projects in a much shorter time instead of the usual two-year project span my dream is to reduce it by six months in that way development cost would go down as well as the price of finished goods. Recently, I made a discovery about Software for Project Management from Zoho Projects which I think would help fulfill my dream.

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From what I have read it can cut development cost, it is very much accessible to the team members involved even if they are on the move using their mobile phones, it would keep information dissemination with ease where individuals can review current project status, suggest changes, and post comments which can be read by each member.

If your company is in need of project-managed software to hasten your project without compromising the quality, then I suggest you go visit Zoho Projects.

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