Solenn Heussaff Singing In The Elevator Goes Viral

Have you seen the video of Solenn Heussaff where she was dressed in yellow and walks inside a mall’s food court listening to Spice Girls’ hit single “If you wanna be my lover?”

All of a sudden she got carried away and she started singing out loud and can’t help but dance at the tabletop together with some fans. It seems that it has a second part.
solenn heusaff singing in the elevator viral

This time Solenn was caught by an elevator CCTV. She was listening to music through her pair of headphones. She listens to Miley Cyrus’ popular single “Wrecking Ball.” While doing so, she became emotional and began to sing loudly (with action) influencing some elevator users to sing with her.

Watch the Video below

What would you do if you see Solenn Heussaff singing inside the elevator? If you ask me, I would probably record her performance after I’m done doing selfies with her as the background.

Update: The video seems like another promotion for Sun Cellular’s newest offering, which allows postpaid subscribers to enjoy unlimited streaming of their favorite songs through Spinnr. It only cost P49 per month.

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