Sony Ericson Phones Price List, Philippines (Updated)

Here’s the list of Sony Ericson phones and their price list which you might be interested. I got the details from stores online base in the Philippines. This may serve as your guide when buying Sony Ericson xperia phones. What I did is to search for several online stores and I just chose the lowest given price.

Sony Ericson St17i Xperia Active price           – P14100
Sony Ericson Mk16 Xperia Pro Price                      – P14800
Sony Ericson Xperia Mini St15i price             – P9000
Sony Ericson Xperia Ray St18i price                       – P12500
Sony Ericson Xperia Play                                             – P14500
Sony Ericson Xperia Neo price                                  – P12950
Sony Ericson Xperia Arc X12 / LT15i price – P17300
Sony Ericson X10 price                                                  – P14400
Sony Ericson X2 price                                                     – P12800
Sony Ericson X10 Mini Pro price                               – P7500
Sony Ericson X8 price                                                     – P6600
Sony Ericson W8 E16i price                                         – P7350
Sony Ericson W150 Yendo price                                – P4000
Sony Ericson W20i Zylo price                                     – P4700
Sony Ericson W100 Spiro price                                 – P2900
Sony Ericson WT19i Live Price                                  – P9500
Sony Ericson Wt13i price                                              – P5100
Sony Ericson Sk17i                                                           – P10150
Sony Ericson Mt11i Neo V Price                                 – P12300
Sony Ericson Mix Walkman price                              – P5490
Sony Ericson CK15i price                                               – P5800
Sony Ericson U8 Vivaz Pro price                                – P10000
Sony Ericson J10i price                                                   – P5500
Sony Ericson U5 Vivaz price                                         – P8000
Sony Ericson Elm price                                                    – P5500
Sony Ericson Aino price                                                  – P10900
Sony Ericson Aspen price                                               – P7000

* You might notice that the price here is much lower than that in Malls might as well hit the comment and I’ll tell you where I got the details

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  • SE Xperia Neo Buyer

    Where did you get these prices? I’m really curious. I actually can’t believe that the arc has dipped below 20k… o.O

    • mattscradle

      Hi Buyer try to check this link www dot widgetcity dot com dot ph/products/sony-ericsson.

  • Hello Adam! May I know what online store did you get this price list?

    • mattscradle

      try to check widgetcity dot com dot ph.

  • Do they have the Xperia Arc S? and how much?

    • mattscradle

      I’m not sure if they have but I suggest you visit their link which I include on my reply to the first comment.

  • kay

    where did you get the price of xperia ray? what site or store?

  • helen

    where can i buy this very low prices of sony ericsson?

    • mattscradle

      go to widgetcity dot com dot ph

  • angel

    where did you gt that 14,500 price of xperia play? can you send me the store/site? tnx..

    • mattscradle

      Hi angel please check

  • rio

    i want that xperia neo V..where can i get it at 12900 pesos?

  • ray

    Is this the actually price of all sony ericsson phones in all branches of the phil?

    • mattscradle

      No it is from an online store.

  • Gavin

    Sony Ericson Xperia Play for P14500. I don’t have the money right now but where can I buy this?

  • bpm

    As of date (1/9/12) how much does an x10 mini pro cost and where can i purchase it?


  • Eric

    does widgetcity installment term?

  • Eric

    does widgetcity accept installment?.

    • mattscradle

      I suggest you check their website for details.

  • Phen

    i want that xperia x8..where can i get it at 6600 pesos?

  • Mayumi

    Can you tell me where I can buy Sony Ericsson Aino for 10,900? I’m here in Quezon City. Thanks!

  • Felisa Racela

    i want Sony Ericson X10 Mini Pro price @P7500 where can I get this?

  • jethro

    hi, where did you get the price of Sony Ericson W150 Yendo? is that latest, I mean as of June 2012?

  • chaemin

    merun ba dito mabili Cagayan de Oro

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