SSS Authorization Letter Format and Sample

SSS Members who will not be able to personally make transactions will the Social Security System can assign an authorized representative to transact on their behalf. The representative has to bring an authorization letter signed by the SSS member they represent, and a photocopy of both their valid IDs.

Due to the complexity of the schedule of some Filipino working professionals there will come a chance that they will not be able to process their request for their benefits claims with SSS. The reason is their rest day and the appointment date they got from the government agency did not match.

If this is their concern, they can assign a relative such as their parent or sibling as an authorized representative to process their request with SSS. Members have to make and sign an authorization letter and give it to their representative. The latter will then show the document to the SSS employee to permit him/her to make the transaction on behalf of the member.

Here is a sample format of the SSS authorization letter that you can use as a reference should you need to make one for your authorized representative. You can either type it using Microsoft word on your PC or handwrite it. What’s important is it has your name, signature, SS number, the name of your representative, and the purpose of the authorization letter.

Sample SSS Authorization Letter and Format

                                              Date: ______________________

To Whom It May Concern,

I, [state your First Name, Middle Name, Family Name], single/married, with residence/address at [state your complete address] and who is presently an Overseas Filipino Worker/Seafarer based in [state your country of location], do hereby authorize [state the name of your authorized representative], of legal age, single/married, and with residence at [state the residence address of your authorized representative] to [purpose of the authorization letter].

Respectfully Yours,

[your signature over your printed name here]

[write your SSS ID number here]
SS No. _____________________


[Signature over printed name
of your authorized representative here]                       [ Date Signed by your Representative]
__________________                                                   ________________
Authorized Representative

Sample Filled Out SSS Authorization Letter

Date: February 10, 2025

To Whom It May Concern,

I, Juan Dela Cruz, single, with residence/address at 123 Masipag Street, Makati City, and who is presently an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Dubai United Arab Emirates, do hereby authorize Maria Clara Dela Cruz, of legal age, single, and with residence at 987 Matapat Street, Makati City to file my calamity loan assistance application duly signed by me, to sign and receive the disclosure statement under the calamity loan assistance program and to receive the check in my behalf.

Respectfully Yours,

Juan Dela Cruz
Juan Dela Cruz

SS No. 99- 8765432 – 1

Maria Clara Dela Cruz
Maria Clara Dela Cruz                                                         February 10, 2025
__________________                                          ___________________
Authorized Representative                                                               Date

sss authorization letter format sample

There you have it guys! Whenever you don’t have the time to visit the SSS office to process your claims. You can always request one of your relatives/friends to do it for you.

You have to create an authorization letter such as the above example and provide it to them when they go to the mentioned government office. Also, provide them a copy of your valid IDs and request them to bring a copy of theirs as well.

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