3 Steps to Get an SSS E1 Form Online

SSS E1 Form, also called Personal Record Form, is a document you must fill out and submit to the Social Security System to apply for membership such as employed, self-employed, unemployed spouse, or an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

The Form contains the personal data, list of dependents, employment status, fingerprint, and signature of the SSS member.

SSS has made a series of revisions to the E1 Form. In the old form, there is only Part 1 and there is no Column C. On the new version, SSS divides the e1 form into two parts and they include Column C which is for those who will apply for an SSS membership as Self-Employed, OFW, and Non-working spouse.

New members have the option to input their Tax Identification Number (TIN) in the SSS E1 Form. OFWs can input the telephone number that they use abroad. Moreover, SSS has placed the location of the social security number on the upper right-hand side whereas it is located on the upper left-hand in the old form.

The SSS E1 Form is free and is not for sale. The image below is a sample copy of an SSS E1 Form that you can get online.

sss e1 form sampleGetting a printable copy of an SSS e1 form is easier because it is available online. Unlike before, you need to always go to the SSS branch to acquire a copy of it. Also, getting an E1 Form online does not require registration.

To get an SSS E1 Form online, visit the SSS website and tap the Forms link, select the e1 Form below Member Forms, then download and print the SSS e1 Form. Below is the detailed 3-step process.

Step 1. Visit the SSS Website and Go to the Forms Link

The SSS website is www.sss.gov.ph. Scroll to the footer of the page until you see the “Forms” link. It is located adjacent to the “Corporate Governance” link. Go to the forms link to view the different SSS forms that you can get online. sss forms download

Step 2. Select the E1 Form Personal Data Record Form in the list

On the new page, you will be able to see the SSS downloadable forms. Under the “Member Forms” column. Proceed to the “Personal Data Record” link to view the E1 form.
sss personal data record forms

Step 3. Download and Print the SSS e1 form

You have to option to download the form and save the PDF copy on your computer. Or you can choose to print the e-1 form immediately.

To do so, at the upper right-hand part of the browser. Hit the “Printer” icon. Then select the printer you will use, the number of copies, orientation (portrait/landscape), and the page number. When everything is set, print your e1 form. The paper size that you can use is 8.5 x 14 inches long bond paper.
how to print e1 form online

How to Fill Out the SSS E1 Form

To fill out the SSS E1 Form, write in capital letters and use a black ink ballpen. Also, write NA for “Not Applicable” to items and questionnaires that don’t apply to you.

The SSS E1 form is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 has 4 sections namely: A. Personal Data, B. Dependents/Beneficiaries, C. For Self-Employed/Overseas Filipino Workers/Non-working Spouses, and D. Certification. The Registrant has to fill out these sections. Meanwhile, the SSS staff has to fill out Part 2.

If you are getting your membership number for pre-employment purposes then fill out sections A, B, and D only. If you will apply for your membership number as an OFW, Non-working Spouse, or Self-Employed then you have to fill out all sections A, B, C, and D. Below is the information that you have to write on the SSS E1 form.

Part 1 – A. Personal Data

This section is all about the personal details of the registrant. You need to input here your personal information, the address of your house, and your contact details. You will also input here the complete name of your father, and mother. These are the information that you need to input:

  • Name – your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name
  • Date of Birth – in Month/Day/Year (MM/Day/Year) format
  • Gender – tick the designated box for Male or Female
  • Civil Status – tick the designated box if you are single, married, or widowed (balo)
  • Tax Identification Number – input here your TIN (if you have any) leave them blank if not applicable to you
  • Nationality – write “Filipino”
  • Religion – write your religion
  • Place of Birth – This is the city where your parents give birth to you. Ask this information to your parents
  • Home Address – This is your present address
  • Mobile/Cellphone Number – Input here your valid 10-digit mobile phone number
  • Email address – write here the valid email address that you have access to.
  • Telephone number / Landline – input here your 8-digit landline number where you can be contacted
  • Father – Input here the name of your father in this format: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Suffix (such as Jr, III, IV)
  • Mother’s Maiden Name – Input here your mother’s maiden name. Inquire to her about the Middle Name she uses when she was still single.

B. Dependents / Beneficiaries

Input in this section the names of your dependents (umaasa) and beneficiaries (tagamana). Usually, you will input here the name of your spouse (if you are married) and the names of your children and their respective date of birth in this format MM/DD/YYYY or month/date/year.

Alternatively, if you are currently single, you can input on “Other Beneficiary/ies the names of your parents and their date of birth. If your parents are both deceased, you can input your relatives’ such as uncles or auntie, or nephews in the “Other Beneficiaries.” These are the information that you need to input here:

  • Spouse – the name of your Husband/Wife (asawa) and date of birth in Month/Date/Format (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Children – the name of your child (anak or mga anak) and date of birth in Month/Date/Format (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Other Beneficiaries – the name of parents (magulang) or name of relatives (kamaganak)

Note: if the space for this section is not enough, you can print the additional E1 form sheet and write on them your remaining dependents or beneficiaries.

C. For Self-Employed / Overseas Filipino Workers / Non-working Spouse

Fill out this section if you are either Self-employed, OFW, or an unemployed spouse. Otherwise, you can leave this section blank. These are the details that you have to input here:

  • Self-Employed – Profession / Business, the year you started being self-employed or owning your business. Input also your monthly earnings
  • Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) – Foreign address is your current address in the country where you are working. Input also your monthly earnings or your monthly salary. Tick the box for “YES” or “NO” if applying for the Flexi-Fund program.
  • Non-working Spouse (unemployed spouse) – Input the SS Number or Common Reference Number of your employed spouse who is also a member of SSS. Moreover, input the salary of your employed spouse. Afterward, ask your spouse to write his/her signature over the printed name in the space provided.

D. Certification

This is the part where you will certify that the information that you have written in the SSS E1 form is true and correct by writing your name, and date, and affixing your signature to the form.

For those who are not capable of signing the form, you can also affix your fingerprint (right thumb and right index) on the form.

How to Request a Copy of your lost SSS E1 Form via Online

A lost SSS e1 Form means that the document is missing, forgotten, damaged, or destroyed. You can request a copy of your lost SSS e1 form online at the sss website. Here are the 3 steps to 3 do it. (not working anymore)

Step 1: Log in to the SSS member portal

Input your login details such as your username and password.

Step 2: Proceed to the E-Services tab and to the Request Records link

You can see at the top middle part of the homepage the navigation bar. Mouse over to the E-Services tab to see the drop-down menu. Then, proceed to the “Request Records” link that will redirect you to the list of documents that you can request from SSS. Among the choices, tick the box for the “Personal Record (E-1)” form. Afterward, hit the Submit button.

Step 3: Receive an email from SSS

SSS will send you a system-generated email notification with the subject “Request Records Successful.” This email is to inform you that you have successfully submitted your records request. Along with it are the transaction number and the transaction date. Moreover, it includes your SS number, complete name, and the total number of your E1 records that you have requested. And the requested record type which in this case is the Personal Record (E-1).

Step 4: Receive a copy of your lost E1 form via email from SSS

After a few days, SSS will send you another email containing a scanned copy of your SSS E1 form. Save a copy of the document to your personal computer. Alternatively, you can also print a hard copy and save it to your files at home.

How to get an SSS E4 Form?

To get an SSS E4 Form on the official website of SSS at www.sss.gov.ph. At the homepage, go to the “Forms” link, which will lead you to the SSS Downloadable Forms. Then in the choices, select the “Member’s Data Change Request” Form.

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