How to See your SSS Employment History and Print a Copy

SSS has a record of your employment history. From the moment you started working in the corporate world, to the time you transfer to your new company, and up to the year of your retirement, sss has a record of it. In this post, I will show you how to view your work history in SSS and the steps to print it.

If your past and present employer is diligently remitting your contribution to sss it means that the institution also has the record of the company doing the remittance. It is important to verify if your employment history in sss is up to date. The main reason is to determine if your employer follows the sss regulations and also takes care of employees like you.

If there is a discrepancy between your work history in the sss records and your actual records then you can also verify with sss if your previous employer has reported you as one of their employees.

How to Check SSS Employment History

Step 1: Visit the SSS Portal and Login to your Account

On your browser’s search bar, type the website URL of SSS which is At the Portals on the homepage, go to ‘Member.’ In the member login, type your User ID and password. Once done, you will be redirected to your mysss account.

member info tab

Step 2: Hover your mouse in Member Info then Employment History

In your my sss account, at the upper part of the page, you will see a blue navigation bar. Hover your mouse in the ‘Member Info’ tab to see the drop-down menu. In the latter, select ‘Employment History’ to view your employment details. check sss employment history

Step 3: View your SSS Employment History

You will see in the employment history your employer’s ID number, name of the company, reporting date, and employment date. Here is the explanation of the aforementioned terms:

  • The employer ID number in SSS is a 10-digit number that is arranged this way 12-3456789-10. Every employer needs to register in sss to get an employer number (ER).
  • Under name of the company, you will see the current or updated name of your company (assuming it changes its name).
  • The ‘Reporting Date’ is the month and year the company has reported you in sss as their employee. The company has to do this within 30 days from your employment date.
  • The employment date is the month and year you got hired by your company.

How to Print your SSS Employment History

Now that you know your employment history based on SSS records. You have the option to print a hard copy for safekeeping. Here are the two ways to do it:

  • Option 1: Hit the 3 dots ( … ) located on the top right corner side of your browser to see the dropdown menu. In the latter select the ‘Print’ option to print your employment history.
  • Option 2: Or on your physical keyboard press the CTRL+P (control print) at the same time.

Both ways will show you the ‘Print’ settings window. Select the printer that you will use, the number of copies, pages, and color if you want to print it in color. Afterward, hit the print button.
print work history in sssI hope this helps you guys to check your employment history in sss and be able to acquire a printed copy.

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