What is an SSS L501 form and Where to Get it?

The SSS L501 form is a specimen signature card form. You can see in the l501 form the complete company name, office address, ID number, and contact details of your past employer. These pieces of information are printed in full.

The form also shows the names, signatures, initials, and official designation of the three officers of your previous company. These people have the authority to certify or sign documents relating to sss matters. Their signatures are very important. SSS will only honor the salary loan, calamity loan, special education loan, SILP, and benefits application. If their signature is affixed in the “Employer’s Representative” space of the form prior to filing it to the Social Security System.

In addition, the form also depicts the name, signature, and official capacity of the person granting authority to the aforementioned persons and the date it was granted to them.

To give you an idea, here is a sample of the SSS specimen signature card or L501 form:

sss l501 form photo

Source: www.sss.gov.ph/sss/DownloadContent?fileName=SSSForm_Specimen_Signature_Card.pdf

Speaking of benefits, you need a copy of the l501 form if you are pregnant female members who want to apply for your sss maternity benefits. Particularly, when your sss membership information has changed like you got separated or resigned from your past employer and become unemployed prior to giving birth to your child.

Meanwhile, you do not need the form if you are still employed with your current company when you give birth to your child. The reason is that HR will normally aid you when processing your maternity benefits. That is if your HR has experienced processing the said sss benefits.

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You can get a copy of the sss l501 form from your previous employer. Request for the original copy directly from the human resource department of the latter. You can photocopy it and afterward return the original to your HR.

To avail of your maternity benefits, you need to submit a copy of the SSS L501 form, maternity notification form (MAT 1), medical certificate, and other requirements to the Social Security System.

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