How to Download and Use the SSS Mobile App?

You can download the SSS Mobile App on your IOS, Huawei, and Android devices. You will find here the 2 easiest ways to download the App and a guide on how to use it on your smartphone.

SSS launched the Mobile App in April 2018 to allow members to access their records conveniently at the palm of their hands and on the go. It is a free service by the government institution for its current and future members.

It is now available for download on iPhone, Huawei, Android smartphones, and tablets. To do so, smart devices should be connected to the internet through WIFI or mobile data.

2 Quick Ways to Download the SSS Mobile App

1. Visit the official website of the Social Security System using your smartphone

To make sure that you download the correct app, the best way is to visit the official website of SSS. At the homepage, go to the “Member” link which you will find under “Portals.” The link will redirect you to the “Member Login” page.

Go to the icon that says “Download SSS Mobile APP” and choose between the Google Play Store, Huawei AppGalery, or Apple App Store whichever is appropriate for your mobile device.


2. Download the Mobile App Directly from the App Store on your Smartphone

The second way to download the app is to go directly to the respective App Store on your smartphone. For iPhone users go to App Store, Android users go to the Play Store, and Huawei users go to AppGallery.

Afterward, tap the app store icon on your smartphone. At the search bar type “SSS Mobile App” and then scan the apps shown on the list. Afterward, download the Mobile App of SSS and install it on your phone.

sss mobile app iphone

For IOS devices

sss app for android

for Android smartphones and tablets

How to use the SSS Mobile Application

You can use the app to register with the Philippine Social Security System. You can also use it for viewing your records. When you open the mobile app, it will immediately ask you to input your login details. Afterward, you will be redirected to the homepage.

sss home page in mobile phoneOn the homepage, you can see links that will lead you to the following:

  • My Information – you will be able to view your personal information. You can also update your personal details if you need to.
  • My Loans – you will be able to view your salary loan status, and salary loan balance, and also help process your salary loan application.
  • My Contributions – you will be able to view your total number of contributions posted and the total amount. It will also show the month and year you started your regular remittance to SSS.
  • My Benefits – you will see details about your sickness claim information, maternity claim info, retirement claim info, disability claim info, and EC medical status.
  • Maternity Notification – qualified female members will be able to view and apply for their maternity notification
  • Generate SOA/payment reference number which they can use when remitting contributions via affiliated payment facilities.
navigation link

At the upper left side of the home page, you will see the Documentary Requirements, SSS Branches, Terms of Service, and a Logout link.

Under “Documentary Requirements” you will view the different membership requirements if you plan to update your membership status. For example: becoming an OFW, Self-employed, or voluntary member. You can also view the needed documents if you plan to claim benefits for disability, maternity, sickness, or retirement.

Under “SSS Branches” you will be able to view the list of SSS satellite offices near your location.

Here is a video for reference for Android users:

Here is how to use the sss mobile app for iPhone users:

Can I reset the Password for my SSS User Account using the SSS Mobile App?

Yes, you can reset your password for your SSS User Account using the SSS Mobile App. To do so, download and install the mobile app on your mobile phone. Open the mobile app then tap the “Forgot Password” link. Afterward, reset your password either by your Registered Email Address or by Security Questions.

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