How to Know Your SSS Number if Forgotten (Online, Forms, Employer)

The social security system provides a permanent sss number to the new and upcoming members of the said government agency. It is a 10 digit number arranged this way 22-1213122-2. These digits are attached to the name of Filipino citizens the moment they apply for membership.

However, members oftentimes forget their sss number. The possible reason is they have many other membership numbers to maintain from other government agencies such as pagibig and philhealth numbers. Private institutions like banks also provide their own account and credit card numbers. Just thinking about it is already overwhelming.

Sss numbers are sometimes taken for granted. Why? Because you will only need it when you are about to apply for a salary loan, calamity loan, pension, maternity for female members, and retirement benefits. You seldom think about it at the early stage of your working career or when we are young.

When we become an employee, we just need to provide a copy of our sss number to our employers. When payday comes, they will automatically pay our share of contribution to the government agency. We just need to verify it online at least once a month.

So, is it justifiable to forget our sss number? The answer is still a big NO. As I said earlier, our sss number is very important when we want to avail of our benefits.

In this post, I will share with you the different ways to recover your lost and forgotten sss number. Because if you forget your number, you are not allowed to apply for a new one.

Here’s How to Know Your SSS Number by Online, Employer, and Forms

These options are arranged based on ease of doing the recovery of our sss number. You can start searching for your sss number at home first. Next is on your employer since you go to work during weekdays, and last is by visiting the sss office.

Check SSS Personal Record E-1 Form for Your Number

This form is very important in my opinion. Normally, members will keep it at their archives of documents in a safe place. The E-1 form contains our SSS number. how to get sss number 1 It is the first form that we will receive from SSS upon becoming a member. You will see it in the upper left part of the form.

SSS Contributions Payment Return (RS-5) Form

If you lost your sss e1 form. There is another document that might help you retrieve your sss number. This form is necessary if you pay your contributions monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. You may have kept a used form like this since you have to use it many times when paying your contribution. Also, you need to consolidate it for verification of your past and present contributions. sss number in rs 5 form

View your SSS Member’s Data Amendment E-4 Form

If you happen to amend your membership details, such as updating your dependents, or you have changed your status from single to married. You need to fill up this form and submit it to SSS branch. The gov agency will then give you a pink form which is a copy of your amendment details. There also a chance that you might keep this in a safe place. how to get sss number 3

Register in My.SSS using your CRN

This is another suggestion that you can do without leaving your home. If you have a UMID ID with a CRN. I suggest that you register in sss online at the website or using the sss mobile app. The agency knows your number, but one way for you to view it is to register for an online to get sss number online 4

Go to and visit the “member” link under the portal. You will be redirected to new screen. Proceed to “Not Yet Registered in My.SSS?”

At the sss website, you can register an online account using different options. But since you do not know your social security number, then select the “UMID.” Select the option to use your CRN. how to get sss number 5Fill up all the necessary fields. After you are successful with your registration, you can log in to your account. Immediately, you can view your sss number at the upper left of the page just below your complete name.

This option is only possible assuming you are not registered online yet. If you already have an online account and you do not know your login details, I suggest you proceed with the password recovery.

Inquire to the previous employer for your forgotten sss number

If you forgot your sss number, you can politely request your previous as well as current employer for your sss information.

Usually, our previous employer keeps our personal information even after we left our job. They will also keep our government membership numbers for a certain number of years. For example, if you asked for a certificate of employment, our previous employer would be happy to give us a copy. Just maintain a good relationship with the human resource department so it will be a lot easier.

You can give the HR department of your previous company a call and email. Afterward, just wait for a few days for a return email hopefully with your membership numbers. You can also make a follow-up call in case they took more than 1 week to respond to your email. Again, be polite because you are the one in need of their service.

Visit the SSS Branch

This is another way to get your number. Unfortunately, if you are working, you need to file a leave with your company. Because it may cost you the whole day to visit the sss branch due to while traveling traffic and long waiting hours at the branch office. sss branches in the philippines 2020When you visit the branch, you need to bring valid identification cards for verification purposes of your identity.

This option has some advantages as this is a sure way to get your forgotten sss number back. If you arrived early at the office it is possible that there is no waiting line. You can get your number in the shortest possible time.

There you have it. I hope these suggestions can help your recover your forgotten sss number fast and with less hassle.

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  • Annabel Alangan

    good day po ask ko lang po nawala po ung SSS ID ko at wala po akong employer kusa ko nag open ng account sa SSS paano ko po malalaman ung SSS number ko po

    • Matt

      Hi Annabel, you can check the different documents I have listed in this post such as your contribution payment, and E-1 form.

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