9 Ways to Determine your Forgotten SSS ID number

SSS ID number is a 10-digit ID number that the Social Security System assigns to an SSS member. The perfect example of an SSS ID number is 22-1213122-2.

Members refer to their SSS ID number as SSS Number. The SSS ID number never expires, is non-transferable, and is active for life.

Members who forgot or lost their SSS ID number must retrieve them to avail of benefits and services from the Social Security System.

There are 9 ways to find out your lost or forgotten SSS ID number. It is by online, from your employer, over the phone, at the SSS branch office, and on the SSS Forms.

1. Check your SSS ID number Online on the Website

The official website of SSS is www.sss.gov.ph. To check your SSS ID number online, visit the SSS website and log in to your User Account. You will find your SSS ID number in the upper-left corner of the webpage underneath your name. This is the fastest and easiest way to determine your SSS Number.

find sss number by name

2. View your SSS Number using the Mobile App

The SSS Mobile App is the official software application of the Social Security System that you can install on your Android and iOS devices.

To view your SSS Number using the Mobile App, open the Mobile App on your Smartphone then log in to your User Account. You will view your SSS Number at the top center of your mobile phone’s screen.

view your sss number in the mobile app

3. Register in My.SSS using your CRN

This is another suggestion that you can do without leaving your home. If you have a Unified Multi-Purpose ID or UMID with a CRN. I suggest that you register in sss online at the website or using the mobile app. The agency knows your number, but one way for you to view it is to register for an online account.

how to get sss number online 4

Go to sss.gov.ph and visit the “member” link under the portal. You will be redirected to new screen. Proceed to “Not Yet Registered in My.SSS?”

On the sss website, you can register an online account using different options. But since you do not know your social security number, then select the “UMID.” Select the option to use your CRN.how to get sss number 5 Fill up all the necessary fields. After you are successful with your registration, you can log in to your account. Immediately, you can view your sss number at the upper left of the page just below your complete name.

This option is only possible assuming you are not registered online yet. If you already have an online account and you do not know your login details, I suggest you proceed with password recovery.

4. Inquire about your SSS ID number from your Employers

Employers refer to the persons and companies that employ you.

To know your SSS ID number through your Employers, inquire about your SSS Number to the Human Resources Department of your current and previous employers and they will give you your SSS ID number.

Usually, our previous employer kept our personal information even after we separated from our job. They will also keep our government membership numbers for a certain number of years. Just maintain a good relationship with the human resource department so it will be a lot easier.

5. Retrieve your SSS Number by calling the Landline of the Social Security System

SSS has telephone lines that you can call to retrieve your SSS Number. According to their website, you can call “1455” during office hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays (excluding holidays).

To know your SSS Number over the phone, dial the hotline of SSS and provide your name to the SSS customer representative to verify your identity. Afterward, the SSS representative will give you your SSS number.

6. Find out your SSS ID number by your Name in the SSS Branch Office

SSS Branch refers to numerous satellite offices of the Social Security System.

To find out your SSS ID number by your name, visit an SSS branch office and provide your complete name and valid IDs to the customer service staff. After some verification, the staff will give you your SSS ID Number.

This option has some advantages as this is a sure way to recover your missing SSS ID number.
sss branches in the philippines 2021

7. Check your SSS ID number in Personal Record Form

The Personal Record Form or E-1 Form is the first document that you will receive from SSS when you apply for membership. You will see your sss number written in the upper left corner of your Personal Record form. The form will also reflect all your beneficiaries such as your spouse, children, and both of your parents.
how to get sss number 1

8. View your SSS ID number in your Contributions Payment Return (RS-5) Form

The Contributions Payment Return Form or RS-5 Form is the document that you need to fill out if you pay your contributions monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. You can see your handwritten sss number on the upper left-hand side of the form. Meanwhile, your machine-validated sss number is located in the upper right corner of the RS-5 Form.

You may have kept a used form like this since you have to use it many times when paying your contribution. Also, you need to consolidate it for verification of your past and present contributions.

sss number in rs 5 form

9. Find your SSS ID number in the Member’s Data Amendment Form

The Member’s Data Amendment Form or E-4 Form is the form that you need to fill out to amend your membership details, such as updating your dependents or changing your status from single to married. You can find your SSS number in the upper left corner of your E-4 Form.

how to get sss number 3 sample

Can I Know my SSS ID number via Text (SMS)

No, there is no way to know your SSS ID number via Text or SMS. To be able to use the text messaging service of SSS, it is required to register with them your SSS ID number.

Why do we forget or lose our SSS ID number?

The possible reason we forget or lose our SSS ID number is that we have many other membership numbers to keep from other government agencies.

Can someone retrieve my SSS ID number from the SSS office on my behalf?

Yes, you need to provide a written authorization letter to the person who will retrieve it for you. Your representative has to bring a copy of your valid ID as well as theirs.

Why do we sometimes take for granted our SSS ID number?

Because we will only need it when we apply for a salary loan, calamity loan, pension, maternity for female members, and retirement benefits. We seldom think about our SSS ID number at the early stage of our working career or when we are young.

Can I have multiple SSS ID numbers so I will have a spare if I lose my first one?

You are not allowed to have two or more SSS ID numbers. Having multiple SSS ID numbers can cause delays in processing your benefits. If you have more than one SSS ID number, visit the nearest SSS branch to cancel your second SSS ID number.

How do you not lose your SSS ID number?

Write your SSS ID number on a piece of paper and keep it together with your valuable documents in a safe place at home. In this way, when you can’t remember your ID number, you know the first location to search for it.

Can I Apply for a new SSS ID number if I lost the old one?

You cannot apply for another SSS ID number if you lost your first. What you can only do is retrieve it.

Can I Change or Replace my SSS ID number if I lost it?

No, changing the digits on your SSS ID number is not allowed. Once you get your ID number, it is permanent for life.

Should I withdraw my membership to SSS because I lost or forgot my ID number?

There is no option to withdraw your membership because once you become an SSS member, it is for a lifetime.

Can I deactivate my original SSS ID number when I lost or forgot it?

Deactivating your ID number with SSS is not allowed. It will remain active as long as the person is alive.

Can I use another person’s SSS ID number when I lose my own?

No, you are not allowed to use anyone’s SSS ID number other than your own.

Can I get a Job if I do not know my SSS ID number?

Before applying for a job, you need to know your ID number from SSS. In the Philippines, employers will ask you to submit to them your SSS ID number before they offer you a job. So if you forgot your existing ID number, then you have to retrieve it from SSS using the 9 ways I stated in this post.

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