SSS Online Registration Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to register your SSS online through my.sss. There are lots of advantages if a member would be able to register their account online.

Members can access exclusively their membership status, contribution details and can even request for copies of their records if necessary. Members can also do online transaction and set appointments to their sss branch.

All of mentioned could be performed any time, anywhere, even after office hours (provided there is internet connection).

In order for members to have those privileged, his/her should register their sss numbers and provide own username and a password to access their online sss account.

Here is the simple guide on how to register their account via my. sss online:

Go to and look for the picture similar to what seen below:
sss online registration

Choose the type of user you are into then submit:
Supply the required field such as SSS number, personal details and email address. Email address should be created with yahoo to avoid any other problems.

After that, an email will be sent to the supplied email address to confirm ownership and to continue with the registration process. Input again additional information such as preferred user ID and preferred password to use in accessing your sss account later on.

Members were asked if he/she are sss pensioner. Choose the options (yes / No) applicable on your status.

For none pensioner, fill up the necessary information depending on your status. Supply the receipt number if self-employed, voluntary, non-working spouse, or if working overseas (OFW) which is found at the RS-5 form usually the number starts with CB plus the 6 digit number (CB000000).

Then submit. Once registered head again to and log-in. (You can now access your personal records online). After the registration, I suggest to familiarize oneself with the site to minimize concerns with your account.

* This is base on my personal experience when I register with my sss online.

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  • Phil Jinnua

    Is there any hidden charges or fees against the account for online registration to your sss site?

  • ed

    ba’t d ko ma reg dad ko ?ayaw accept ng server ang date ofbirth nyana Jan. 1,1922…

  • Maricole

    pwede po bang mkahingi ng manual guide para sa Online Submission Report..slamat po

  • jennica

    anu po b ung preffered user id and psassword sa pg-fill up ng sss form???

  • kira

    ahhhhhhhhhh.. bat ganun nakapag register na ako bat di pa din aq makapasok!!!! lagi nlang nalabas UserID or Password not Valid. pero tama namn nilagay… lokohan lang!!! >.<

  • jhong

    grabe ang hirap naman mag lagay ng Preferred user Id ayaw nya accept lahat ginawa ko na un paraan ayaw tlga kainis ha

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