Where to Get SSS Payment Slip Form and How to Fill it out

Individual payors that fall under OFW, Voluntary, Self-employed, non-working spouse, and farmer/fisherman need to fill out an sss payment slip form before they can pay their contribution via over-the-counter in the SSS branch. In this post, you will know where to get the payment form and the list of personal details that you need to write on it.

Whenever you will pay your sss monthly dues at the teller in the sss branch. The staff or sometimes the security guard will request you to fill out an sss payment slip form. It is a small sheet of paper that is about 6 inches in height and 4 inches in width. You have to properly fill out the front and back of the form before you hand it over to the teller in the branch to proceed with your payment.

Where to get the SSS Payment Form?

The SSS payment slip form is available in any SSS branch. You can ask the security guard or the sss staff about it and they will gladly give you a copy. You can also get the form on the sss website.

To give you an idea, here is the photo of the form that you will get in the sss branch:
sample sss payment slip formAnd this is the photo of the form that you can download from the sss website:
To get a printable copy, you can visit www.sss.gov.ph. Go to the “Forms” located at the middle bottom part of the homepage. Once you are on the “Downloadable Forms” page, proceed to “Contributions” and download the “Contributions Payment Form.”

How to fill out the form?

Write all your personal details in capital letters only using a black ballpen. On the front side of the form, you need to write the PRN that you generated (if available), ss number, complete name, and signature. Also, you have to write your valid mobile number, your email address, and the current date.

At the back of the form, tick the box according to your payor type. If you are a farmer or fisherman then tick the box next to it. Afterward, proceed to write your payment details. Decide on the number of months of the contribution that you want to pay and the coverage year.

For example, you want to pay for the months of January to March in 2022. So next to those months write 2022. Under SS Contribution, write the amount that you want to pay. For example, you want to pay PHP 600 per month. Then write PHP 600 in line with Jan, Feb, and Mar.
Under “Sub-Total,” input the total amount of your payment for 3 months which is PHP 1800. Write the same value in the given space for “Total Amount of Payment.”

There you have it guys! The payment slip form is readily available in the sss branch if you want to walk-in to pay your contribution. Simply ask the staff about the form. Or else if you have access to a personal computer, you can visit the sss website to download and print the form by yourself.

What are the Methods to Pay SSS Contributions?

The methods to pay SSS Contributions are by GCash, Paymaya, bank cards, online banking, and over-the-counter. The quickest and simplest way to pay SSS contribution is through GCash

How to Remit Contribution in SSS manually?

To remit contributions to SSS manually, visit any SSS branch office, fill out the payment slip Form, and submit the Form to the cashier at the branch.

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