Steph Ayson Eulogy for AJ Perez

I got the full transcript while reading Steph’s Eulogy to AJ story in Yahoo OMG. As we recall it AJ Perez died in a vehicular accident when the van they were riding collided with a bus while on their way back to Manila.

At first AJ’s death was caused by a multiple head injury but according to the autopsy report his ribs pierce his heart and left lung because of the impact. Steph Ayson delivered her eulogy to his boyfriend a day before AJ’s final resting place on Manila Memorial Park.

Below is the Full Transcript of Steph Ayson’s eulogy for AJ Perez.

“I want to be a teacher, a lawyer, and suddenly a doctor. I want to be able to write well, to sing well, and to dance well. All of those changed except one. I knew I want to marry a guy. And his name was AJ Perez.”

“I was a silly girl, writing our names beside each other. I was scribbling hearts and playing Flames and I would wake up every Saturday just to watch “Abt Ur Luv.” I would sit in front of the TV and watch ASAP. I was a fan and I would like to think I was the biggest fan he had.”

“Cheesy, but that’s AJ. Cheesy, sweet, sincere. He wanted to promise me the world, but I asked him not to. Because I was too afraid to hurt him, but he promised anyway, and he kept each one of them. He asked for my full trust. I admitted I was having a difficulty, but showed me that he knows what trust means and he’ll never do anything to break that.”

“He told me that even if I don’t say ‘I love you’ back away or show him sweetness just like he would, his exact words were, ‘I would wait a lifetime.’”

“If this is God’s way of showing me forever, I accept it… AJ taught me how to love. He was very selfless. His love was the most pure thing on Earth. It was, in every way, unconditional. And probably that’s the message here. He wants all of us to love the way he did also.”

“He made me so happy, and even to his last day, he would talk to me and tell me that ‘I want you always to be happy. I don’t want you sad. I want you to smile a lot. You know why? Because I love you.’ And I know as the days go by it will be very difficult but AJ would say he’d want us to be happy. That’s the way he lived. He was happ

“To my baby, you’ll always be in my heart. Thank you for making my dreams come true. I’ll take care of your family for you. And I’ll love the way you loved me.”

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